#tajamuka activist Linda Masarira claims Ndebeles are “cowards and cry babies who will never stand up against anything.”



Gwanda based Human Rights activist Bekezela Fuzwayo has lashed out as a fellow activist Linda Masara for claiming that Ndebeles are cowards.

He said this is disgusting to say the least.

Fuzwayo said Grace Mugabe said the only thing that people from Matabeleland know is to impregnate their wives and girlfriends and run away to South Africa.

“Now you have this from a #tajamuka activist. Grace was drunk with our diamond money now this pseudo activist is drunk with donor money. Shameful,” said Fuzwayo.

Masarira, on Thursday reportedly brewed a major storm at a Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition conference, in Harare, when she said that the Ndebele people from Matabeleland are cowards and cry babies who will never stand up against anything.

Making her contribution on a debate on the problems faced by the people of Matabeleland, Masarira said that the Ndebele people were only good in complaining on issues but never

willing to stand up and tackle the issues bedeviling them head on.Masarira a former National Railways Of Zimbabwe employee in Bulawayo said that besides failing to stand up against the economic and political failures after several invitations to action by her #tajamuka movement, the Ndebele people she worked with at the National Railways of Zimbabwe always reported for duty at the parastatal even when fellow workers were resolving not to go for work due to non payment of salaries.

“The Ndebele people are serious cry babies and cowards that’s why all their issues are never resolved,” she said.

Masarira’s sentiment immediately provoked emotions from the delegates from Matabeleland who angrily rubbished the activist’s contribution. Mkhululi Tshuma from Filabusi castigated the activist and told her to mind how she speaks on issues to do with Matabeleland.

Human rights lawyer Tinei Mukwevo from Bulawayo also challenged Musarira demanding her to provide scientific evidence that the people from Matabeleland were cowards.

Prominent Bulawayo activist Anglistone Sibanda told Masarira that her statement was very reckless and she failed to understand the conditions around people coming out of a holocaust.

“Masarira you need to understand that victims of a holocaust are terrified people who are not show what may happen to them next, so please don’t call them cowards,” he said. source-bulawayo24

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