‘Whenever I put on my gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river-Prophet Makandiwa reveals secrets of his prophetic powers’

‘Whenever I put on my gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river-Prophet Makandiwa reveals secrets of his prophetic powers’

UNITED Family International church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa revealed secrets in his prophetic powers at the Judgement Night 4, dubbed ‘Sentence’ in Mount Hampden on Friday.

Prophet Makandiwa touched hearts of thousands of people who braved the chilly weather as he disclosed how he failed to receive prophetic messages during church service after failing to follow what God had instructed him to do.

Prophet Makandiwa disclosed that he moved away from theological system in order to follow what God reveals and instructed him to do saying some of the things are questionable especially to theologians.

He narrated how God instructed him to use water and gold ornaments in order to accurately minister in prophetic powers.

“I know very well that theologians will not agree with me in certain things I do because most of it are instructions from God and those who passed through Bible colleges will definitely disagree with me,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

He took time to explain how Gold is precious and important in valuing things and in conveying messages.

“One of the days I attended a church service and no message was given to me that I had to send someone back home to collect my gold watch.

“At one time I was instructed to drink water and the flowing of water into my body was the time I received prophetic messages to give people.

“I was used to receive prophetic messages five minutes before every service but God is driving me his own way daily.

“Whenever I put on my gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river and I can see things easily and God gave me the grace to research more about gold from Bible scriptures and I believed it and proved it as well scientifically.

“If you check your electrical gadgets you will discover that the plugs are coated with gold so as to pass electrical power.

“The devil is aware of that and you can agree with me that popular musicians decorate their bodies with gold to get power to send their song messages well although I do not know if they will be doing it to please God. “Wherever there is gold the devil is there as well and if you want God’s blessing be prepared to join a war where you will have to fight.

“I fought various wars and win because I remain rooted in the word of God and follow what he commands me to do.

“God showed me in his Bible scriptures how precious and important gold is in disseminating messages and whenever there is gold there are supernatural powers,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa disclosed that his sermons are pregnant with prophetic messages that pagans fail to understand it and query his prophecies since they are inclined to certain way of prophesying.

He challenged the crowd to take his sermons seriously saying some are waiting for one on one when those who followed the teachings had already received their healing.

“For the sake of those who are still to understand things of the Holy Spirit I will try to move around to quicken their faith so as to receive their healing.

“As I pass through just look at me and something miraculous is going to happen.

“As for those who got the message rightly it is time for celebrating since your presence here, even though some slept during the service I declare that they have received their blessings and will never be the same again,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa opened up on allegations of taking spiritual powers from his spiritual father in Ghana saying he was anointed by the time his mother conceived him in her belly and his birth was announced by miraculous signs testified by his parents.

“Media reports were awash with stories that I got spiritual powers after visiting other nations but the truth is that I had no passport by that time.

“My parents are here to testify how my birth was announced in a mysterious way that included honey and I am anointed to preach honey things that is to do with prosperity.

“Encounters with God cannot be faked and those who think that we fake miracles will leave this place convinced because they are to receive their healing since sickness or illness cannot be faked as well.

“People may try to force me to preach other gospel messages but I strongly believe that God anointed me to preach the gospel that delivers people from poverty,” said Prophet Makandiwa. Source – hmetro

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