ZANU PF UK , GEARS UP FOR VISION 2030 diaspora promotion,..NONSENSE.. they havent even delivered the vision 2020 scam by Mugabe Zanu pf.

ZANU-PF United Kingdom Vision 2030 is to mobilise Zimbabweans in the diaspora to invest back home and spearhead self-help income generating projects in the country.

The Zanu pf party recently launched the Scotland branch which also seeks to pursue the national agenda, Vision 2030 by creating intergenerational projects around Zimbabwe.

Zanu-PF Scotland chairperson Marian Kirk told Business Chronicle recently that the intergenerational projects would increase co-operation between individuals of different age groups says, we’ve been through such con by Zanu pf under Mugabe who proposed Vision 2020, which never materialised, and here we are again today walking blindly into yet another Zanu pf con. To those with the money to waste, go ahead and invest in such a corrupt , lawless system led by criminals waiting for your money, and then to those who have a true sense of whats on the ground, save your money, if it involves Zanu pf then stay clear of it,..zanu pf are just a heartless, blood thirsty bunch of murderous criminals in a militarised mnangagwa Zanu pf regime. Sibusiso Ngwenya. Source – chronicle
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