Prosecutor general, Johannes Tomana rules out resigning-‘Handiende!!’

Under fire Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana has dug in his heels declaring he would not be haunted into resigning from his post following his alleged gaffe over the age of sexual consent.

Tomana last week torched a fierce storm after he was quoted as saying children below the age of 16 could legally consent to sex and marriage.

He indicated his statement had been misinterpreted and politicised to force him out of government but vowed to hang on despite the heavy criticism.

Tomana has also refused to clarify controversial parts of his recorded speech on the issue that 12 years can consent to sex.

Tiomana said he would not continue discussing the issue with the paper because it was making “fun out of him”. He said his earlier clarification on the matter was framed as a “climb down” a view which he said suggested that the Herald was sticking to its earlier story.

Meanwhile, children’s rights activists have called for an immediate firing or resignation of Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana over his controversial views on child marriages.
Source: newsday

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