ZIMBABWEANS , ATTACK Minister of foreign affairs RTD Brig Sibusiso Moyo, Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana and their delegation in UK

ZIMBABWE NATIVES ON THE WAR PATH, ATTACK Minister of foreign affairs RTD Brigadier Sibusiso Moyo, Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana and their delegation in UK Not so big without the Zimbabwe National Army mow , are you? This was the prevailing spirit when angry Zimbabweans in the UK unleashed two decades of anger upon the Rtd Brig, Minister of foreign affairs Sibusiso Moyo , Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana and their delegation as shown in the accompanying video, when they were ‘assaulted’ by the protesters at Chatham house in Britain.

The angry and aggressive, militant UK based Zimbabweans were protesting against human rights abuses by the militarised Zanu pf regime, formerly under the deposed ex president Robert Mugabe and now under the equal if not worse President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration.

This video shows the Zimbabweans with the Zimbabwe National flag draped around them throwing missiles at the Minister , shouting angry abuse at the Minister as he is helped who is helped by the security to escape. If ever the Zanu pf Minister,November 2017 coup announcer Rtd Brig Minister of foreign affairs Sibusiso Moyo, thought the militarised Mnangagwa regime can get away with shooting unarmed protesting Zimbabweans as they did in Harare, he will not be returning soon to Britain after he witnessed what real democracy means, clearly the ability to freeely protest without fear of attck by the draconian military, police and security.

The whole squad will be able to tell the whole world, they may get away with brainwashing Zimbabweans in the mother country, but in the free and fair first world. people will rise up in absolute defiance to oppressive authority. UK based Zimbabweans are known to have scoffed at the removal of Mugabe and replacing him with his clone Mnangagwa, stating that when missing journalists, activists and others like Itai Dzamara are still unaccounted for, Electoral Reforms have not been implemented, Diaspora Zimbabweans are unable to vote in their embassies through postal votes, Zimbabwe is led by a military regime,there is absolutely no change from the Mugabe regime as the system is still in place and fully intact. Any wonder why the people are suffering worse off now than under Mugabe,..

In a statement, Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Service, Mr Nick Mangwana, who is part of the delegation described the attack as tragic and embarrassing to peace loving Zimbabweans.
“The delegation in London had great engagements with different stakeholders. Government of Zimbabwe condemns the violent attacks against the delegation by a group of opposition protesters outside Chatham House in London. It’s tragic that the sceptre of violence during protests we see in Zimbabwe forcing the security services to act has reared its ugly head in foreign land discrediting not the Government but the hoodlums themselves and embarrassing peace loving Zimbabweans,” said Mr Mangwana.DISCUSS!

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