MUGABE has finally been removed as the World Health Organisation (WHO) ambassador after furious global protests against the World Health Organisation (WHO) choice


THE DESPOT PRESIDENT ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE has finally been removed as the World Health Organisation (WHO) ambassador after furious global protests against the World Health Organisation (WHO) choice. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

BREAKING NEWS: Police say a Major incident is ongoing at Nuneaton bowling alley Warwickshire UK.


According to witnesses and uncornfirmed reports a ‘gunman with a sawn-off shotgun has taken hostages at Bermuda leisure park’ which has a bowling alley and cinema.

Workers have been told by police not that the area is in lockdown and not to allow people in or out of the complex and there are about thirty armed police outside in the ongoing incident . people are being asked to stay clear of the retail park. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Metro-Police at the scene of Nuneaton bowling alley Warwickshire UK ‘hostage ‘ situation.

FIVE FORMER United States presidents attend hurricane relief concert in Texas

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A total of five America’s living former presidents appeared together on Saturday night at a benefit concert held in Texas for the country to funds to assist victims of the terrible hurricanes that were recently experienced in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, US Virgin Islands and Florida.

Barack Obama, 56, George W. Bush, 71, Bill Clinton, 71, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, both 93. US current President Trump fowarded a taped message in which he thanked the five former presidents of the US for their efforts.

Its such a wonder to see five former living presidents of such a powerful nation come together at a time of national need. On the other hand it says a lot about a president Mugabe who has stayed in power for 37 years and caused nothing but death, misery, destruction and anything negative that one can attach to a dictator. Zimbabwe has no living former prime minister and most people have been born, lived under and died or will die under Mugabe.

This is absolutely wrong,..wake up Zimbabwe, Mugabe, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and Zim1 family must all go, for the nation to move forward and have ex presidents work together to help the nation in times of need as we saw in Texas. I suppose thats the difference between democracy and dictatorship,..aren’t we all proud to be Zimbabweans. European Union and United States sanctions against the dictator Robert Mugabe (93) are still in place yet the World Health Organisation (WHO) in all its wisdom or rather none of it proudly announces to the world that it has accorded the brutal killer, gukurahundist. chiadzwa, Murambatsvina, 2008 butcher with the status of ‘Ambassador for health’..really? Wake up Zimbabwe..Im just saying! More news to follow, By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

photo-nypost- Ex US Presidents, (left to right), Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama at the Hurricane Relief concert in held at College Station in Texas.

ANTI-RIOT POLICE BLOCK BHALAGWE TURN OFF and stop Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa from holding a gukurahundi prayer service at Bhalagwe camp in Kezi.

The Zimbabwe republic Police blocked the Bhalagwe turn off and stopped the Zapu leader and Zpra intelligence supremo Dumiso Dabengwa a.k.a ‘Black Russian’ and his entourage from attending the gukurahundi Bhalagwe camp memorial prayers.


What happened at the height of Bhalagwe gukurahundi massacres, marks the place as an icon of Mugabe’s crimes against humanity. This was a simple memorial prayer service by people who witnessed the horrors, lived through the horrors, lost immediate family, spouses, children, friends and relatives and homes as Mugabe’s cousin Perrance Shiri a.k.a Bigboy Samson Chikerema headed the tribalist Shona Fifth Brigade gukurahundi onslaught.

The Zimbabwe national Army Commander, General Chiwenga was at that time in charge of 1 Brigade at Bulawayo’s Llewellin Barracks from which Matebeleland raids were launched from. He provided Gukurahundi logistics for operations across Matebeleland. im glad, Dumiso Dabengwa was present when the police blocked this prayer gathering.

This clearly chows how evil the regime is, because the same regime at the height of gukurahundi, jailed Dabengwa for years to block military uprising by victims in their defence against the horrors. This will help him as the Zapu leader to stimulate his supporters into registering to vote and having a say on their future. Dabengwa himself who knows that he was lucky because General lookout Masuku, who had led the Zipra forces in fighting the oppressive Rhodesian Ian Smith Regime, was locked up and only released on his death bed.

Mugabe and his Zanu pf are now panicking because less than a month ago, Mugabe removed Mnangagwa from cabinet as he effectively destroys Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction, the zanu pf faction that is fighting the G40 faction led by Grace Mugabe. Mugabe gave the majority of cabinet posts to Chikomba District where grace Mugabe comes from, more seats than Masvingo province, aligned to Mnangagwa as he lays the ground work for the 17th Annual zanu pf conference in December at which we can all expect that he will arm twist the people into electing a female Vice president, in this case his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe.

She will then be in the final stage of succeeding her husband as Zimbabwe’s next president , all done with your support because you fail to read into the obvious scam,..wake up Zimbabwe!

Its such a shame that Mugabe’s 93rd birthday celebrations were held in February 2017 at Matopos a few metres away from where many of his gukurahundi victims bodies were buried unceremoniously in caves, mines and wells and other pits. As much as most people across Zimbabwe are against the calls for the secession of the Matebeleland region from the rest of Zimbabwe, to the DISCERNING eye newzimbabwevision, Mugabe, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats are feeding into calls for it because of the lack of sensitivity upon the issue because of how they handled the attempts to hold prayers.

I can see this fuelling the calls for it and at the same time , those sitting on the fence actually now standing up in support of it. Mugabe is further building up the enemy camp against him at a time when he should have been tactic and pushed for a truth and reconcilliation exercise where the government would acknowledge the gukurahundi attrocities, rebury victims, erect memorials, compensate victims and survivors of the deceased and unite the people of Zimbabwe and stop any seccession because time, intermarriage and diaspora movement have made any break away inappropriate for peace, love and unity.

If this happens, then whats to stop Mozambique reclaiming Manicaland province, Tongas across the Zambezi valley calling for a break away, the nambya across Hwange, Victoria Falls breaking away and every other clan breaking away so that every 50km in either way, you will need to produce a passport as you move into the hundreds of countries brought about by Zimbabwe;s break up,…wake up Zimbabwe!

Its important in any society to break centralised control of power which empowers a dictator and his henchmen, in this case Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats while marginalising everyone else.

We should however always bear in mind,.. One Zimbabwe many tribes, many races but one united, peaceful, just , equal society is what we should all be fighting for. We only have one enemy to this, who are Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats..wake up Zimbabwe! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

Featured photo-Zapu leader Dr D Dabengwa and delegatesFeatured photo-Zapu leader Dr D Dabengwa and delegates

Featured photo-Zapu leader Dr D Dabengwa and delegates

WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) rethinks decision to name Zimbabwe’s despot president Robert Mugabe as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador for health’ after public global protests

mugabe_vaxed1-674x280 (1)

The decision was condemned by health groups, human rights groups and activists condemned the decision especially in light of European Union and United States sanctions against the dictator Robert Mugabe (93). Now that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has sat up at attention over the public rejection by the whole world of its poorly thought out decision, the world is on the verge of seeing this decision reversed. This will be a great victory for all activists, opposition, the suffering people of Zimbabwe and the whole world against Mugabe, Zim 1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats oppression of millions of Zimbabwe, many now spread across the diaspora.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) obviously made the decision to appoint him in the hope that the controversial Pastor Mugadza’s prophecy of  Mugabe ‘dying’ on the 17th of October 2017 would be fulfilled and the post would be left open for a more professional, acceptable and progressive appointment . The prophecy did not materialise, so the World Health Organisation (WHO) is now having to rethink its decision,…welcome to the real world! More news to follow,..By Sibusiso Ngwenya

300 Rohingya villages totally or partially destroyed since August 2017 and 320,000 Muslim Rohingya children mainly diseased, malnourished and sufferring from scurvy are living in Bangladesh.

Rohingya refugees walk on the muddy path after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 3, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain

The army reportedly executed people as they destroyed and burnt Rohingya villages in Myanmmar 320,000 Muslim Rohingya children mainly diseased, malnourished and suffering from scurvy s are living in Bangladesh fleeing the ruthless military attacks. More than half a million Rohingya have fled the brutal attacks, rape, razing down of villages with fire and slaughter in Myanmmar as the endless flow of terrified Rohingya Muslims flee the ‘ethnic cleansing’ to Bangladesh, where they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives in a foreign refugee camp as stateless persons. More news to follow, By Sibusiso Ngwenya

High Court landmark ruling on inheritance wills after a challenge by a Mutare widow who had been excluded from her late husband estate

Justice_Loice_Matanda_Moyo1 (2)
High Court landmark ruling on inheritance wills after a challenge by a Mutare widow who had been excluded from her late husband estate
In what is a landmark ruling by the High Court on inheritance willsj High Court judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo ruled that a will can be declared invalid and overturned or amended if it excludes the surviving spouse and/or children.
This resulted from a court challenge made by a Mutare widow Ms Lily Lilian Nyamushanya whose late husband Pythias Nyamushanya’s will excluded her from her his estate. Her late husband also did not leave anything for his two biological children in his Will.
The High Court judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo ruled that disinheriting the surviving children from his will is an infringement of Section 86 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution.
Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo declared that a will can be declared invalid and overturned or amended if it excludes the surviving spouse and/or children and ruled that Nyamushanya’s widow is the sole beneficiary of the matrimonial home. The Judge also directed that the couple’s two children, who had been disinherited from the Will, should benefit from the estate. Part of Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo’s ruling reads as follows:
1) The portion of the Will dealing with the matrimonial home is set aside and the first applicant (Mrs Nyamushanya) is declared the sole beneficiary of the matrimonial property; namely stand Number 1716 Umtali Township, also known as Number 7 Bain Drive, Morningside, Mutare,” she said.
2) The fourth and fifth respondents (the two children) are to benefit as per the distribution plan presented.
All Zimbabweans will realise that there is a law and children and surviving spouses cannot be disinherited willy nilly as has been witnessed time and again, when especially surviving relatives of usually the dead husband suddenly want to move from the villages to live in the lovely home left behind which rightfully should benefit the surving spouse and kids. For the girl child and women, I believe this is a ruling to celebrate. DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-High Court judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday appointed President Robert Mugabe (93) as a global health ambassador for Africa,..Really?..How Funny,..wake up Zimbabwe!

The biggest clue to how the rest of the world views Zimbabwe under Africa’s oldest ruler President Robert Mugabe (93), is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday appointed President Robert Mugabe as a global health ambassador for Africa. In theory this is intended to help governments tackle chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease.
In reality, to the discerning eye newzimbabwevision, it shows that Zimbabweans are viewed like a bunch of clowns. Remember that he butchered over 20,000 Ndebele’s under gukurahundi, massacred thousands more under Murambatsvina, Chiadzwa diamond fields, early 2000 murderous white farmer evictions.
His murderous legacy included the continuous murders of opposition and activists eg 2008 election violence, along with collapsing the health service delivery in Zimbabwe, where qualified medical staff are spread across the diaspora, hospitals have no medicine or mordern equipment and health costs are unaffordable and he travels to Singapore to get regular basic Bp, sugar, blood and eye check ups,
Today, Zimbabweans are keen to get rid of the old aged dictator, his wife First lady Grace Mugabe, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and zim1 family and bracing for the 2018 elections because they want him out and no one wants Grace Mugabe to rule Zimbabwe, yet the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday appointed President Robert Mugabe as a global health ambassador for Africa., funny!
Look at how far back Zimbabwe has been brought by Mugabe and how terrorism in Africa spread under Mugabe as the african Union Chair. He has not only contributed to death and destruction in Zimbabwe but also allowed terrorism to grow in Africa by failing to deal affirmatively with the crisis under the AU umbrella,..and just like disease it will keep spreading,..courtesy of Mugabe whom, the World Health Organization (WHO) in all their knowledge of Zimbabwe and wisdom is actually empowering President Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship by lending credibility to an illegitimate regime,..wake up Zimbabwe! By Sibusiso Ngwenya. DISCUSS!

SCHOOL IN NEMBUDZIYA GOKWE NORTH destroyed by heavy winds on Friday. More news to follow:

22687756_10213945636051869_5405675988418273919_n (1)

More news to follow: Byo24

GRACE MUGABE’S CHIKOMBA which is home to First Lady Grace Mugabe and one of the smallest districts in the country got more posts in Cabinet than the whole of Masvingo

Grace-Mugabe (1)

CHIKOMBA – In a rare show of power and influence, Chikomba which is home to First Lady Grace Mugabe and one of the smallest districts in the country got more posts in Cabinet compared to the whole of Masvingo Province following the latest Cabinet reshuffle.

Chikomba which had one Cabinet Minister, Mike Bimha who is the first Lady’s cousin now has two after the appointment of Edgar Mbwembwe as the new Minister of Tourism, Environment and Hospitality Industry.
Chikomba has three seats in Parliament and Felix Mhona who is the MP for Chikomba Central is the only one who is not a Minister.

The district flexed its power and influence at an education and development celebration function hosted by Mike Bimha at Parugare Safaris and Lodges and attended by thousands of villagers just outside Chivhu on Saturday.

Among people from Mash East present at the function were the First Lady who told the crowd that Mike Bimha was her cousin as their late fathers were brothers, Minister of Defence Sydney Sekeramayi and the Minister of State for Mash East, Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri.

Masvingo Province which has over the years had the least number of Cabinet Ministers now has only one full Cabinet Minister, Walter Mzembi who was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs at the reshuffle. Masvingo Province has 26 MPs compared to Chikomba’s three.

Josiah Hungwe, the only other Minister is a Minister of the less fashionable Psychomotor which for all intends and purpose is a department.

Gutu, Masvingo’s most populous district with five constituencies does not have a single Cabinet Minister so is Zaka, Bikita and Chiredzi districts which are all bigger than Chikomba.

Political analyst Dr Fidelis Duri said of the imbalance that it is a way of isolating Vice President Mnangagwa who is believed to be getting support from Masvingo Province. Source – Masvingo Mirror

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