Youth & Indigenisation Minister, Mugabe’s Nephew ‘Patrick Zhuwao’ Threatens To Seize Foreign-Owned Companies

YOUTH and indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwao, on Wednesday threatened to seize foreign-owned companies he accused of meddling in local politics.

The minister made the threat as he attacked a pro-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa youth group, the Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform (ZYAP).

Zhuwao was addressing the launch of government’s $10 million national youth fund in Harare when he blasted the youths, accusing them of fronting for white interests.

This comes after ZYAP held a press conference Tuesday where they claimed that local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, higher education minister Jonathan Moyo and Zhuwao were disrespectful to war veterans.

The leader of the youth grouping, Tonderayi Chidawa, further accused Zhuwao of ruining the country through the manner in which he is pushing for the indigenisation policy.

The youths further threatened to embarrass the three ministers at public events such as state functions at the National Heroes Acre.

Zhuwawo hit back Wednesday, saying the Mnangagwa-linked youths were not fronting war veterans but were being used by whites to peddle an anti- indigenisation agenda.

He said government would now be forced to identify such foreign-owned companies and seize them.

“You have not been sent by war veterans but by the whites and I want to tell you right now that go back and tell them that I am coming for you with indigenisation,” Zhuwao shouted to thousands of ululating Zanu PF youths who attended the event.

“We are not going back with indigenisation and let the foreigners know that you cannot use our youths,” he said.

“You cannot attempt to tarnish the image of war veterans; they are ours and they are the ones who taught us how things are done.

“So, foreign-owned companies please do not attempt to get involved in the politics of this country because we will know your foot prints and we will deal with you.”


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