Bulawayo city council defies gvt June 26 deadline and tells vendors to stay put

THE MDC-T run Bulawayo city council is spoiling for a fight with Government after top officials told illegal vendors to ‘relax’ at their illegal sites.

Bulawayo mayor Martin Moyo told hundreds of vendors at a stakeholders meeting today at the Small city hall that the June 26 deadline would be impossible for them to meet by providing legal vending sites.

As such Moyo said vendors should ‘relax’ at their illegal sites while BCC “works out something”.

1, 975 vendors have applied for vending licences.

“As council we want to assist you in the best manner as we could.

“Industries have closed and taken over by churches and many people have resorted to vending” said the MDC-T mayor.

He added “We wont be able to meet Government June 26 deadline.

“However, we pledge to work out something soon.”

Local government minister Ignatius Chombo has had several run-ins with BCC and several MDC-T led local authorities by Thobekile Zhou.Source: Byo24News

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