‘ International Criminal Court (ICCC) Intervention Necessary In Zanu PF Feuds’-Energy Mutodi,

President Robert Mugabe’s loyalist Energy Mutodi has made sensational indications that then political instability rocking the ruling Zanu PF makes it necessary for the International Criminal Court to intervene if the squabbles would lead to the killing of innocent people.
Speaking through his article Mutodi said considering that factionalism in Zanu PF is being sponsored by tribalism, with the Zezuru saying they are unconquerable and that the Karangas are second class citizens in this country, there may be need for the International Criminal Court to intervene if killings of innocent people start.

“There is every reason for anyone who is perceived to be in support of Vice President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa to fear now because the G40 has not been stopped in their tracks and are continuing to disregard calls by the President to end tribal utterances such as those by Vice President (Phelekezela)  Mphoko who implied in a statement at a rally recently that anyone of a Karanga origin will not rule this country,” he said.

“As young Zimbabweans, we are of the view that no drop of blood should be shed for political reasons as what happened in the past. Those who think that they are superior than others must be warned that Zimbabwe exists in a community of other nations and should it fail to treat it’s people fairly and go on to kill defenseless citizens then the ICC and other external forces will be invited to protect the people.”

Mutodi said violence of a tribal nature took place in Kenya resulting in thousands losing their lives. It is now subject of ICC probe. He said this can happen in Zimbabwe if the ongoing infighting in Zanu PF is not fairly stopped.

“In Côte de Voire, a civil war broke out and that country’s former president Laurent Gbagbo is now before The Hague while his wife is serving a 20 year jail term and still wanted by the ICC,” he said.

“In Lybia, a civil war resulted in the leader Muammar Gaddafi being killed and his sons are being tortured in jails. Some were killed alongside their father in the civil war that was started when Gaddafi resisted to leave office and pave way for a successor after many years in office and having amassed a lot of wealth.   In Sudan, the leader Omar Al-Bashir is wanted by the ICC for committing crimes against humanity. These are the things that Zimbabwean leaders must avoid by listening to the people all the time.”

Mutodi said war veterans are a beacon for peace and freedom in this country. He said they fought for this country and for them to be teargassed and ill treated by the police is a landmark sign of disrespect for the former freedom fighters.

“They had come for peace and to be addressed by their leader. They are asking questions why some leaders are allowed to go away with tribalism and factionalism while others are being insulted left right and center. They also want to know why the First Lady is disrespecting the Executive and threatening their appointments as if she has miraculously become the President herself. Politicians should know that they are there to serve the people and if people want to talk to their leaders, they must not be prevented from doing so,” he said. by Stephen Jakes
– Source-bulawayo24

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