MDC-T Dep Pres Gutu threatens to recover all MDC-T assets from MDC Chamisa after ruling that Chamisa is not a legitimate MDC President.

Gutu’s statements comes after a High Court judge on Wednesday delivered a ruling that Chamisa is not the legitimate President of MDC.

“There shall be very, very serious and far-reaching implications and repercussions following upon Justice Edith Mushore’s judgment handed down yesterday.” Gutu said. “Party assets and funds that are presently in unlawful hands shall be recovered. Absolutely no doubt about that!”

Gutu told the MDC that if they agree with the court judgement they must not attack the court but lodge an appeal.

“Any decent lawyer worth his/salt will tell you that when you don’t agree with the ruling of a court of law, you don’t lambast the judicial officer and/or any other court official for that matter. You simply lodge an appeal against the court’s ruling to a superior court. Simple!”

Source – Byo24News

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