Popular radio presenter Tymon Makina has died


Tymon Makina, who worked for ZBC’s SFM for a number of years and was now employed by Skyz Metro passed on at Mpilo Central Hospital yesterday morning after a short illness. He was 48.

Makina was well-known for his sublime sports commentary and he popularised the SFM football programme, BP Check, which had fans glued to the station every Sunday. Condolences have poured in from the media fraternity with many describing his passing away as a great loss to the broadcasting industry.

Former colleague, Jethro Chimanga, who worked with Makina for a decade at SFM described him as a diligent broadcaster.

“I remember the excitement and dedication when he was on the BP Check programme, you could feel his passion, excitement and dedication to his job. Personally, I have lost a brother and great broadcaster,” said Chimanga.

Another former colleague at ZBC, Dave Simba said Makina was among those who introduced him to broadcasting and his handling of listeners was unparalleled.

“It is painful to lose him at a time sports journalists have re-united under the Sports Journalists Association, his experience would have come in handy and I am sure a lot of youngsters would have learnt a lot from his proficiency and professionalism,” said Simba.

Veteran journalist, Methuseli Moyo, who at one time was the general manager at SFM said Makina was a resourceful person, who had a lot of initiative hence he came up with the BP Check programme.

“His ease in handling the programme and dealing with listeners was amazing. I am sure at the time the programme was the most followed in the country.

Although he was a part-time he gave his all and was focused on his job,” said Moyo.Makina joined broadcasting as a disc jockey at Radio Three using the name Tarzen Tee in 1994 and later moved to SFM where he gained popularity through the Sunday football programme. Makina was born on 9 January 1969 in Bulawayo and attended Mhali Primary before heading to Hamililton Bulawayo. Source sunday news.

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Woman (33) Bleeds To Death After Her Binga Granny (72) Operates On Her To Remove Fiboids


A HIGH Court judge has ordered a 72-year-old Binga woman who “operated on” her granddaughter in an attempt to remove fibroids from her uterus before she bled to death to immediately stop the traditional operations she said she had been practising for years.

Justice Francis Bere of the Bulawayo High Court, on circuit in Hwange, made the order as she sentenced Mata Muzamba.

Muzamba pleaded not guilty to murder, but offered a limited plea of culpable homicide for causing the death of her 33-year-old granddaughter, Selina Mugande. The judge sentenced her to 12 months in jail, which was wholly suspended for five years.

Mugande lived with her husband, Lingani Muleya, of Dongamusi village in Binga, and met her death after she approached her grandmother for help as she was having problems to conceive. The old woman “operated on” Mugande in an attempt to remove fibroids which she claimed were preventing her from falling pregnant.

Mugande bled to death after the “surgery”. “You’re not a surgeon, you’re a traditional healer and Zinatha is just supposed to treat people, not perform operations,” Justice Bere told Muzamba.

“Leave that to qualified specialists. Next time a woman comes to you with fibroids, refer her to qualified personnel. You must stop this practice immediately.”

He said she was lucky that the court had taken into account that she was old and illiterate. Muzamba said she did not see anything wrong with the operation as it was a practice that she had performed for many years in Binga.

She also said she had helped many women to conceive using that method. When the judge asked her about her level of education, Muzamba said she never went to school. She was also asked if she was a qualified surgeon, and she replied “no”.

According to the agreed facts between the state, led by Namatirai Ngwasha and defence lawyer, Givemore Muvhiringi, on August 31 last year, Mugande approached Muzamba for help as she was having problems conceiving.

The protruding fibroids on her privates were incised with a razor blade by Muzamba. As a result of the operation, Mugande bled profusely and her condition worsened by the day until she died on September 6 without going to hospital. by Fairness Moyana
Source: chronicle

‘Python Instills fear Into Cops After Camping In Madlambuzi Police Station Ceiling’-


A 2.5 metre long python held police officers at Madlambuzi station ‘hostage’ for ten straight days as it camped at the charge office.

The python was first spotted heading towards the camp’s quarters bur suddenly changed direction and went to the charge office.

It camped in the ceiling for ten days.

It was eventually killed by workers for a Bulawayo based pest control company.

However, when it was killed the real drama unfolded.

Its owner- Urgent Ncube aged 39 stormed the station and threatened officers with death.

His was bitter over the killing of the snake saying he had sent it ‘on a special mission’.

He said he was going to send a big baboon to deal with the officers.

Officers had to write a memo to their bosses begging for the snake to be killed as they feared for their lives.

“This memo serves to inform and put on record that on the 19th February 2016 at 1round 2000 hrs at ZRP Madlambudzi Camp a police officer who was coming from the marriage quarters saw a very big snake which is approximately 2.5 metres long.

“The snake was heading to the camp’s quarters. It became violent after being attacked by one of the police officers.

“The snake tried to enter the charge office but was disturbed by some details who were at the entrance. It crawled along the wall until it gained entry through the back window and climbed on top of the gun cabinet thus making it difficult for officers to gain access to the firearms.

“The snake stood firm and stood its ground and continued threatening to attack the officers before it slithered through to the ceiling where it hides. Source: B-Metro

Over 400 Families Stranded After Eviction From Badminton Farm In Nyamandlovu


MORE than 400 families at Badminton Farm in Nyamandlovu were yesterday left stranded after their homes were razed by the Sheriff of the High Court.

According to Chronicle, scores of villagers were left wailing hopelessly, saying they have nowhere to go.

The villagers said Chief Deli settled them on the farm in 2011.

One of the victims, Molly Ndlovu, 68, said she did not expect such treatment in independent Zimbabwe.

She said she fought for the country’s liberation and was stranded with her 85-year-old sister she looks after.

Two resettled villagers were arrested while trying to stop the Sheriff from setting fire to their homesteads.

The families have since filed a court application at the Bulawayo High Court seeking an order stopping Badminton Block Company (Pvt) Ltd from evicting them from the farm until the Minister of Land and Rural Resettlement Douglas Mombeshora had secured alternative land for them.

The villagers alleged Chief Deli claimed the land was under his jurisdiction and he had powers to settle people.

“The applicants and their families consequently settled on the farm and established a livelihood thereon. We went on to build structures and shelter on the land and we also engaged ourselves in various agricultural activities to support our families,” said Mkandla, one of the villagers.

The villagers said Badminton Block Company did not serve them with court papers, resulting in it obtaining an eviction order under case number HC938/15 granted in default.

They said they only became aware of the order when Badminton Block Company sought to execute it with the assistance of police.

The villagers said they have since made a request to Minister Mombeshora to have the farm gazetted in terms of the law.

Badminton Block Company, in its opposing papers through lawyers Webb, Low and Barry, said the land occupied by the applicants was its private land held under deed of transfer number 5096/90. by Nqobile Tshili- Source-chronicle

‘Generations Actor Rapulana Seiphemo Likely To Be Charged With Murder & Attempted Murder’

Generations+actor+Rapulana+Seiphemo (1)

Generations Legacy actor Rapulana Seiphemo is likely to be charged with two counts of murder and attempted murder.

This was said by Jody van Zyl, a survivor of the accident that killed his brother Donovan van Zyl (24) and his brother-in-law Jerry Coertze (28) last Sunday night.

One of the two passengers in Seiphemo’s car also died. The other one was in hospital at the time of going to press.

“This man must be charged with two counts of murder for killing my brother and our brother-in-law. He must also be charged with attempted murder for trying to kill me,” said Jody. Source: Sowetan Sunday World

Photo-timeslive-Rapulana Seiphemo, Generations actor

News Flash:’Jonathan Moyo Is Ndabaningi Sithole’s Son’-Chris Mutsvanga


A verbal war between Zanu-PF Politburo members Professor Jonathan Moyo and Christopher Mutsvangwa escalated yesterday with Mutsvangwa challenging Prof Moyo to go for a DNA test, claiming the Tsholotsho North MP was the son of the late Zanu (Ndonga) leader Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole.

Mutsvangwa was addressing representatives of war veterans, ex-political detainees and restrictees during a regional stakeholder consultation workshop in Bulawayo when he fired his latest salvo at Prof Moyo, claiming the Higher and Tertiary Education Minister was a chameleon, whose life needs to be unpacked.

In an earlier interview published by NewsDay last month, Mutsvangwa said Moyo was Sithole’s nephew, which the denies.

Mutsvangwa, who appeared to be responding to media reports that Prof Moyo had threatened, through micro-blogging site Twitter, to take him to court, added: “I’m ready to go to court.

Jonathan should shut up and stop commenting about the war. He went to America to follow his father. I’m now told that Sithole is actually his father. I want him to go for a DNA test and prove that he’s not a member of the Sithole family.

“Just yesterday, I was talking to a member of the Sithole family. Jonathan’s stepmother has relatives who went to war. They know of Jonathan visiting Waterfalls in Harare, his father’s home. He’s a family thief. His stepmother says he stole some radios and other things when he left for Tanzania and the United States,” said Mutsvangwa, who insists he has a clean record after Prof Moyo accused him of “being famed for stealing female underwear” during the war of independence in camps in Mozambique.

He added: “I can’t have a personality clash with someone who was not at war. All I know is that he’s trying to talk ill about the war veterans. Just because he’s Sithole’s son, he thinks he’s royal blood, therefore, President Mugabe must defend him.

He went to war thinking he will become a commander. When Sithole was removed, his dream of becoming a commander was dashed so he left the war.

“We had to embrace people like Jonathan because the enemy had become so strong.

“We had to broaden our front. We’ve gone through this before and we’ve enough experience of how to deal with such kind of situations. This is a new challenge, but we have seen worse before, where chancers come in and try to subvert an organisation.”

The war veterans leader said as a diplomat, he related well with everybody except for Prof Moyo, whom he claims wants to be a dictator in the party.

“He’s a stranger to the war and we’re not worried about him. Zanu-PF is a very strong party. I relate well with everybody except for some Professor who’s creating divisions in the party.

“He can take me to court; I’ve no problem with that because that’s where he’ll be exposed. These are things that I don’t apologise for as the chairman of war veterans. We can’t have people from nowhere dictating what should happen in the party and the Government,” said Mutsvangwa.

When reached for comment Prof Moyo described Mutsvangwa as a psychiatric patient adding: “Please don’t bother me with nonsense from a person who clearly needs everyone’s prayers as each day he opens his mouth he sounds like a serious candidate for Ingutsheni (psychiatric hospital).

“When a chap starts telling you different things about the same thing on a daily basis, you know he has stopped taking his medication.”

Prof Moyo added he will not be “scared by a guy who plays Rambo 36 years after the struggle” – Source-chronicle

photo-chris Mutsvanga

36 Years Later, Mugabe’s Regime Claims It Will Upgrade All Mud &Pole Structure Schools Within 5 Years

THE government has said in the next five years no school should be operating from pole and mud structures as this compromises the quality of education.

The Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Professor Paul Mavhima said this on Tuesday during the commissioning of four classroom blocks at Tshayile Primary School in Bubi District.

The classroom blocks were commissioned by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko who was represented by the Minister of State in his office, Tabitha Malinga-Kanengoni. The government in partnership with the Japanese Embassy constructed the four classroom blocks at a cost of $102,000.

Tshayile Primary School did not have any meaningful infrastructure with pupils learning from classrooms made from pole and mud.

It also did not have furniture.

Prof Mavhima said the government embarked on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) after realising that schools with no requisite infrastructure cannot produce quality education.

He said through PPPs, the government was hoping to address infrastructural problems in schools.

“We want joint ventures like this to continue so that we can improve the quality of our education.

“In the next five years we don’t want our children in schools to learn in similar conditions where kids are housed in pole and mud buildings. We can’t achieve quality education under such circumstances,” he said.

Prof Mavhima said through PPPs, the government was looking for partners who will not dictate terms but share its educational vision.He hailed the Japanese for being the country’s true friends through unconditional partnership.

“That’s who we’re looking for. We want friends who’ll understand that we need partners especially in areas where the local community can’t construct schools on their own,” said Prof Mavhima.

Japanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Yoshi Hiraishi, said communities should be responsible enough to ensure that school infrastructure serves future generations.

“I would like to underline one aspect of our assistance. If I say it using one word, that word will be sustainability.

“The most important thing is constant maintenance of these facilities. It is the responsibility of the school and the community to take good care of them (classrooms) for years to come,” said Hiraishi.

Bubi MP, Clifford Sibanda, who is also the Minister of State in the Office of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said the partnership was in fulfilment of the government’s thrust of enhancing quality education.

He said Tshayile Primary School was one success story but more needs to be done to improve education in the constituency.

“It’s a great opportunity and we’re grateful to our partners for what has happened to this community.

We’ve 53 more satellite schools that need to be improved. And we’ll be subtracting them one by one,” he said. By Nqobile Tshili- Source-chronicle

El-Nino Drought Wreaks Havoc On Livestock In Chisumbanje

Villagers use a log to help their starving cow stand up in Chisumbanje recently.Many farmers, across the country, have lost livestosk to the El Nino-induced drought.Villagers use a log to help their starving cow stand up in Chisumbanje recently.Many farmers, across the country, have lost livestosk to the El Nino-induced drought. source-newsday

Is Bona Mugabe Pregnant?

  • This week , Zimbabwe ‘ s president Robert Mugabe was  launching Tanzania ‘s president Julies Nyerere ‘ book of collections of his speeches at a function  that was attended by his daughter, wife to pilot Simba Chikore, Bona Mugabe in what appeared to be maternity wear covering a bulge which certainly looked like a ‘First Grandchild’ on the way. The nation may have some time to wait before the truth is out as officials would not comment on the matter. BY Sibusiso Ngwenya. source-newsday
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