ZRP CLOSE investigation into the accident that took 2 lives and critically injured Tsvangirai’s daughter amid revelations it involved soldiers.

The late MDC founder and leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai’s daughter, the Glen View South MP Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java was involved in an accident near Kwekwe recently on her way to Harare from Bulawayo on 14 May2019.
The serious accident left two people dead, who were her campaign manager and organising secretary for her constituency, Paul Rukanda, and her late mother’s cousin, Tafadzwa Mundwa, who were initially trapped in the accidentwreckage for over an hour.
The car driver,Philda Muringani survived the three car accident while the driver of the other car, a Honda Fit, reportedly fled the accident scene.
It has now been revealed that Tsvangirai-Java’s family was informed last week that the accident investigation is now closed as the driver of the car, which collided with theirs has died. www.newzimbabwevision.com says this is absolute trash, even if everyone including witnesses had died, there is still no excuse for closing an investigation which could have been done using the evidence before them including the damaged vehicles, scene of accident and statements from other people in this case survivors like Tsvangirai’s daughter.
www.newzimbabwevision can reveal that it has since emerged that the two vehicles involved in the crash were being driven by soldiers and even more disconcerting is the fact that Tsvangirai-Java’s husband Batsirai who collected the vehicle wreckage from the Kwekwe Vehicle Inspection Department was denied any paperwork, hence no record of what exactly transpired or the findings of the investigation. given any paperwork.
Java’s wife’s hospital bills are currently at, well above US$10 000 as she is being treated by six specialists who have already done four surgeries on her.
According to the Tsvangirai family they were told that accident investigations had been halted after the Mnangagwa Zanu pf Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officials based at Guinea Fowl near Gweru had told the Zimbabwe Republic Police that the Zimbabwe National Army sergeant who was the Mazda car driver had died on 22 May Wednesday 2019.
Furthermore, according to the investigations, the driver of the Toyota Vitz which allegedly caused the accident was , …wait for it, …yes you guesssed right, also an army sergeant based at Guinea Fowl army base and he is facing a court martia over this.
It is alleged that the Mazda vehicle had four people in civilian clothes, including the driver, but when the police conducted searches after the accident, they uncovered military uniforms at the back of the vehicles .
It is further stated that three of the passengers came from the military intelligence department as shown by their identity documents , while the others had no IDs.
Witnesses at the scene of accident stated that there were soldiers in the other vehicles.
The key worry by the Tsvangirai family, is that the court martial is an attempt to silence the witnesses or military.
The ZNA spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Alphios Makotore has confirmed that Staff Sergeant Lunga of army ordinances died after the accident.
It is also reported that an unidentified man was caught trying to sneak into the intensive care unit where Tsvangrai-Java is being treated and kept giving different reasons why he wanted to see MP Tsvangirai’s daughter having first claimed that he was her relative, then a party member and then a well-wisher who wanted to pray for her. Sibusiso Ngwenya

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