Former Fin Minister Chombo arrested for criminal abuse of office over Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle programme on Whitecliff farm in Harare

Mugabe’s cousin Former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo has reportedly been re arrested. Chombo allegedly reported to Marlborough Police Station in Harare, where as part of his bail, he should report three times a day.
Chombo was originally on corruption charges was picked while reporting to the police at Marlborough Police by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission who took a warned and cautioned statement from him before releasing him into the custody of his lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku .
Chombo now faces additional charges, relating to operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle in Whitecliff where he allegedly illegally settled people on a property belonging to Pfugari hence the criminal abuse of office charge.
His lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku claims that the Cabinet set up the resettlement programme and Chombo was only a head of a committee that ran the programme.
Some charges were added to Chombo who is on US$5 000 bail on corruption charges was released around 8pm and will re appear in court on 8th January 2018.
Coupled with this development, a total of thirty nine Arcadia homes were today destroyed by the Harare council , leaving scores of residents homeless yesterday allegedly because they were illegally built two decades ago on service land which was reserved for drainage pipes and sewage systems. More news to follow.
It is interesting that these things are all unfolding at the time of the week long, 17th Annual Zanu pf December conference. Zanu pf under Mugabe was responsible for the chaotic ‘green bomber’ recruitment by the Public Service Ministry, unqualified civil servants employment and the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle programme on Whitecliff farm in Harare. Now the chickens have come home to roost as the same Zanu pf is dropping them all like hot pieces of coal. I’m sure this time they will know where to put their ‘X’ on the ballot papers as they have learnt painfully how deceiptful Zanu pf is. More news to follow. by Sibusiso Ngwenya.
photo-Back then when Chombo was kneeling befor his despot cousin Mugabe’s wife, ‘Gucci Grace’

Fired VP Mnangagwa who was dismissed nine days ago by former Zimbabwe President the despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has arrived in Harare, due to be sworn in as president in two days time

23846177_10214219630501559_408733202_n (2)
The fired former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was dismissed nine days ago by former Zimbabwe President the despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has arrived in Harare has Zimbabwe, just two days before he is due to be sworn in as president of Zimbabwe replacing the despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
Mnangagwa told jubilant Zimbabweans that this is the birth of a new democracy.
At the same time the internet has gone wild with postings of Mnangagwa’s son, Michael Sean Mnangagwa, displaying the same foolish behaviour we witnessed from Robert Mugabe’s little brats who were living a high life while the rest of Zimbabwe was suffering.
The photos obtained online of Sean Michael Mnangagwa, the son of the former Vice President/ Future President of Zimbabwe, ‘Boss Mnangagwa’ are sickening, when you realise that his dad the source of finance is a Zanu pf, corrupt official who is filthy rich and made his millions from looting initially from DRC diamonds when Zimbabwe aided the DRC war. 
We allowed this to happen from Grace Mugabe and sons, who looted every piece of land they could lay their hands on, spent filthy sums of wealth on flashy items, champagne parties and every luxurious item they could lay their hands on.
Let us all remember that, yes, today we celebrate the departure of Mugabe but effectively by replacing him with Emmerson Mnangagwa, we have simply recycled  the same rubbish and as I warned before, the aim is to remove all Zanu pf from the highest authoritym then Mugabe down to the smallest unit, such as rural herdman in the villages.
If we sit back and allow this kind of spoilt, wreckless behaviour by children of leaders, which effectively is a clear indication of the child’s upbringing and character of the parents, in this case our Future President and wife First lady Auxillia Mnangagwa , you must all understand me when I say, we have only recycled the same shit and we still have along way to go. 
Mnangagwa is a ruthless man, a long term right hand to Mugabe and the chief architect of past genocides like gukurahundi, chiadzwa, white farmer eviction, 2008 elections and muambatsvina. In his speech just a few hours ago at Zanu Pf head quarters, Mnangagwa stated that the ‘Dogs can keep on barking and barking, while the train that is Zanu pf continues to rule,..chilling the same language that Mugabe ruled by and enforced throughout his dictatorship and the same warnings that the late former vice president Simon Mzenda warned about. He said we Zanu pf will rule you until donkey’s grow sets of horns,…and 37 years under Zanu pf it really feels that way. Mugabe and his family are gone, next  Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats must go and we must implement full democracy, not recycle the same sh*t!
 We must never drop our guard, stay united and ready to unseat anyone in power. You can see the photos, you know what Chatunga and his brother the Mugabe sons put us through because of their lavish spending of the taxpayers money while we suffered. Don’t sit back and watch the same from the Mnangagwa family. Because of the speed of developments in Zimbabwe, we cannot prove the authenticity of the pictures or person allegedly portrayed and issues raised but because we are a source of information,  the people should know what is circulating online and have their say because its a free world and we are not in the business of hiding things or pleasing others by protecting any wrong doings if proven to be so. Mnangagwa must be firmly reminded that if these are true then its his downfall from the start and that in the same way that his master fell, he could easily be swiftly impeached and there is plenty that can genuinely levelled against him where past crime against humanity and genocides along with corruption are concerned.
 It is however important for parliament to call Mnangagwa to account at his very first appearance in parliament as Zimbabwe’s president  and seek answers for the nation as these are globally viewed articles.
We fought together to remove Mugabe, let us maintain the same unity and push for an inclusive government that is made up of Mnangagwa and our opposition camp together in a Government of national Unity that will implement electoral reforms and prepare free and fair elections in six months and we will be able to vote out the Zanu pf trash,..all of them must go otherwise we have only removed Mugabe but left the same people, same system, same oppressive corrupt people who will only serve to perpetuate the people’s suffering. The same oppressive Zanu pf party, same system and same criminal caucus remain in charge with a purpotedly new leader but simpley Mugabe’s longterm right hand man, chief architect of genocides like gukurahundi, murambatsvina, chiadwza and 2008 elections is replacing Mugabe, recycled sh*t if you ask my opinion…wake up Zimbabwe! Iwe neni tinebasa,…fix ZimBoBwe, all Zanu pf must be removed! By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo BBC Africa

‘MaZimBOBweans -iwe neni tinebasa, handiende!’


Zimbabweans have been shattered by Mugabes refusal to step down last night and have their hopes pinned on Mugabe resigning today by 12:00 hrs or being impeached by parliament. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.


BITI CALLS for abortion to be legalised



Harare lawyer and former Finance minister Tendai Biti has called on government to legalise abortion, saying outlawing the practice has witnessed deaths of thousands of women and girls as a result of attempting to illegally terminate their pregnancies

Speaking at an occasion where he was being conferred with an award for successfully challenging child marriages, which was eventually struck off the statutes by the Constitutional Court last year, Biti said illegal abortions were costing lives.


“So, there are hundreds of girls that are dying because of illegal abortions. The Termination of Pregnancy Act in Zimbabwe is terrible. Those with money just go to South Africa to those clinics, it’s very cheap anyway, because it is subsidised by the State. For the rich and the middle-class, abortion is one hour away, but not for the majority of our young girls in this country and it’s endemic,” he said.

“The government needs to repeal the Termination of Pregnancy Act and remove other barriers to accessing safe reproductive health services for women and allow women to take responsibility of their reproductive health . . . If we have to be equal like we did in the (Loveness) Mudzuru case (the child marriages case), one of the things that we have to do is to democratise the right of access to abortion.”


The workshop, whose theme was The judiciary can make a difference, was organised by Women’s Comfort Corner Foundation director Rita Marque-Mbatha, who is also a member of the International Alliance of Women.


The event was also graced by a Swiss former judge, Justice Jessika Kehl-Lauff.

Last year when Biti made representations in the child marriages matter, he had been instructed by Veritas, a non-governmental organisation, which fights for the rights of children and women in the country.

“When I did the child marriages case, I did major research on children and women in this country. One of the shocking things I discovered was that in a district like Gokwe, by the time a girl attains 19 years, she will be having at least two children. The statistics are shocking on child births,” he said

Biti’s plea for the legalisation of abortion comes after a similar call was made by the Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights.

The doctors’ organisation said women with unwanted pregnancies should be allowed to undergo safe abortions in order to save countless lives since the country was grappling with a high maternal death . newsday





Moyo’s personal assistant, Ms Chipo Mukabeta, was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on charges relating to Moyo last night and detained at Mabelreign Police Station.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo’s personal assistant, Ms Chipo Mukabeta, has been arrested.
She was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and was still detained at Mabelreign Police Station last night.
Sources at ZACC said last night that Ms Mukabeta’s arrest was in connection with charges levelled against Minister Moyo.
“She has been arrested and is detained at Mabelreign Police Station. She is sleeping in custody today and is appearing in court,” said a ZACC source.
Asked on what charges Ms Mukabeta was facing, the source said they were related to what Prof Moyo was facing in the courts.
The source could not release further information.
Efforts to get a comment from ZAAC spokesperson Ms Phyllis Chikundura were fruitless.
Ms Mukabeta’s arrest by ZACC comes barely a week after Prof Moyo lost his constitutional challenge against arrest and is set to appear before a magistrate to answer to charges of misallocating over $400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef).
Prof Moyo was “arrested” by the ZACC on charges of abusing the funds. He then rushed to the Constitutional Court, arguing his rights had been violated as ZACC had no arresting powers.
He argued that a police officer, Sergeant Munyaradzi Chacha, who was on secondment to ZACC, had no powers to arrest him by virtue of the secondment.
The Constitutional Court ruled that the minister deserved no preferential treatment and that he should, like anyone else, follow the normal criminal procedure of arrest and appear before a magistrate.
It was found that he had jumped the gun by approaching the Apex Court instead of challenging his arrest at the lower court.
The Apex Court found that secondment of a police officer to the ZACC did not strip him or her of arresting powers.
Chief Justice Luke Malaba said a magistrate had the leeway to hear evidence from witnesses to clarify any dispute of facts, unlike a Constitutional Court that deals with papers filed before it.
He held that Prof Moyo’s case did not raise sound constitutional issues, hence it failed to meet the test for constitutional matters to be determined by the Apex Court.
Chief Justice Malaba found that the first respondent, Sergeant Chacha, remained a police officer despite the fact that he was seconded to ZACC.
In terms of Section 24 of the Police Act, one can only cease to be a police officer upon termination of his or her contract. The court also found that Prof Moyo wasted time by approaching the wrong court.
Prof Moyo’s charges include criminal abuse of office, fraud, corrupt concealment from principal of personal interests in a transaction and obstruction of the course of justice. The minister, his deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa and Zimdef finance director Nicholas Mapute, are accused of abusing nearly $500 000 belonging to Zimdef.
Dr Gandawa and Mapute have since been placed on remand at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts. Before the trio’s court appearance date, Minister Moyo instructed his lawyer Mr Terrence Hussein to file an urgent interdict at the Constitutional Court.
In his application, he questioned the constitutionality of his arrest by Zacc and the role played by the police.
He argued that Zacc did not have the power to arrest and detain suspects in terms of the Constitution.
He also argued that the Prosecutor-General did not, in terms of the Constitution, have the power to order the police to arrest an individual.
Prosecutor-General Advocate Ray Goba argued that a docket that reached his office showed that there was an “overwhelmingly reasonable suspicion” that the politician and his accomplices committed fraud, theft, money laundering and criminal abuse of office. Source – chronicle

Minister Stan Mudenge ‘explains’ Mugabe’s Ndebele ancestry,…hmn 2018 elections are coming up!

Mugabe at Bindura on Fridayjpg

MINISTER STAN MUDENGE ‘EXPLAINS MUGABE’S NDEBELE ANCESTRY  says this is  absolutely vile . In my view its a sick attempt to brainwash gullible Matebeleland who were butchered during gukurahundi, in the run up to 2018 elections’ Its simply, when you don’t need them butcher 20,000 of them and when you need their vote, go ahead and claim alleged ancestry connections to them. At a time when people would prefer acknowledgement, and apologies and compensation over the gukurahundi genocide in which Mugabe’s cousin ‘Bigboy Samson Chikerema’ a.k.a Perrance Shiri as the commander of the tribalist Shona fifth Brigade, slaughtered 20,000 innocent unarmed Ndebeles, the Zanu pf propaganda machine through Minister Stan Mudenge claims Mugabe’s Ndebele ancestry. Interestingly enough only last week we had claims by the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (CEO) Pritchard Zhou that Ndebeles are actually Shonas who don’t know their origin. They want to deny Mugabe’s,  ‘totemless people of no origin’ background a.k.a Matibiri , Malawi ancestry and instead swing the Matebeleland vote to Zanu pf. Please vote for family, vote for umalume, usibali, umzawenu, Mugabe the Ndebele. Umzukulu usebuyile ekhaya ngoba kayikho inkomo ekababa elala egangeni, zibuya zodwa ngekhaya! Wake up Zimbabwe! …..Discuss! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has Ndebele ancestry as his grandfather served King Lobengula, historian and Higher Education Minister Stan Mudenge claims.

Speaking at the Lupane State University’s inaugural graduation ceremony in 2010, Minister Mudenge said the President had fascinating roots in Matabeleland that are not always known to the general public.

“His grandfather, a strong powerful figure, was in the service of King Lobengula in the 19th Century, during which he acquired and absorbed the Ndebele culture and language,” said Mudenge.

He said when the President’s grandfather returned to Zvimba, Mashonaland West, the colonial native commissioners — noting his Ndebele cultural traits — began calling him “Matibili,” the colonialists’ pronunciation of Matebele.

“In time, Matibili was Shonalised to ‘Matibiri’ because Shonas substitute ‘l’ with ‘r’,” he said.

Tracing the President’s lineage, Mudenge said the President’s father was the son of Constantine Karigamombe, alias “Matibiri.”

“Therefore, the President belongs to the Matibiri Karigamombe house in Zvimba,” Dr Mudenge said.

He said President Mugabe’s father, Gabriel Mugabe Matibiri, went to work in Bulawayo, where he married his second wife, a Ndebele girl, mother to some of the President’s siblings, who had both Shona and Ndebele blood.

“As a young teacher, the President taught at Empandeni Mission and Hope Fountain Mission. It is at the latter institution that he taught, among others, Governor Angeline Masuku and Mrs Thenjiwe Lesabe, then the head girl,” he said.

Mugabe is reviled in Matabeleland where rights groups say 20,000 people were killed on his orders after Zimbabwe’s independence from colonial rule in 1980.

Source – newzimbabwe

PARSONS GREEN LONDON UNDERGROUND train bombing is a terror incident’


Eighteen people had been taken hospital, the London Ambulance Service said in a statement.

The Metropolitan Police said it was too early to confirm the cause of the fire and the station, which is above ground, has been cordoned off.

Prime Minister Theresa May tweeted: “My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and emergency services who are responding bravely to this terrorist incident.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has appealed for calm, saying the city “will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism”.

Witnesses have described seeing at least one passenger with facial injuries.

Others have spoken of “panic” as alarmed passengers left the train at Parsons Green station.

Passenger Peter Crowley said he was sat in the carriage, travelling eastbound from Wimbledon, when the explosion happened.

He said his head was burned by a “really hot intense fireball above my head” and added: “There were people a lot worse than me.”

Passenger Chris Wildish told BBC Radio 5 live he saw a bucket in a supermarket bag with “low-level flames coming out of it” by the door of the rear carriage. source bbc

photo-evening standard

MUGABE’S NEPHEW, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri says Professor Jonathan Moyo is a liberation war deserter, aligned to Rhodesian security services.

mugabe_vaxed1-674x280 (1)
Air Marshal Perrance Shiri says Professor Jonathan Moyo is a liberation war deserter, who had links with an outfit aligned to Rhodesian security services.Image may contain: 1 person
The Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe said this in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mail last week.
This followed an “interview” Prof Moyo – a Zanu-PF Politburo member and the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister – gave to the private media in which he tried to rewrite both his own history and that of the Second Chimurenga.Image may contain: one or more people
Air Marshal Shiri was director of training at Zanla’s Mgagao Camp in Tanzania at the time Prof claimed to have been at the facility in 1976.
Colonel Joseph Khumalo, who was one of the first commanders at Mgagao, having gone there in 1974, also trashed Prof Moyo’s tribally-driven agenda in his revisionist history.Image may contain: 3 people
Said Air Marshal Shiri; “Chekutanga, time yaari kutaura, arikuti June 1976; hakuna reinforcement kana trainee yakauya ku Tanzania during that time. Kwanga kusina.
 Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting
“. . . he mentions two camps that he says were in Tanzania: hakuna macamp akadaro e Zanla ku Tanzania.”
 Image may contain: 1 person, glasses
The AFZ chief also laughed off Prof Moyo’s claims that he was with Zanu at the Liberation Centre in Zambia after leaving Tanzania.
Zanu had at that time been essentially frozen out of Zambia, and only Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole and Bishop Abel Muzorewa had free political movement there.
President Mugabe was on March 29, 1976 to issue a communique strongly denouncing Rev Sithole and Bishop
 Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, glasses and beard
Muzorewa’s tribal politics and distanced Zanu from their activities.
Air Marshal Shiri went on: “Anozotaura futi about going to Kenya. Kenya kwanga kusina Zanla camp zvachose, kana representative tanga tisina ku Kenya.
“Anotaura nyaya yekuenda kuUganda. KuUganda kwanga kusina Zanla camp, kwanga kusina representative.”
He said the people who went to Uganda at that time were recruited by Rev Sithole, with assistance from Rhodesian security services who wanted to create a militia to sow confusion in the liberation struggle.
The militia was, however, uncontrollable and Rhodesian security forces ended up killing many of them.
This is corroborated by no less than Ken Flower, the head of the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation at the time, in his book “Serving Secretly”.
On page 204 of the memoirs, Flower says: “… the CIO agreed to arrange the return of 50 of Sithole’s guerrillas from their training grounds in Idi Amin’s Uganda. Most of them proved too tough to handle and had to be eliminated by the security forces before they could do too much damage.”Research by The Sunday Mail shows that the Kenyan broadcast training programme Prof Moyo refers to in his “interview” had nothing to do with Zanu and Zanla.
And the broadcast work Prof Moyo says he wanted to do in Uganda could not have been for Zanu as well.
From 1976, the only Zimbabwe-related broadcasts coming out of Uganda were by Rev Sithole on Radio Kampala at a time his recruits had been assisted to go to that country by Rhodesian security services.
These include a September 9, 1976 broadcast in which Rev Sithole said he was pulling out of the ANC and claimed to still be leader of Zanu despite having been jettisoned by liberation fighters.
And in 1977, Uganda’s President Idi Amin met President Mugabe, who was then the Zanu Secretary-General, at an OAU Summit in Gabon, and unwittingly bragged about hosting Zanu forces in Kampala and Entebbe.
President Mugabe, who was with General Josiah Tongogara, played along and allowed Amin to mouth off, in the process alerting them to what was happening.
Air Marshal Shiri said, “Saka these people left Uganda at some point, came back to Rhodesia, worked with Rhodesian forces as extension of Rhodesian security services, Selous Scouts, trying to mislead povo vachizviti Zanla.
“If you read your history you will know about how vakazorohwa kuGokwe. Vakashedzwa (by the Rhodesian military) kuparade kuGokwe after they had confused the situation, going around raping and killing villagers, and messing things up for their handlers. Zvakamutsana apa.
“It was military wing yaSithole yanga iri staffed nevanhu vamwe vaanga aita mislead kuno kumusha achiti ndiri kukendesai ku training, achiti ndiri kukuendesai kutraining ye Zanla vakapedzisira vaendeswa ku Uganda.
“It was the equivalent of Dzakutsaku, Pfumo reVanhu ya Muzoerwa. Yake Sithole yainzi Ziso reVanhu, ndiyo yanga iri ku Kampala.”
He also said, “Jonathan was at Mgagao before 1976. He must have come nemareinforcements akanga auya early ‘)75.
“Akatiza ku camp; ndobva abatwa; ndobva adzoswa ne TPDF (Tanzania People’s Defence Forces). Pasina any problem, pasina chinongedzerwa akango tiza from the camp.
“Adzoswa, akaiswa mu chikaribotso for purposes of interrogation. Any security organisation would want to know kuti problem yacho chi, une different agenda here?
“He was released and he disappeared again. After the Mgagao Declaration (in October 1975), Sithole aitwa discredited, pakabuda information yekuti mukomana uyu (Prof Moyo) anga achionekwa ari mu team dza Sithole ku Dar-es-Salaam. Hence nyaya dzake dzekuzoenda kunana Zanla Kampala idzo. Ndiyo nyaya ya Jonso.”
In the private media “interview”, Prof Moyo mentions how he helped organise the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (Festac) in Nigeria in 1977.
Interestingly, “The First World Festival of Negro Arts: Contexts and Legacies” (edited by Davud Murphy and published in 2016), states that Festac and three similar festivals “appear in retrospect to have been staging grounds for CIA (the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency) activity. In 1967 the magazine Ramparts published an exposé showing that the CIA had for years covertly funded cultural organisations”.

Perhaps coincidentally, Prof Moyo was to that year leave for the United States, stating in his acknowledgments in his book “The Politics of Administration: Understanding Bureaucracy in Africa”, that he was grateful for “liberation” from the Second Chimurenga.

Sunday mail.
photo-MUGABE’S NEPHEW, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri yawning and Mugabe sleeping at conferences. Could this sleeping sickness be a family thing or atypical sign that the first family and don’t care about anyone else?

Popular radio presenter Tymon Makina has died


Tymon Makina, who worked for ZBC’s SFM for a number of years and was now employed by Skyz Metro passed on at Mpilo Central Hospital yesterday morning after a short illness. He was 48.

Makina was well-known for his sublime sports commentary and he popularised the SFM football programme, BP Check, which had fans glued to the station every Sunday. Condolences have poured in from the media fraternity with many describing his passing away as a great loss to the broadcasting industry.

Former colleague, Jethro Chimanga, who worked with Makina for a decade at SFM described him as a diligent broadcaster.

“I remember the excitement and dedication when he was on the BP Check programme, you could feel his passion, excitement and dedication to his job. Personally, I have lost a brother and great broadcaster,” said Chimanga.

Another former colleague at ZBC, Dave Simba said Makina was among those who introduced him to broadcasting and his handling of listeners was unparalleled.

“It is painful to lose him at a time sports journalists have re-united under the Sports Journalists Association, his experience would have come in handy and I am sure a lot of youngsters would have learnt a lot from his proficiency and professionalism,” said Simba.

Veteran journalist, Methuseli Moyo, who at one time was the general manager at SFM said Makina was a resourceful person, who had a lot of initiative hence he came up with the BP Check programme.

“His ease in handling the programme and dealing with listeners was amazing. I am sure at the time the programme was the most followed in the country.

Although he was a part-time he gave his all and was focused on his job,” said Moyo.Makina joined broadcasting as a disc jockey at Radio Three using the name Tarzen Tee in 1994 and later moved to SFM where he gained popularity through the Sunday football programme. Makina was born on 9 January 1969 in Bulawayo and attended Mhali Primary before heading to Hamililton Bulawayo. Source sunday news.

MTHWAKAZI REPUBLIC PARTY march in Bulawayo against alleged Shona Hegemony


Mthwakazi Republic Party on Friday last week held a successful march in the city of Bulawayo in what is believed was to mark and register its presence and readness to participate in the 2018 elections as it has earlier on announced its position.

The demonstration started at Egodini terminusSibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said the march marked the turning point in the history of scores of Mthwakazi people, who have lived with Shona imposed dominance for the past 37 years. He said the people demonstrated enthusiasm to the leadership of Mthwakazi, which took the party to them.

“The sensitisation road show commenced at 1430 hours and about 16 768 party literature was distributed in the CBD. The National Executive Council gives credit to the Bulawayo provincial leadership, which crafted and organised such a historic event. The purpose of the march was to make the people of Mthwakazi aware of their home come 2018. This event was a launch of the series of road shows that would spread nation wide in Mthwakazi,” he said.Sibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

“The road show was led by the Party President Mqondisi Moyo and the National Executive Members comprising of the National Youth and Women’s League. The people of Bulawayo overwhelmingly and enthusiastically welcomed the Mthwakazi revolutionary movement and they agree that they need a change that would do away with Shona domination.”

All speakers comprising of the President Mqondisi Moyo, the Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube, Youth League National Chairperson Xolani Ncube and the Women’s League Secretary Corah Ndebele condemned the Shona imposed hegemony.

Other leaders who were in attendance are the Foreign Affairs Secretary Ackim Gasela Mhlanga, Sakhile Nkomo Deputy Secretary General, Colman Khanye National Organizer, Rebecca Mafu secretary for security in Women’s league, Samukeliso Ndlovu Matabeleland North women’s Provincial Chair, Clearance Ndlovu Matabeleland south Provincial Deputy Chairperson, Ngqabutho Mpofu Committee member in Matabeleland south Provincial stricture, Nkanyiso Ngulube Matabeleland North Provincial Secretary for security, Luba Gwebu Bulawayo Provincial Chair and Bulawayo Provincial organizer Lydia.

“We also thank all the provincial representatives who graced the event. The event as planned was a success. Our teams demonstrated courage in the midst of all security state agents who behave well so far for the first time. We urge them to continually enforce the constitution rather than enforcing ZANU PF corruption and brutality,” he said.

“As a party we have launched all our campaign strategies and we will soon spread the door to door campaigns around Mthwakazi. Siyabonga bakwethu ngokusamukela okukhulu.”
Source – Byo24News

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