ROCK DIESEL, ‘SHITHOLE’ , ZANU PF MEMBERS WILL BE TRAINED to run bakeries in every ward to deal bread cost rise and the shortages of wheat ,..hmn

ZANU PF MEMBERS WILL BE TRAINED to run bakeries in every ward to deal bread cost rise and the shortages of wheat affecting the nation,..hmn that from the same government that collapsed agriculture, brought a chaotic land redistribution exercise and failed controversial command agriculture? Zimbabwe is currently facing a now longterm shortage of cash in the banks, home ‘home grown RTGS), collapsed service delivery in education, health care, housing, transport, employment, electricity, and direct delivery of raw sewage in drinking water staraight to homes, cafes, hotels via piped water, with take away raw sewage tainted water served on regional and international flights and coaches from and to Zimbabwe, so it comes as no surprise that Zanu-PF has proudly announced to the brainwashed, gullible people that Members of Parliament will launch bread making training in their constituencies, targeting an average of 5 people per ward. According to the Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri this is designed to empower communities , clearly another ‘Black Empowement) strategy by Zanu pf.
“Those trained at ward level will thereafter start running community bakeries at ward level, thereby dealing with the current bread shortages as well as exorbitant prices being charged for bread., says wake up Zimbabwe, we all know that already the Kariba dam has just 4 metres left before the power plant is shut down and it comes as no surprise that Mnangagwa has announced that load shedding in Zimbabwe is by God’s design as no one else haspower over the Kariba dam levels.

The world is facing real global challenges affecting everyone’s future including the future of the planet, climate change, plastic pollution, rising sea levels, use of non renewable or polluting fuel sources such as coal, diesel, petrol and more, yet Zimbabwe with abundant land resources is doing little or nothing in circumventing the projected disasters so that we save the planet for all our children and future descendants.
There is no strategy in rebuilding tree and palnt cover as we know that no machine has yet been developed to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and for generations, millions of years, trees have always been best in cleaning the air. We have fervent attempts to rebuild the Hwange coal station capacity, instead of totally shutting it down permanantly, focusing on solar energy farms that harvest and feed electricitry into the national grid, stopping tobacco farming which is dying down globally because smoking is being stopped by many after realising the health challenges involved such as cancers, strokes, breathing, and more,

including mass deforestation as trees are cleared for tobacco farming and fueling tobacco curing, tobacco chemicals pollute water and kill fish life, while tobacco labourers have skin conditions from coming in contact with tobacco leaves that have been sprayed with chemicals and this affects even the underage who are used in child labour practices in tobacco farming.. The result of all this is the loss of land, green space, loss of clean air, massive health challenges, the destruction of human and animal life as temperatures soar beyond livable levels, clean water is lost,. It is everyone’s duty to step up and take responsibility in saving the planet and all our future as no one has the right to destroy the planet, it belongs not just to ourselves but all our children and future decsendants of all races, tribes, colour, religion, gender, political orientation and more. DISCUSS! Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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