Popular radio presenter Tymon Makina has died


Tymon Makina, who worked for ZBC’s SFM for a number of years and was now employed by Skyz Metro passed on at Mpilo Central Hospital yesterday morning after a short illness. He was 48.

Makina was well-known for his sublime sports commentary and he popularised the SFM football programme, BP Check, which had fans glued to the station every Sunday. Condolences have poured in from the media fraternity with many describing his passing away as a great loss to the broadcasting industry.

Former colleague, Jethro Chimanga, who worked with Makina for a decade at SFM described him as a diligent broadcaster.

“I remember the excitement and dedication when he was on the BP Check programme, you could feel his passion, excitement and dedication to his job. Personally, I have lost a brother and great broadcaster,” said Chimanga.

Another former colleague at ZBC, Dave Simba said Makina was among those who introduced him to broadcasting and his handling of listeners was unparalleled.

“It is painful to lose him at a time sports journalists have re-united under the Sports Journalists Association, his experience would have come in handy and I am sure a lot of youngsters would have learnt a lot from his proficiency and professionalism,” said Simba.

Veteran journalist, Methuseli Moyo, who at one time was the general manager at SFM said Makina was a resourceful person, who had a lot of initiative hence he came up with the BP Check programme.

“His ease in handling the programme and dealing with listeners was amazing. I am sure at the time the programme was the most followed in the country.

Although he was a part-time he gave his all and was focused on his job,” said Moyo.Makina joined broadcasting as a disc jockey at Radio Three using the name Tarzen Tee in 1994 and later moved to SFM where he gained popularity through the Sunday football programme. Makina was born on 9 January 1969 in Bulawayo and attended Mhali Primary before heading to Hamililton Bulawayo. Source sunday news.

TACTFUL ZANU PF in Parly use “lack of quorum” (70 )to quash any debates critical of their party thrown out if undebated over 21 days


ZANU PF lawmakers in the National Assembly have resorted to indicating a “lack of quorum” (70 members) in order to quash any debate they deem critical of their political party, it has emerged.


The practice has resulted in failure by the House to resolve important matters affecting Zimbabweans, including debate on the outbreak of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, which has over the years affected millions of Zimbabwean migrants exiled by social, economic and political decay at home.

A fortnight ago Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka had to call for lack of quorum during a debate on a motion on a report by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs on the Registrar General’s department after Prince Dubeko Sibanda (MDC-T Binga North MP) mentioned that President Robert Mugabe and Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede were now of pensionable age, while contributing to debate.

“The notoriety lies in the fact that this is the only government department that is headed by a person who is over pensionable age. It is the only department headed by someone who is close to 80 years, when government laws say that at 60/65 years, someone should retire. I think that is the notoriety that you can see in this department and the reason why it is not performing well,” Sibanda said referring to Mudede’s age.

Mahoka immediately called for lack of quorum and the debate was immediately aborted, as there were less than 70 MPs in the House.

Last week, Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi’s motion on xenophobia was aborted after Sibanda again began attacking the Zanu PF government for failing the economy and forcing Zimbabweans to seek menial jobs in neighbouring countries like South Africa and beyond.

Zanu PF MPs again resorted to quashing the debate indicating a lack of quorum.

Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa’s motion on police brutality on demonstrators has been on the order paper for ages after it was quashed last year when he tried to introduce it and Zanu PF MPs left the House to ensure there is no quorum to discuss it.

Oliver Mandipaka (Zanu PF Buhera East MP) also gave notice to move a motion that members of some political parties were viciously attacking police officers to counter Chamisa’s motion, but it has clocked months on the order paper without it being discussed.

Chamisa’s motion on the disappearance of journalist-turned-democracy activist, Itai Dzamara, has clocked several months in the Order Paper without discussion, after Zanu PF MPs walked out when it was being discussed resulting in a lack of quorum.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda last week warned MPs that all motions that will remain undebated for more than 21 days will now be removed from the Order paper. By Veneranda Langa. newsday

MTHWAKAZI REPUBLIC PARTY march in Bulawayo against alleged Shona Hegemony


Mthwakazi Republic Party on Friday last week held a successful march in the city of Bulawayo in what is believed was to mark and register its presence and readness to participate in the 2018 elections as it has earlier on announced its position.

The demonstration started at Egodini terminusSibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said the march marked the turning point in the history of scores of Mthwakazi people, who have lived with Shona imposed dominance for the past 37 years. He said the people demonstrated enthusiasm to the leadership of Mthwakazi, which took the party to them.

“The sensitisation road show commenced at 1430 hours and about 16 768 party literature was distributed in the CBD. The National Executive Council gives credit to the Bulawayo provincial leadership, which crafted and organised such a historic event. The purpose of the march was to make the people of Mthwakazi aware of their home come 2018. This event was a launch of the series of road shows that would spread nation wide in Mthwakazi,” he said.Sibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

“The road show was led by the Party President Mqondisi Moyo and the National Executive Members comprising of the National Youth and Women’s League. The people of Bulawayo overwhelmingly and enthusiastically welcomed the Mthwakazi revolutionary movement and they agree that they need a change that would do away with Shona domination.”

All speakers comprising of the President Mqondisi Moyo, the Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube, Youth League National Chairperson Xolani Ncube and the Women’s League Secretary Corah Ndebele condemned the Shona imposed hegemony.

Other leaders who were in attendance are the Foreign Affairs Secretary Ackim Gasela Mhlanga, Sakhile Nkomo Deputy Secretary General, Colman Khanye National Organizer, Rebecca Mafu secretary for security in Women’s league, Samukeliso Ndlovu Matabeleland North women’s Provincial Chair, Clearance Ndlovu Matabeleland south Provincial Deputy Chairperson, Ngqabutho Mpofu Committee member in Matabeleland south Provincial stricture, Nkanyiso Ngulube Matabeleland North Provincial Secretary for security, Luba Gwebu Bulawayo Provincial Chair and Bulawayo Provincial organizer Lydia.

“We also thank all the provincial representatives who graced the event. The event as planned was a success. Our teams demonstrated courage in the midst of all security state agents who behave well so far for the first time. We urge them to continually enforce the constitution rather than enforcing ZANU PF corruption and brutality,” he said.

“As a party we have launched all our campaign strategies and we will soon spread the door to door campaigns around Mthwakazi. Siyabonga bakwethu ngokusamukela okukhulu.”
Source – Byo24News

FIRST victim of suspected ritual killer Rodney Tongai Jindu, Mboneli Keith Ncube was buried yesterday at West Park Cemetery in Bulawayo

THE first victim of suspected ritual killer Rodney Tongai Jindu, Mboneli Keith Ncube was buried yesterday at West Park Cemetery in Bulawayo, more than two months after his death.

The family was waiting for DNA results to determine whether the limbs that were found buried in four shallow graves belonged to Ncube. Ncube, was reported missing on 12 January 2017, only for his remains to be discovered a month later at Number 13 Westmount Road in Burnside in shallow graves.

Speaking at the sombre funeral service held at Jehova’s Witness Church in the city centre, Mr Never Sibanda who led mourners at the service said the family may have many unanswered questions.

“It hurts our feelings when we think of what befell us. You as his mother and family are trying to imagine the pain that Keith may have felt when the incident occurred. You are also thinking of what he went through when his body was being mutilated.

“Let not your hearts be broken because he felt nothing as he was gone already as the Bible says the departed know nothing,” said Mr Sibanda.
Ncube, who fellowshipped at Jehova’s Witness Mahatshula branch, was described as a devout Christian who was committed to church activities. A man only referred to as Sithole who attended the church with him said the church had been robbed of a dedicated member.

“We fellowshipped with him for 12 years and he was committed in church activities. He was always willing to help be it in cleaning or anything. He was a jovial person who had a distinct laugh that we all enjoyed. You could tell Mboneli was near just by hearing his laughter from a distance,” he said.

An uncle to Ncube, Mr Clifford Mhlophe told mourners that they should not bother Keith’s mother by asking her about events of the fateful day as she was also not aware of what transpired. He said the family only knows of what is in the public domain and nothing more.

A friend told the mourners that on the fateful day Ncube left with an unidentified friend together with Jindu and that was the last they heard from him only to read in the media that his body had been found. The Ncube family approached the police after learning that Jindu sent a text message to his second victim’s (Cyprian Kudzungura) mother saying he had rushed to South Africa. They told the police that the coincidence in the case of Kudzurunga, and their son “was too much”.

When Jindu allegedly killed Kudzungura he used his sim card to send his mother a message saying he was leaving the country as he had committed a serious crime, he did this to get her off track in search for her son. This prompted the Ncubes to report that they had also received a message in a similar fashion. Ncube lived four houses away from Jindu’s home in Glengarry suburb.

Jindu appeared in court on Tuesday last week for Ncube’s murder and was remanded in custody to 21 March. Source – sundaynews

‘NUST National University of Science and Technology student (28) crashed ex ZanuPF sec fin Mhambi car before shooting himself dead



A 28-year-old National University of Science and Technology (Nust) student allegedly shot himself and died at his Hillside suburb lodgings in Bulawayo after being involved in a road accident in the early hours of Saturday.

The student, Tapiwa Zhanje, a relative of Bulawayo businessman and former Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial youth league secretary for finance Davies Muhambi, was reportedly driving Mr Muhambi’s Mercedes Benz S600 to Kumalo where he wanted to drop friends after attending a party.

He is said to have lost control of the car and rammed into a gate and precast wall opposite the Hockey Stadium in Kumalo suburb. Muhambi confirmed the incident. “He is my nephew and I was staying with him in Burnside.

It is unfortunate I was in Harare when it happened. I received a call at around 5AM today (yesterday) and I was told that he had been involved in an accident. I asked if people were injured and they did confirm that there were injured people. I then tried to call Tapiwa but his number was not being answered. I called back home and I was told he came and said he had come to take money from the safe to pay for a cab he had hired at around 6AM,” he said.

Added Muhambi, “I understand Tapiwa said he came home with a cab because he had locked the car keys inside the car and could not open the car. That is when I am sure he took the gun and left my house.” According to Muhambi, he was staying with Tapiwa but learnt that he also had another apartment that he was renting at Hillside suburb. “After he took the money from the safe he went to the apartment along Weir Avenue in Hillside where he took his life with the gun and the firearm belongs to me. The car he was using is also my car. I had asked him to pick it up from Tristar (garage) as I was not around, so he took the car and some friends and I do not know where they were going to when they had the accident.” Muhambi said he had not received full details of what really transpired during the accident. The six other passengers, also Nust students, were immediately taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals where they are receiving medical attention.

The owner of the house where the car crashed into, Mrs Debra Mweke said she was asleep when the accident occurred. “I was asleep when l was awaken by the impact of the car, l thought thieves were trying to break into the house and when l came out l saw the car burning in our yard, the gate had also fallen,” she said. Mrs Mweke revealed that the car had caught fire after the impact and neighbours had to assist to put it out using water. “There were three women and three men in the car who said their families were in Harare and only one lady who identified herself as Nozie was from Bulawayo.

The driver ran to the gate and stood there in shock while we were trying to help the people who were in the car.” Mrs Mweke said she suspected that the driver thought the passengers had died as he immediately fled from the scene. “From what I heard from the police, the guy went to Hillside and shot himself, we don’t know exactly the place but that’s what we got from the police,” she said. One of the residents who witnessed the accident Mr Anglistone Sibanda said they struggled to remove the trapped students from the car. Contacted for a comment, Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said she had not received details of the accident and shooting. source-bulawayo24

FOREIGNERS TO BE DENIED business licences and barred from investing in sectors reserved for indigenous entrepreneurs


Foreigners interested in investing in sectors reserved for indigenous entrepreneurs will be denied business licences as Government has issued another directive to all local authorities to enforce the policy.

The reserved sectors include primary production of food and cash crops, transportation business involving passenger buses, taxis and car hire services, hair dressing and beauty salons.

They also include employment agencies, estate agencies, grain milling, tobacco processing, advertising agencies and milk processing.

According to the parliamentary Hansard, Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha told Senate last week that government continues to note with concern the continued issuance of licences to foreigners by local authorities to operate businesses in sectors reserved for locals.

“We agree that we have some foreigners, who come into the country and, instead of going to Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA), they go to local authorities and ask for permission to do some business.

” The local authorities, because they want money, will allocate these people some businesses, which they have to embark on because they want to benefit through taxes,” the minister is quoted saying.

“We are calling for the local authorities to enforce this idea of separation of business industries from those reserved for Zimbabweans and for foreigners.

“When we are talking of reserved areas for indigenous people and foreigners, it really exists, is self-explanatory and very clear. We may have a problem in policing the implementation of it because we have set out some areas, which we have said, these industries can only be operated by people of Zimbabwe such as small industries like the salons and food outlets”.
source – byo24

BULAWAYO HILLSIDE LECTURER allegedly collapsed and died in his office.

A lecturer at Hillside Teachers’ College in Bulawayo
Paul Ndlovu, was allegedly found dead at about 10AM.

A post mortem is set to determine the actual cause of death.

Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the death and said no foul play was suspected.

“I can confirm the sudden death of a lecturer at Hillside Teachers’ who was found dead today (yesterday) in the morning. He was found dead in his office.

His body was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) by Hillside Police for post mortem,” said Asst Insp Ncube.

It could not be established yesterday if Ndlovu was suffering from any ailment.

Hillside Teachers’ College Principal Mr Edward Gumpo said:

“I can neither confirm nor deny the matter. I’m not cleared to comment on such issues. Such communication has to come through head office.”

Some students at the college said a security guard found Ndlovu’s body and alerted officials who then called the police.
Source – chroncile


Urban Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) president Manyenyeni pledges to support Kasukuwere introduce urban tollgates

THE Urban Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) has pledged to support Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s proposal to introduce urban tollgates to fundraise for cities’ roads rehabilitation programmes, but demanded transparency in the administration of the funds.UCAZ president and Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told NewsDay that local authorities were demanding transparency in the management of revenue collected from the tollgates to avoid misuse of the money.
“We don’t mind a cost-effective revenue collection set-up provided the end value is guaranteed, unlike now, where motorists are asking what their licence fees are doing for them,” Manyenyeni said. Early this week, Kasukuwere announced plans to launch urban tollgates as a way to fund the rehabilitation of roads, most of which have become impassable.He also lamented the low amount being disbursed by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) to local authorities, saying it was not in tandem with the number of vehicles that were taking parking space in the city each day.
Government in 2010 took over management of vehicle licence fees and gave Zinara the mandate to administer the funds, but the parastatal has been accused of mismanaging the money and starving local authorities of their statutory allocations.
Manyenyeni said Harare City Council was entitled to between $40 million and $70 million per year, but received a paltry $1m per year.
He added that he recently met Zinara board chairperson Albert Mugabe over the issue, but nothing concrete was agreed.
The MDC-T mayor questioned the composition of the Zinara board which he said was operating without a local authorities’ representative as required.
“The nominations were submitted by UCAZ. None of the nominations were accepted. The Zinara board is not compliant with its own law,” Manyenyeni said.
“I have raised this matter with Transport, Roads and Infrastructure Development minister Joram Gumbo and the Zinara board chairman.” source-newsday

Enter 2017, thirty six years on, we still have, now 93 year old, ”Black oppressor of Blacks’-despot Robert Mugabe, ruling the motherland Zimbabwe!


Zanu PF policies have all turned out to appear good on paper yet they are simply ‘legitimised crime’ by the despot led regime. Lets all embrace a whole new level of tolerance, move on from the Zanu PF politics of violence into 21st century mature politics. Unless and until we all make the nation ungovernable for Zanu PF, we will keep going round and round in circles. We need a united nation and to all work towards freeing ourselves from the ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ and begin healing the brutalised and broken Zimbabwe nation. The process needs all hands on deck irrespective of whether you are Coloured, Ndebele, Shona , black, or white,.. its about the motherland Zimbabwe! Happy New year and all the best to everyone for 2017!
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Zimbabwe’s problems arise from Zanu Pf instability and its failure to control looting of national wealth and destruction of institutions and systems that would make the country viable

DumisoDabengwa (1)


Dabengwa, in his New Year’s message, said: “My fellow countrymen, 2016 has been a year of great difficulties that started and is ending with political uncertainty and a deteriorating economy.

“A few weeks ago, we were subjected to an address by President Mugabe purported to be a State of the Nation Address. That address left us none the wiser in terms of what is happening and how we shall get out of the mess,” Dabengwa said.

“Firstly, we are all aware that our problems are induced by political instability in the ruling regime and its failure to control looting of the country’s wealth and destruction of institutions and systems that would make the country viable. It is, therefore, important to stop the rot and to bring the country back on track.”

Dabengwa said it was apparent from Mugabe’s address that the regime had no viable solution to the problems facing the country at large and common people in particular.

“A short-term solution to halt this decay and lay a foundation for long-term peace and reconciliation is to negotiate a National Transitional Authority (NTA) to manage the shift of power from an incapacitated and increasingly dysfunctional dictatorship in preparation for democratic elections,” Dabengwa said.

“A democratic and all-inclusive body must manage the 2018 elections. Zanu PF alone cannot be trusted to manage that transition. Witness the deadly succession fights within that party. Joice Mujuru (ZimPF leader) admitted in an interview with eNCA last week to abuse of State machinery for manipulation of the electoral process. Hence, we call for the establishment of an NTA to manage the change.”

Dabengwa hailed Mugabe for publicly admitting that the chaotic land reform programme of 2000 caused unprecedented financial and economic ruin to the country.

“That unfortunately chaotic land grab and election ruse disguised as a reform programme has brought the country to its knees and torn the very fabric of our nationhood,” Dabengwa said.

“It has caused social upheaval that has seen an exodus of productive professionals to the Diaspora and the collapse of the primary manufacturing sector which is the foundation of exports and a favourable balance of payments.”

He challenged Mugabe’s government to account for the missing $15 billion diamond revenue, saying failure to do so would seriously dent the ruling party’s 2018 election campaign.

“Not satisfied with the robbery of such scale, because that is what it has to be unless the resources are recovered and accounted for, the government has looted the country’s nostro accounts and left the country bankrupt,” Dabengwa said.

“It is worth noting that the funds in the nostro accounts did not belong to the government, but were the earnings of the few hardworking corporations remaining in the country to pay for their international commitments.

“With limited access to hard cash for their luxurious trips and other conspicuous consumption, the government came up with an unsecured paper currency, appropriately named the bond currency.”

Dabengwa said the worthless currency was allegedly backed by an unconfirmed $200 million facility with Afrexim Bank to supposedly resuscitate manufacturing and boost the economy. He said the irony of a $4 billion economy needing a mere 5% of its net to resuscitate it was totally lost on Zanu PF.

“I dare say that if they were not greedy, Mugabe’s Cabinet can raise $1 billion between them and lend it to the country, without even bothering about the $15 billion that evaporated into thin air. After all, they stole it from Zimbabwe in the first place and surely their cut of the $15 billion is much more than a mere $1 billion. At least we would not be forced as a sovereign country to resort to a make-believe currency,” Dabengwa said.

“The Reserve Bank governor declared that this currency will solve the perennial cash shortages and subsequent queues at the banks. Instead, the advent of the bond notes has resulted in longer queues and fuel shortages.” By Silas Nkala. source-newsday

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