VICTORIA POLICE become homeless because they cannot afford US$rentals on low RTGS$ earnings, and mass protests loom across Zimbabwe.

VICTORIA FALLS POLICE FAMILIES flood tents as cops become homeless and destitute because they cannot afford US$rentals in private rentals on low RTGS$ earnings
The reality is finally dawning upon the originally brutal oppressive draconian Zimbabwe Republic Police Force who have always dished out baton stick assaults like sweets at christmas to the public. www.newzimbabwevision can reveal that as from last month landlords started charging rentals in US$ and this triggered mass evictions of police officers from private proerty rentals, resulting in the homeless cops and their families pitching tents at Victoria Falls Police Station in Zimbabwe.
That is exactly what peaceful protest is, just make it an ungovernable nation, make the soldiers, police and security services homeless, make their lives a nightmare in the most democratic and peaceful manner you can, even salute and smile when you meet them,..Im just saying! Remember during Mugabe’s times, people whether private cars or kombis would not carry police officers. Let the same happen now, no one should give a lift or stop for a soldier or police man unless at a traffic stop. Don’t give them a lift or a place of accomodation if you have rental property in place.
When they realise they are viewed as public enemy number one by the suffering people of Zimbabwe, they will begin to realise that the people’s suffering is what brings their own suffering. Homeless cops and soldiers will not be happy with the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa regime, especially when they have to walk long distances and are regularly late because all cars and kombis do not stop for them.
This is a powerful tool of resistance to oppression as all transport, peacefully protest by leaving soldiers and police. Let them fell the pain and they will soon join the masses in removing the oppressive authority in place. The people of Zimbabwe should share more ideas of how we can all pile up misery upon police and the army peacefully, with a smile and a salute. Once the system becomes ungovernable, they will lead the public just like the military did in November 2017 when they removed Mugabe, this time in removing Mnangagwa.
The Victoria Police Station is in such despair that the seniors at the station allegedly sent out an urgent SOS request for help from the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime on Saturday and still awaits a response.
In May 2019, landlords started charging rentals in US$ last month in the resort town of Victoria Falls as the local currency RTGS$ continued losing value daily.
For people to understand the situation on the ground, the lowest paid police officer earns approximately RTGS$500 monthly, which converts to US$70 on the parallel market, the only source of forex for ordinary Zimbabweans.
The lowest house rental is roughly US$50 which converts to RTGS$350.
The exchange rate for RTGS to US$ was set at US$1:1RTGS at the beginning of the year 2019 and unsurprisingly, just about 5 mnths later, the exchange rate is close to US$1:8RTGS. Interestingly enough, is the fact that the minister of finance Mthuli Ncube earns like all Ministers in US$ while civil servants and all Zimbabweans are given worthless RTGS.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police nationwide are now dissatisfied with the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, the government as they believed it had lost control of the country’s economy.
I always warned that the removal of Mugabe and replacing him with Mnangagwa was a non event as the draconian system that Mugabe created, is still in place and above all, President Mnangagwa is Mugabe’s clone.
The police are being evicted in enmasse by landlords and tents and space have actually run out at Victoria Falls Police Station as evicted cops flooding the policestation with their properties and families and well polished baton sticks.
I keep warning that, there is no point in waiting for 2023 elections when Zimbabweans can put tools down, grind the system to a halt through protests, destabilise the Mnangagwa regime and make Zimbabwe ungovernable immediately. We the people of Zimbabwe must take full responsibility for bringing change because we have the power in us to shut down Zimbabwe and not bow down to an oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.
Last week, it was reported that the brutal oppressive Zimbabwe Republic police have acquired a wide range of weapons which include a total of 3 343 AK-47 assault rifles and about 600 sniper rifles in preparation for mass street protests by the suffering Zimbabwe public against the militarised President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime and the fast collapsing political and socio-economic conditions nationwide.
The people of Zimbabwe have the right to freedom of expression and the right to protest, so no amount of threats, harassment, abuse, military or financial power can silence the forthcoming popular uprising over the government’s failures to fix the economy and social service delivery. can reveal that according to media reports, the following weapons are documented as having been acquired by the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime: 3 343 AK-47 rifles, 2 000 CZ pistols, 500 P1 pistols, 500 223 Steyrs, 500 UZI, 500 mossbergs, 500 riot guns, 300 mortar tubes, 500 MAG, 300 SSG sniper rifles, 300 Dragnov, 100 RPG7, 1 500 tokarev 22 948 AK magazines.
Lest you forget, the militarised Mnangagwa regime police had also acquired water cannons and teargas canisters, while cops are undergoing para-military-style training, as the militarised Mnangagwa regime prepares for the mass protests as already salaries are now eight times lower in real terms than they were earlier on this year having fallen from 1US$-1RTGS$ at the start of 2019 down to 1US$-8RTGS$ in just over 4 Months in 2019.
Zimbabweans should rise up in absolute defiance to oppresive authority now, destabile the militarised regime peaceful by making the Zimbabwe nation ungovernable. The US and the UK and EU have already warned about the need for the regime to respect the rule of law, the right to protest while the AU last week suspended Sudan over violence against protesters in which 108 people were shot by the army. The Sudanese people protested peacefully earlier on in 2019 and forced Al-Bashir the deposed former president of Sudan out of power.
Credit to the Sudanese people who stood their ground and refused to come off the streets and go back home as they did not trust a transitional military government. Their worst fears came to pass last week when the transitional military government shot 108 protestors.
Trusting a militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime that had removed Mugabe from power in November 2017 to install President Mnangagwa, was the biggest mistake that Zimbabwe could make. Look at how many people were then shot dead by the military in Harare.
This year 2019, in January, in Zimbabwe, human rights groups indicated that at least 17 innocent unarmed people were shot dead by the murderous Zimbabwe soldiers, while several women were raped following violent, public protests that rocked the Zimbabwe state.
The MDC vice-president Tendai Biti has stated that Mnangagwa will face street protests by the suffering Zimbabwe masses if he fails to initiate dialogue with the MDC opposition party, as dialogue is unavoidable for Zimbabwe to stop the prevailing economic crisis, but he added that the offer for dialogue would not be on the table forever.
According to Biti, “We need to drag Zanu-PF screaming and screeching on to the negotiating table because it is the only thing that will create a soft landing for Zimbabwe,” he said.
“Zimbabweans have a right to demonstrate, petition and confront peacefully and constitutionally. Our congress resolutions were quite clear about this.” says, worldwide military regimes come into power by the bullet and none have ever come out of power by the ballot. The only way of dealing with the militarised Mnangagwa regime is to make Zimbabwe ungovernable through mass street protests. We know Zimbabwe soldiers, police and security are equally suffering, displeased about ( Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime) and well aware that its either one is with the people of Zimbabwe or they are effectively the enemy of the people, no fence sitting .
To cut a long story short, we the people need to unite and press the militarised Mnangagwa regime for accountability, peace and stability, democracy, Respect for the Rule of Law and Human rights along with good governance and call for governance structures to attract investments, that will eliminate poverty. gives a great thank you to all for your continued support through reading and contributions to our media platforms as we work together to build a better future for all our children, all tribes, race, gender, religion, creed, political orientation and other classification, because the planet belongs to everyone, and most importantly all our children and future descendants.
We all have a responsibility to tackle these issues now, so that our children will not look back at history and say, that is the generation that destroyed our future because they sat back instea of rising up against oppressive authority. We encourage you to freely wade into the respectful debates which are welcoming to everyone and ask that we maintain English for the benefit of all our children and extended families across the globe. The issues are not just exclusive to Zimbabwe, but the methodology of dismantling the oppressors of black oppressors of blacks is equally applicable globe wide against all oppressors. There is no excuse for avoiding being a part of the solutions through your contributions.
Critical issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, renewable fuel and energy, technology, food and agriculture, clean water, sewer reticulation, employment, housing, girl child, electricity, roads, transport, housing, education, peace and stability, democracy, freedom, equality, health , hunger, poverty, transaparency, good governance, democracy and a whole host of other critical matters, if addressed now, will lead to a happier, settled people, less people in poverty Join us and freely add friends and families worldwide on all. Zimbabweans lets remeber, our fight is not for any political leader or party, its fo all the people of Zimbabwe. Let us all remeber that we have a common enemy in the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, so lets all join forces, whatever race, tribe, religion, political orientation or other and remove our oppressors, then we can start talking about different factions or leaders in afair political environment and let our votes do the talking,..not now! DISCUSS!- more news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya
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