Zimbabwe’s Prosecutor General Tomana -‘Inviting paedophiles to the party’

Prosecutor General Tomana is inviting paedophiles to the party, for their common meal, prowling for the vaginal tenderness of the girl-child!

Prosecutor General Tomana is speaking on behalf of paedophiles, and giving them some legal statutory framework to go scot free if they are caught!

Our society harbours upper-class paedophiles! Paedophiles are “decent men” who one can never suspect to be fondling children to get sexual satisfaction at every opportunity. Paedophiles feel they are entitled to sex even with small children. Paedophiles are predators that enjoy the privacy of silence in decent homes, from the outside; it appears to be like happy families. Sex with children is not talked about in our society but it is done and must be kept under the carpet and be handled in complete discreetness. Whoever dares to uncover sex abuse in the family faces the wroth of the entire clan and is discarded with the scorn of the highest order. The punishment meted to them is greater than anger itself. Sexual intercourse to children is done and not spoken! Period!

It comes to me as no surprise at all that the highest Judge; Prosecutor General Tomana utters sex to young girls carelessly and insensitively. Its either Judge Tomana has no children or he does not have daughters in his home. It is inconceivable to utter such abomination about young growing children who desperately need the law of the land to protect them. This is Zimbabwe for you! Our Prosecutor General is weighing his options to reduce age of consent down to 12 and even 9 years, putting forward arguments that will permit paedophiles to engage in sexual activities with young girls as old as 9 years old. To temper with age of consent will give leverage to paedophiles to freely sexually engage with young girls and young women.

Zimbabwe is a country that is battling with abuse of children some of which are just unimaginable when you put common sense into it.  It is said almost every 90 minutes a baby or toddler or girl or young woman is sexually abuse in Zimbabwe. For all those people who were abused in their childhood, know what they are talking about when they say child sexual abuse is a crime against humanity. To marry an underage girl is a crime against humanity. To think you can treat yourself against HIV/AIDS, otherwise and incurable disease is a crime against humanity.  This is a disease a man will have got out of carelessness and stupidity and to think that to sleep with a virgin cures AIDS! Judge Tomana will never know how it is like to be sexually abused by a sex hungry man most of the time they have sexually transmitted diseases that they inflict on babies, toddlers girls and young women. An older man who sleeps with an underage girl is committing crime, he is a paedophile. A nine year ols cannot marry another 9 or ten year old boy or even 15 years. The Prosecutor General is offing the older men a chance to legally engage with sex with minors.

It is not only physical implications that the girls suffer the whole of their lives, but also the emotional impairment that goes with sexual abuse at an early age. Sexually abused children are silent sufferers within themselves and it has been the most challenging exercise to extract evidence of abuse to young, sexually abused girls. Sexual act becomes sexual abuse because of the uneven nature of it. The older man will dominate and exploit a sexual act in a girl who has no idea about sex, and this is what men really enjoy to be the one enjoying the act and it is for this reason they prefer young girls as old as 9 years old, the innocence of the girl is what the men crave for in children.

The vaginal passages of babies and toddlers and girls and young women are not mature enough to endure penis penetration Judge Tomana. The trauma of early sexual activity follows them the whole of their lives. Your office should know better than all other institutions in the land. It is therefore a shock to casually think a girl of nine can start sexual activities with big and older men of your age. This is very cruel, even to think about it, it’s sickening and absurd. It takes a man who has engaged with young children and girls and enjoyed himself with young children to talk the way you do Prosecutor General Tomana. Your person in the office you hold and your views about early consenting of sex on girls has no place in the legal office. You are seriously found wanting even morally speaking it’s just perverse.

Under normal circumstances you are supposed to resign immediately because you are a danger to the nation. Our babies, toddlers, girls and young women are not safe in Zimbabwe, you as Prosecutor General of the Land Zimbabwe. Your utterances steal the innocence of our growing children who are supposed to be protected by the law of the land and you as Prosecutor General. Prosecutor General, early child sexual abuse infringes the basic human rights of a human being. Its nature and dynamics are so traumatic that it leads to long term impairment causing different psychological problem. Did you know all that? When sexual abuse occurs in childhood it interferes with social growth and such victims are likely to suffer from depression, guilt, shame, self-blame, bulimia and severe sexual problems later in their lives. Did you know that Prosecutor General?

In your own words, Prosecutor General: you say “We have nine year olds, 12 year olds, 13 year olds who are actually not in school, who are not doing anything for example. What are we saying to them? We say you can’t even do this [have sex] when the environment is not giving them alternative engagement? What are we talking about?

Have you ever thought seriously who is failing the girl-children? That age you are talking about are girls supposed to be at school Prosecutor General Tomana. The government you are serving is failing those children. With all the education you have acquired as a legal person you cannot see that the government of Zanu PF failed the most vulnerable niche:  girl-children. Would you rather you did some comprehensive research before you start to talk about the most abominable subject, abuse of girls in Zimbabwe so casually and so carelessly referencing a legal statutory framework.

Our social media is full of sexual abuse meted by fathers of the victims. Is the good Prosecutor General Tomana going to legalise such if the father engaged with his daughter at that specified age consent he wants to set up? Just yesterday there was an article in Bulawayo 24 that says: a father demanded sex from his 15 years old daughter because he is supposed to have her first before she gets married to her boyfriend. Almost every day there is an article in the Zimbabwe social media reporting sexual abuse of minors. Now that the Prosecutor General has spoken about it in a confusing manner, then we do not know the devastating impacts it will cause to our babies, toddlers, girl-children and young women. This is the heyday for Paedophiles who have been given legal framework to argue their cases, opportunity to abuse minors, after all the Prosecutor General has spoken of a altering the legal frame work to legalise early sex to children and girls as old as 9 years old because they are not doing anything at homes.

We hope to change the political dispensation in Zimbabwe and only then can we start to empower our girls and children. We want to educate them; every child has the right to education. Only education will enable a girl-child to grow in a safe and healthy environment and realise their academic and personal potential and certainly not your paedophilic tendencies towards them.

Prosecutor General Tomana, you should be stripped of your profession; your confusing
utterances do not allow you to still command the high office of any legal practice because you have failed dismally. We do not deserve this nonsense from you here written below:

12-year-old Zimbabwean girls CAN consent to sex and marriage by Auxillia Katongomara-.:19 June 2015 | Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana  has ruled that all 12 year old girls  areFREE  to engage in sex and be married.Tomana also  defended the courts for refusing to jail child sex predators who can prove that there was “consent”.Zimbabwe’s age of consent is 16. Zimbabwe’s top prosecutor says he also finds noPROBLEM  with child molesters who escape with community service sentences serving their punishment at schools – with potentially hundreds more victims. Tomana’s extraordinary intervention came after MPs and children’s rights advocates demanded legislative reforms to enhance legal protection for children under the age of 16, with the courts increasingly accepting that children between 12 and 16 are capable of giving consent to sex. “If young girls were to be asked what they prefer, most would say they should be allowed to engage in sex after turning 12, Tomana claimed.

“It’s assumed that the girl CHILD’S  independent decisions start at an age that those that are speaking want to fix, but if you go out there you’ll find out that some of them may want to start out in life early,” the Prosecutor General said, speaking on Wednesday during a visit to Bulawayo.”If you look at it, we don’t have a framework for example, where we can guarantee that all our girl children are usefully engaged before they actually get above 18 years, we don’t have that,” he explained. “We’ve nine-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds who’re actually not in school, who’re not doing anything for example. What are we saying to them? We say you can’t even do this [have sex], when the environment is not giving them ALTERNATIVE  engagements? What are we talking about?

In the mean time we women in Zimbabwe shall remain Imguwe in human form, the whistleblowers of the nation of Zimbabwe. We shall face and challenge paedophiles and bring them all to justice. Only then can we say our children are safe.

by Nomazulu Thata

Def: Umguwe is a bird in the jungle that warns other birds and animals of a predator in the vicinity- Source -bulawayo24

photo-President Mugabe swears in former Attorney-General Mr Johannes Tomana as Zimbabwe’s first Prosecutor-General of the National Prosecuting Authority

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