Zanu PF Political Commissar , ‘Kasukuwere’ Dishes Out 150 Mutare Residential Stands To Youth leader’s Consortium

 Local Government minister, the Zanu PF National Political Commissar,  Saviour Kasukuwere has parcelled out about 150 residential stands to a consortium led by Zanu PF Manicaland youth leader, Mubuso Chinguno, raising a stink among councillors, who are opposed to partisan distribution of land.

Mutare City councillors met at the Civic Centre recently to deliberate over the directive to hand over Lot 2 Jelf in Chikanga to Chinguno’s Comnic Investments (Pvt) Limited.

In a letter to acting town clerk, Donald Nyatoti, Kasukuwere said Chinguno had the capacity to develop the land.

“This letter serves to recommend the above-mentioned individual (Chinguno) for consideration. The individual expressed interest to purchase a piece of land in Chikanga being Lot 2 of Jelf in Chikanga. The individual has the capacity to service the land,’’ the letter, gleaned by NewsDay, read.

“The individual has potential that needs your support to the benefit of the nation. I, therefore, recommend that you consider the individual for the piece of land.’’

Mutare mayor, Tatenda Nhamarare said councillors will meet at the end of the month to decide on the matter.

‘’The public works committee is touring the said piece of land today (yesterday), so they can have a concrete decision over the issue, but the council will make a decision at a full council meeting at the end of this month,’’ he said.

Chinguno has also written to Mutare City Council, where he pointed out he had a meeting with Kasukuwere over the issue.

“We acknowledge receipt of the council resolution to turn down our application for land for establishing a high-density housing scheme in Mutare, citing a ministerial directive forbidding the sale of land to private developers,’’ Chinguno’s letter read.

“We are pleased to advise you that the company held various meetings with minister Kasukuwere lobbying and clarifying the advantages the scheme will bring to the Manicaland community and its direct benefit in reducing the ballooning housing backlog in Mutare and the nation at large.’’

The Zanu PF youth leader said Kasukuwere gave his word that he would approve the scheme.

“The project has his full support and backing. The minister promised to write to the council through the office of the town clerk,’’ the letter read.

Chinguno, this week, said the consortium was apolitical and comprised of many people, including engineers.

“There are people who are trying to destroy me and we know people who are giving you the story,’’ he said. “It is something we started two years ago. It took a lot of processes to apply for this. I am a businessman, why is that people turn everything I do into politics?

We approached the minister and he gave us his blessings, we want to buy the land and we don’t want it for free. If you see the letter I wrote, are you seeing anything about Zanu PF?” By  Kenneth Nyangani . source-newsday

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