BREAKING NEWS: ZIMBABWE’S president Robert Mugabe has officially resigned after submitting his letter of resignation:

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PRESIDENT MUGABE the 93 year old despot has officially resigned after submitting his letter of resignation read out to parliament a few minutes ago, a ending 37 years of dictatorship by a 93 year old despot.

There was a mass sense of relief as the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda read out Mugabe’s resignation letter after so many years of Mugabe firing Ministers, government officials, Zanu PF stalwarts and two vice presidents.

Mugabe’s end of brutal misrule, impoverished nation with over 90% unemployment and millions of displaced Zimbabweans across the diaspora. the despot’s brief resignation letter which  in part as follows, I Robert Gabriel Mugabe formally tender my resignation as President of Zimbabwe as of this moment.  Further included in the letter was the statement that “My decision to resign is voluntary on my part and arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire for a smooth, non-violent transfer of power,”.

The impeachment process which was in progress as of this morning, has been halted by the resignation of the despot who read out what will go down in history as the shortest ever speech by a man who loves to waffle with long endless speeches. As the speech was read out, the parliament broke into ululation, singing, dancing and celebration at the best news ever announced in parliament,.the resignation of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. To most Zimbabweans, this is a moment of true national Independance, brough about by people power with the military behind them.

It is obvious the impeachment process, along with generals who put soldiers on the street and allowed people to protest peacefully, removed police officers and other security has helped push him through to resignation. More news to follow shortly. Zimbabwe is celebrating this great moment of a peaceful step towards peace, healing and reconciliation for all friends, lovers, partners, families, opposition, ruling and any broken up relations, its time for forgiveness, healing, unity and rebuilding trust, constitutionalism, prosperity, democracy, justice, equality and prove to the rest of Africa and the whole world that, it may have been slow but we did it peacefully, with God’s Christian guidance, we survived, but today here we are just like Israelites in the desert for fourty years, we have spent 37 years under a ruthless dictatorship and now we are free, without African Union, SADC or foreign intervention by the West. 

This is a great Moment for all Zimbabweans, what we have lost is painful to remember but the victory of our peaceful Christian nature is in the freedom that we have today, now and forever more because never again shall we walk this troubled path as Zimbabweans. spread all over the diaspora. people of ‘ZimBoBwe’  lol,

Never could I sit back and allow oppressive authority by the draconian regime to silence my peaceful yet strong voice of defiance. I have fought for all Zimbabweans, Black, white, coloured any race, tribe or race.

Information is power! My work is done, lets celebrate and never allow anyone else to monopolise wealth and power in the motherland. The incoming government must be inclusive, allow free and fair elections and  implement reforms that protect the people of Zimbabwe from all that we have for 37 years under  Mugabe.

People of Zimbabwe, the despot Mugabe has fallen and Zimbabwe is free at last!!

The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, has said we should be mindful of the colonial era relation between Zimbabwe and Britain but now Britain must stand ready to help Zimbabwe move forward. More news to follow.

Many people have always asked where I drew my inspiration from, in upsetting the dictatorship. here is my story at this great moment in Zimbabwe.

A few days ago as the developments in Zimbabwe unravelled as the soldiers placed Mugabe under arrest, I reported that, after three years at University Of Zimbabwe (UZ), in the early 1990s, having witnessed the real horrors inflicted by the 92 year old despot for almost a decade up to 1987 during the brutal Gukurahundi massacres of 20,000 unarmed Matebeleland and Midlands people by the Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe’s fifth Brigade, headed by his nephew then head of Fifth Brigade, now the Airforce of Zimbabwe commander Perence Shiri, the easiest thing to ever do was to simply defy oppressive authority and agitate for transparency. equality, prosperity , and justice for all, through defiance to oppression by the despot, ‘Black Oppressor of Blacks’.

Future generations can never forgive our generation for sitting back and selling off the motherland to Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who monopolise wealth and power through continuously looting national wealth and resources under the guise of ‘Black empowerment’ and ‘Indeginisation’ yet its all simply ‘legitimised crime and corruption’ . What the General Chiwenga and fellow generals are doing is liberating the suffering people of Zimbabwe by removing Grace Mugabe and retiring Robert Mugabe gracefully.

The army needs our support and we say no to SADC, AU or foreign intervention. Zimbabweans are educated enough, able to keep the worlds eye on the developments through live posts, photos, articles and all social media including whatspp, facebook messenger and others. We must all readily share these as they happen and let the whole world know. Any attempts to derail our progress must be made public and the perpertrators handed over to the generals including the evidence as at the moment the military is in charge and there are no police operating in Zimbabwe yet we are peacefully operating. I can confirm that Police chief Chihuri, Zacc Gandawa and other G40 allies are now said to be in military custody,..Information is Power and newzimbabwevision stands firmly committed to keeping the public informed.

My memory of life at UZ is one of incessant struggles involving frequent running battles with the brutal riot police force and confrontation with security authorities sometimes running well into the night along teargas attacks by the police.

This typically made me a ‘person of interest’ to security forces, but at no time did I lose my passion or resolve to fight for the freedom from oppression by Mugabe, of all Zimbabweans Coloured, White, Black, any tribe, religion, creed or political orientation.

In 1994, I joined the Agricultural and Technical Extension Services (AGRITEX) and because of my fluency in Shona and Ndebele I was able to relocate to Bulawayo as Head Of Training and responsible for the Mass Media unit. My job entailed frequent nationwide travel throughout farming areas and liasing with the AGRITEX personnel in direct contact with the target group.

This meant being in charge and responsible for the recording of quality farming radio programmes on the ground and spending several hours a week at ZBC studios, airing the recorded material through seven radio programmes , namely 1) Nhau Dzevarimi, 2) Tinokushevedzai varimi, 3) Kuchengetedzwa kwezvipfuwo, 4) Izindaba Zabalimi, 5) Sibiza Abalimi 6) Ukugcinwa kwezifuyo on ZBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 channels, along with 7) Agritex farm Diary on Radio 1. I had a great team under me including Penney Lumley, the late Calvin Madlela, and politician Frank Chamunorwa.

Besides the radio programmes, I was also responsible for translating, writing and publishing information on pamphlets, posters and books for staff and farmer training nationwide. This was at a time when Zimbabwe was reeling from the impact of ESAP and the DRC war along with a dying economy.

I was well informed about the issues relating to Zimbabwe’s land crisis and the farming issues and foresaw the eventual , disastrous war veteran led white farmer eviction campaign of 2000 onwards.

This was my cue to leave, so, after a two year stint in AGRITEX, I felt fully exposed to reality on the ground, and stifled at the same time as I had more to say than the system would allow me to put out.

I then joined a Non Governmental Organisation, (NGO) named Popular Education Collective (PEC), where, as head of the Outreach department, I was responsible for writing and editing information on good governance, democracy, human rights, voting, transparency and accountability and numerous other titles, some which are featured below. It was a hugely enriching experience that gave me nationwide travel to all remote corners of Zimbabwe and typically the same target group as in AGRITEX, so it was a smooth transition.

There were major variances which included the provision of libraries at coops and project groups, mainly stocked with our publications, designed to provide information that would leave readers in a position to make more informed decisions about issues such as good governance, democracy, human rights, voting, transparency and accountability which directly change their lives for the better.

One of the areas that I was involved in under PEC was liaising with the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) in producing a full report, shown below for June 24 and June 25 Elections in the year 2000. This had been the first election in which the original Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) established in 1999, had participated in with massive support. It was also the clearest indication that Mugabe was not prepared to let go of the country and would fight tooth and nail to hold onto power.

Having enjoyed access to the rural folk, in Zimbabwe,who are Mugabe’s Zanu PF stronghold, through Agritex publications, training and radio and later the Non Governmental Organisation, (NGO) named Popular Education Collective (PEC) work through publications and training on good governance, democracy, human rights, voting, transparency and accountability, it was inevitable that, with 25 years under my belt, fighting corruption, I would unleash a wave of absolute defiance to oppression across Social media platforms and further fight for the ordinary person’s plight in Zimbabwe.

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University of Zimbabwe suspends examinations after protests against Grace Mugabe three month doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree three years ago.

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THE University of Zimbabwe (UZ) was yesterday forced to suspend examinations mid-stream after students demonstrated demanding that vice-chancellor Levi Nyagura explain the circumstances under which First Lady Grace Mugabe obtained her doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree three years ago.
The institution came under intense criticism following Grace’s graduation in 2014 amid claims that the university had been coerced to award her the degree by President Robert Mugabe. The university has kept her thesis a closely-guarded secret.
The revolt by the students came just a day after the ruling Zanu PF recalled Mugabe and expelled his wife from the party.
In a notice to students, authorities said the examinations had been deferred to the period January 8 to 24, 2018.
Grace was awarded a PhD in sociology three months after enrolment in what critics said was a “jealousy” move to equal then Vice-President Joice Mujuru who was also capped at the same time with her.
Yesterday, the UZ reportedly threatened to engage the Zimbabwe Defence Forces as invigilators for the suspended examinations as students vowed that they would only resume after Mugabe has resigned as chancellor of the university.
UZ Student Representative Council (SRC) president Tawanda Vhudzijena told journalists that the institution had given them two options, to write the examinations under the watchful eye of the military or defer everything to next year.
“We met with the university administration and we have been given two options, which are to write the exams under the supervision of the military or have them deferred to next year, but our position is firm, that until President Mugabe steps down, we will not write examinations, “ Vhudzijena said.
Mugabe, in power since majority rule from Britain 37 years ago, has found his grip on power slipping away after the military took charge last week to “pacify a degenerating political situation”.
Vhudzijena applauded the military action that has left Mugabe, Grace and some of his top aides under house arrest while others have been detained in barracks.
Zimbabwe National Students’ Union secretary-general Makomborero Haruzivishe said efforts were underway to mobilise all tertiary students across the nation to march against Mugabe today. source-newsday

ROBERT Mugabe has called for a cabinet meeting tomorrow at statehouse offices after being thrown out by his own party Zanu PF and having failed to publicly resign as President of Zimbabwe

ROBERT Mugabe has called for a cabinet meeting tomorrow at statehouse offices after being thrown out by his own party Zanu PF and having failed to publicly resign as President of Zimbabwe before the 12:00 deadline today, Monday 21 November 2017.
The stubborn Mugabe is standing his ground under massive pressure and instead called a cabinet meeting for tomorrow at the State House offices, rather than the traditional Munhumutapa Building Harare.
Zanu-PF party officials are confident that it will take two days to impeach the deposed President of Zimbabwe.
Paul Mangwana, the Zanu-PF party’s deputy secretary for legal affairs, said that a special impeachment committee will be set up on Tuesday and oust Mugabe by Wednesday emphasising that Mugabe crossed the line by “allowing his wife to usurp government powers” and that the 93-year-old despot is unable carry on due to his advanced age. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Paul Mangwana

As your Defence and Security Services, we are heartened by your display of composure, order and discipline during various marches which occurred at the weekend without any public violence.

General-Chiwenga (2)

As your Defence and Security Services, we are heartened by your display of composure, order and discipline during various marches which occurred at the weekend without any public violence.

Meetings with His Excellency, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe have gone on in an atmosphere of mutual respect and several guarantees have been made. As your Defence and Security Services, we remain seized with the operation code named “Operation Restore Legacy”. We are confident to take our beloved country out of its present circumstances and set it on the desired development trajectory.

Following the address to the Nation by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces last night, we have made further consultations with the President to agree on a Roadmap on the prevailing situation in the country.

The Zimbabwe Defence and Security Services are encouraged by the new developments which include contact between the President and the former Vice President, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, who is expected in the country shortly. Thereafter, the nation will be advised on the outcome of talks between the two. In the meantime, His Excellency and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde R.G. Mugabe has started processes towards a definitive solution and roadmap for the country.
As this happens, we as the Zimbabwe Defence and Security Services urge Zimbabweans to remain calm and patient, fully observing and respecting the laws of the country for the sustenance of the precious peace we should never lose.

The Zimbabwe Defence and Security Services further urge other political players, including members of the Ruling Zanu PF, the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle, Opposition Groups, Students, and generality of our people to refrain from any actions or activities that would threaten the peace, life and property. Students at the country’s various institutions, are encouraged to be calm and to proceed with their educational programmes as scheduled. THEY NEED TO REMEMBER THAT ONE DAY OF EDUCATION LOST IS DIFFICULT TO RECOVER.

Zanu pf chief whip has been mandated by Zanu pf to proceed with impeachment proceedings against despot President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, after he resisted calls to step down


The Zanu pf chief whip  has been mandated by Zanu pf to proceed with impeachment proceedings against  despot President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, after he resisted calls to step down by the set deadline of midday on Monday 20 November 2017.

The 93 year old Robert Mugabe has been  formally advised of his dismissal from his post of Zanu pf leader by the party’s Central Committee yesterday.

Impeachment will commence on Tuesday, and the 93-year-old Robert  Mugabe could be gone by Wednesda 22 November 2017.

The main charge laid against Mugabe is that of  “allowing his wife  First lady Grace Mugabe to usurp government powers”  followed bgy the fact that  Mugabe is too old and cannot even walk unaided.

The ruling party ZANU-PF will need the backing of the MDC opposition to meet the quorum requirement votes in parliament therefore it will have to be a team effort by the ruling and opposition party members. Mugabe must go! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

‘MaZimBOBweans -iwe neni tinebasa, handiende!’


Zimbabweans have been shattered by Mugabes refusal to step down last night and have their hopes pinned on Mugabe resigning today by 12:00 hrs or being impeached by parliament. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.


Mugabe’s address to the nation is simply another long , winding rambling speech with no resignation and all Zimbabweans are disappointed, that short of being impeached he is standing firm!


Fellow Zimbabweans i address you tonight on the back of a meeting I held with the security elements command, mediated by Father Fidelis Mukonori, arising from the state of affairs in the country. Whatever the pros and cons, I as president of Zimbabwe acknowledge that issues raised by the generals that they were raised out of honesty and deep honesty and love of Zimbabwe by our generals.

Todays discussions have underscored returning the nation to perfect peace and security and ensure law and order prevails and prosperity returns to the nation. Our state of peace, law and order amply indicate that we Zimbabweans are a peaceful nation who resolve things with a level of dignity and restraint not found in other nations, a veritable resource we summon and draw upon in times of vicissitudes. The operation was not a challenge to my command as president and commander in chief and Im happy the pillars of state remained functional throughout the issues and happy with the comradeship that held forth within our security system.

Gvt remains committed to improving social and material conditions of the people and will soon unveil gainful projects for the people.

Veterans of the struggle may have found issues of the struggle, wanting and needing attention. Their war contribution, exacted lifelong costs, hardly repayable. In respect of the party and party issues raised by the security commanders they had to be attended to with a great sense of urgency.

The way forward has to be a net return to the guiding principles of our struggle’ The era of victimisation and arbitrary decisions must be put behind as we embrace a new ethos of camaraderie.

Zanu Pf is a party of traditions served by generations held together by values which must continue within our old established players and new players through a well defined sense of hierachy and succession to all be discussed and settled at the forth coming congress to address all issues that have affected our party negatively.

I will preside over the congress in a few weeks time in December and I conclude this address well aware of issues that might have been triggered in some quarters and such developments are understandable and we cannot be guided by anything that doesn’t make us better members or Zimbabweans.

We must learn to resolve and forgive issues in a Zimbabwean manner, let us all move forward reminding each other of our war time mantra, Iwe neni tinebasa. I thank you and good nite, tatenda, Asante, Siyabonga!

He was expected to give his resignation but as usual he only gave a long winding speech and has yet again left the nation waiting as its obvious that the next phase which is if he didnt resign by 12:00 tomorrow, he will be impeached. Now we wait as he has been deposed but is still president till resignation and in typical Mugabe spirit he refuses to resign with the party, military and people power calling for him to move out. He continues to hold the nation hostage and will not be pushed out as he is even talking about over seeing the 17th Zanu pf annual congress! He has not resigned as expected! Grace Mugabe was nowhere in sight and the military generals were surrounding Mugabe moving papers and the microphone to help him but the resignation was not given and Mugabe as stated will be presiding over the congress and now we wait for the impeachment by parliament on Tuesday if he misses the set deadline by midday tommorrow.

Nick Mangawana the UK Zanu pf Chairperson says he is disappointed as developments show that we are heading for impeachment and will be dragged through embarrassing issues as he only holds office and has no authority over anyone because zanu pf have fired him.

He is dreaming about presiding over December conference as he has been fired by the party and impeachment will be based upon a committee that will investigate all allegations by the end of the week and then report back so impeachment can be concluded.

Nick Mangana went on to say that Mugabe will be 94 in three months and I as Zanu PF UK chair Im extremely angry that he has not resigned in a dignified manner . Mugabe’s idea of taking the country to the grave is wrong and he gives this idea that he is going to reform issues in the party, which we know he created.

Mangwana said Zanu pf through provinces, the people and politburo expressed the desire for him to go and what Mugabe has just done is unfortunate as he only listens to himself. Mugabe doesnt actually believe the military take over is a threat to his position but impeachment will begin swiftly as all including zanu PF and opposition want Mugabe to go! It is suspicious that the SADC Troika will be held on Tuesday by SADC heads and Mugabe is playing for time, not resigning. We now need a clear way forward from the military generals who were around Mugabe during his address. Its now up to the people of Zimbabwe to shut down the nation and protest peacefully like they did yesterday , protest in mass and force Mugabe out with numbers and people power.

These generals are the securocrats in what many say was the actual coup protected Mugabe when he lost the 2008 elections and re instated Mugabe and cheated Tsvangirai who had won. The nation is now confused but accepts that Mugabe is a stubborn man who wants to die in office and will fight to the end.

newzimbabwevision is of the opinion that we are where we were in 2008, when Mugabe lost elections to Tsvangirai, and he stood his ground in office and witheld election results for several months and eventually was announced as the winnner. He is dragging again and will lean towards SADC and AU to reestablish his control and hold over the Zanu pf party and nation given enough rope length,..this is bad!….More news to follow.
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

BREAKING NEWS. President Robert Mugabe has reportedly agreed to the Army generals request for him to step down after this morning’s removal of him and his wife Grace Mugabe from Zanu pf


BREAKING NEWS. President Robert Mugabe has reportedly agreed to the Army generals request for him to step down after this morning’s removal of him and his wife Grace Mugabe from Zanu pf and elevation of fired VP Emmerson Mnangagwa .

Mugabe is reportedly currently working on his resignation speech and will be announcing it on National TV., ZBC shortly. More to follow…By Sibusiso Ngwenya

The troubled President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is reported to be on a hunger strike in protest against his military arrest at his blue roof masion in Borrowdale.

The troubled President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is reported to be on a hunger strike in protest against his military arrest at his blue roof masion in Borrowdale.
The despot is said to have refused to have any food since Saturday 18 th November 2017′
His nephew Minister Patrick Zhuwao told South Africa radio while in hiding there that his uncle President Robert Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe were “willing to die for what is correct.”
It is also reported that contrary to reports that Grace Mugabe had fled to Namibia, she infact is holed up under military arrest like her husband president Robert Mugabe at the blue roof mansion.
The hunger strike if genuine is another of Mugabe’s attempts to upset attempts to remove him as he feels betrayed by his longterm ally and deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa and he will use this as leverage to attempt to draw in foreign assistance from AU and SADC on the grounds that his human rights are being trampled upon
At the moment SADC and AU cannot involve themselves because the generals have refused to call it a coup, and the people of Zimbabe are at peace and with their army while at the same time also clearly not wanting anything to do with foreign intervention such as AU, SADC, the West and other because they were neglected for 18 years while they pleaded for help and this time they are going it alone without outside help but simply on the same side with the military. More news to follow.
The Discerning eye new zimbabwe vision says if he continues with a hunger strike, what exactly is the problem as he for the last 20 years has kept many Zimbabweans on a ‘road kill’ diet of mice,..its his choice as you shouldn’t force a man to eat. Zimbabweans are a democratic people, if the president doen’t want to eat, stop infringing upon his rights by forcing him to eat,…siyaso,..leave him alone! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

FIRST LADY GRACE MUGABE has destroyed two husbands in their professions, and destroyed their legacies, how scary!

Grace MugabePolitics
FIRST LADY GRACE MUGABE HAS DESTROYED TWO HUSBANDS IN THEIR PROFESSIONS, and destroyed their legacies, how scary! Remember at 21 she was Mugabe’s secretary and then married to Captain Goreraza who was given a diplomatic post in the East by Mugabe and ordered to leave the woman whom Mugabe was shagging at the age of 67. She went on to have two kids with her boss on the cabinet office carpet while the real First Lady Sally was lying on her death bed.
Grace Mugabe is the source of the current house arrest after her thirst for power led to the dismissal of VP Mnangagwa last week which then triggered the military coup and left her husband with little options of either sign that he is stepping down by 12:00 on Monday 20 th November or he will be impeached. Its simply jump or be pushed,..not much of a choice thanks to his 51 year old wife Gucci Grace!
After ruining her ex who wisely opted to keep his life and go to the East on a diplomatic posting and let Mugabe have the woman, she has again done what she knows best, after looting wealth and resources such as land, diamonds, mines, businesses, monopolising wealth and power, destroying Zimbabwe and even going to beat up an innocent young model Gabriella Engells in South Africa then escaping prosecution by invoking diplomatic immunity, she has genuinely ruined Mugabe’s legacy through her unchecked hunger for wealth and power and evil nature. What an interesting life she has led, and I hope she is still employable with her resume which includes, typist, home wrecker, man eater, nation destroyer, wealth and power monopoliser because she is now jobless  and not the Gucci Grace we all have come to know but now down to earth like the ordinary Zimbabwean in a destroyed economy who is on the streets, as a vegetable vendor, air time vendor, cross border trader or night worker, just like the rest of us jobless Zimbabweans in this economy, who are spread across the globe doing menial jobs that are not what we went to school for……Im just saying! DISCUSS! By Sibusiso ngwenya
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