‘CHAMISA IS A threat to MDC Alliance democracy as he has used violence intimidation, threats and undemocratic means to to stay in power ‘- MDC elders.

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has been rebuked by the MDC party elders who have accused him of undemocratic tendencies since the time he imposed himself as leader after the death of that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

These inclinations that seem to have gone unabated have raised the eerie tyrant behaviour of Chamisa, a situation that has led to serious concerns from the Tsvangirai family who are now insisting on observing and ensuring that democratic processes are observed during the congress.

Recently Chamisa has been conspicuously in attendance of some inter-district restructuring exercises, a presence that has been described by some political activists as an intimidatory strategy meant to instil fear amongst the voters.

During his presence, participants were asked to cast their votes by raising hands, a situation intended to spot those casting a vote against Chamisa for future administration of torture and intimidation.

The death of Tsvangirai ushered in an undemocratic, intolerant leader who has tasted the sweetness of power and is unwilling to let democratic processes that might see his grip on power loosened.

Chamisa has had it so good to the extent that he has managed to misrepresent facts to the donor community who would fund his fake pleas, wherein he would grab and misappropriate those donor funds. The scheme is a carefully crafted plan meant to self-enrich rather than to ensure democracy prevails in the country.

The MDC Activist Elders have cautioned Chamisa and threatened him with a court case if he continues to dip his hands in the party pocket and diverting it for selfish use. Recently he has been accused of using donor funds to the tune of (155 000 Pounds) to build his mansion in an affluent suburb of Sandton in the Republic of South Africa.

In fact, Chamisa and his cohorts have realised that being an opposition political party pays more than being the ruling party and are no longer concerning themselves with the issues of governance, but rather are perfecting their art of syphoning money from the donor communities through staged human rights violations and unsanctioned violent demonstrations.

The violent intra-party attacks in the MDC Alliance’s restructuring exercises throughout the country’s ten provinces are meant to ensure that Chamisa clings to power through undemocratic means. His presence in the restructuring exercise is being used to intimidate supporters who harbour interests to change the current leadership within the party.

The late Tsvangirai’s family in a bid to protect his legacy has insisted on fielding observers during the MDC Congress to ensure that their father, brother and late founding member’s democratic principles are observed and not trampled upon by greedy and very ambitious, immature and desperate young men. This move seems to have gotten thumbs up from the Civil Society Organisations, Trade Unionists and some Christian Organisations, an indication that the have realised the undemocratic occurrences in that party.

Member of the House of Assembly and daughter to the late MDC founding father, Vimbai Tsvangirai has volunteered her husband Batsirai Java who is also a bonafide Christian to supervise the MDC May congress together with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union, Heal Zimbabwe Trust, and Crisis Coalitions in Zimbabwe among others.

This particular move has been made in order to neutralise the toxic elective atmosphere that had already been contaminated by factional fights and also to clip Chamisa’s wings that have been described as over-towering democratic processes. Chamisa’s fear stems from the loss he suffered to Douglas Mwonzora for the seat of Secretary General during the 2014 MDC elective congress.

It is that feeling of defeat that is giving him sleepless nights in that Mwonzora nshould not win even a single provincial nomination that can allow him to be in the race with him. He now knows that if Mwonzora succeeds to go through to the elective congress as one of the contestants for the presidential seat with all the measures that ensure secret balloting and enforce democratic voting processes to prevail he will lose to Mwonzora and his knack for good living will be dead and gone. Now one wonders how such a person would handle being the president of a nation.

A person who has trampled on his party constitution, used violence and intimidatory measures to stay in power and has spit at the face of democracy by forcefully appointing himself president of his party without following proper procedures, cannot be trusted with the leadership of this nation. Zimbabweans were almost prophetic by not voting him into power and the MDC leadership and members have seen through him and its apparent that come May congress Chamisa will find himself in political oblivion.Source – chronicle

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