A ‘Westgate, Harare man’ , who lived in wooden, tin-roofed cabin and slept on a makeshift bed of metal sheet is jailed 16 years for raping a ZBC’s National FM radio show date.

wwwnewzimbabwevision says this is no different from the traditional con we grew up hearing about in Matebeleland when a girlfriend travelled to see her boyfriend she always thought was the mananger only to discover he is the security guard ,…Interesting!…..’Awuzange wangithola kahle babe, angitshongo ukuthi ngingumaneja lapha, ngathi mina ngima nenja!’
A HARARE man was on Thursday last week jailed 16 years for raping a 22-year-old Mutare woman who he had met through a popular dating show on ZBC’s National FM. The convict, Charles Majura, will serve 11 years effective jail time after magistrate Themba Kuwanda conditionally suspended five years.<br>In passing the sentence, Kuwanda ruled that Majura breached the trust the woman had in him after she visited him in Harare.“Within five minutes of meeting her, you behaved like a he goat and raped the complainant.
She will not trust or listen to the radio programmes anymore. You deserve a harsher sentence to deter would-be offenders,” the magistrate said.The woman told the court that she could have been killed since she did not tell anyone that she was meeting Majura. She said she was raped 11 times throughout the night, but Majura disputed the accusation, saying he only had sexual intercourse with her four times.
The court heard that on April 2, the complainant (name withheld to protect her identity) was listening to National FM’s adult radio talk show, where interested listeners hook up with prospective marriage partners.<br>She heard Majura’s request of an adult woman who wanted to settle down and she took down his contact details.After being lured by Majura’s marriage proposal, the single mother took interest.
The two’s relationship blossomed through WhatsApp chats until Majura requested that she visits him in Westgate, Harare, where he purportedly stayed. The complainant visited Majura on May 25 at around 5pm and he took her to his place of residence. The complainant was appalled by the state of the house, which was a wooden, tin-roofed cabin, different from what she had been made to believe.
Majura then asked her to get into the house, but she refused. He then forcefully dragged her into the cabin, telling her that she was now his wife before raping her on a makeshift bed of metal sheets. The matter came to light after the complainant escaped in the morning and told a woman who was on her way to a church service about the ordeal. The woman accompanied the complainant to the police to make a report, leading to Majura’s arrest.newsday
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