Mayor Manyenyeni shuts down suggestions by Kasukuwere of urban tollgates saying toll money would be poorly accounted for.


Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has shot down suggestions by Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere to introduce urban tollgates, saying toll money would be poorly accounted for.
He advocated for a fuel levy to enable the city to refurbish the roads.

During a tour of the city’s roads recently, Minister Kasukuwere said Government was ready to support the city “in terms of new direction like tollgates.”

Mr Manyenyeni said the most visible application of the funds collected from tolls were “the toll gate structures themselves.””The manual toll gate set-up is outdated, e-tolls perhaps,” he said. “Labour intensive, cops and all. I prefer a Special Purpose Vehicle type of fund handled independently – far away from Government cronies.

“I would prefer a road infrastructure fund supported by international contractors paid for by fuel levy deducted at source to settle the road fund debts.

“Fuel levy is fairer – a couple of cents more per litre (in safe hands) we can refurbish our roads immediately. The fuel companies are willing to run with it from when I last checked early last year.”

Mr Manyenyeni said his experience with tollgates so far was disappointing. Herald

Amnesty International demands immediate and unconditional release of arrested #ThisFlag protest leader Evan Mawarire.

Patson Dzamara and Evan Mararira in New York UN September 2016

Amnesty International has called for the immediate and unconditional release of a Zimbabwean human rights campaigner and #ThisFlag protest leader Evan Mawarire.
Mr Mawarire, a pastor, was arrested on Monday for addressing a group of medical students protesting fee increases on the country’s largest campus. The demonstration turned violent.

He is charged with disorderly conduct in public and is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

Mawarire says he was simply praying with the students.

In a statement, Amnesty says the arrest shows that the protest leader continues to be targeted by a government bent on criminalising him for exercising his rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

In January this year, Mawarire was arrested and charged with subversion and “insulting the national flag of Zimbabwe.” He was later released on bail.

He is the Founder of the #ThisFlag movement and led several anti-government protests in 2016 against corruption and the declining economy. source-BBC

photo-(L) Patson Dzamara and (R) Evans Mawarire

PATSON DZAMARA speaks candidly about Mugabe’s Zanu pf lies over his brother Itai Dzamara’s disappearance.

The government is lying about Itai Dzamara Itai Dzamara. My attention was drawn to utterances which were recently made by the Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Obedingwa Mguni regarding what he alleged the government is doing about Itai Dzamara’s missing. Not only were his utterances misleading, they were blatantly disingenuous. Summarily, the following is the accurate picture regarding what happened and what is happening about Itai’s issue;
1. Searching Despite the fact that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of Zimbabwean citizens, the Mugabe led government was initially unwilling to investigate the disappearance of Itai Dzamara. It took an order by the High Court to compel the police to search for Itai. An investigation team led by the former CID boss, Assistant Commissioner Makedenge, comprising of representatives from all security arms, my family, and our lawyers was assembled. I represented my family on that team.
Even though the team carried out a few ‘investigation expeditions’, I was clear to the team that everything was a mere smoke screen. It is now over a year that the team has not met, neither is there any searching taking place as alleged by Minister Mguni. From our standpoint, there is no genuine search that ever happened or should have happened because all or some of the security departments actually know what happened to Itai Dzamara by virtue of their involvement in what we maintain was abduction.
2. Family As already highlighted, I represented my family on the so-called ‘investigation team’. My family wishes to categorically distance itself from utterances made by Minister Mguni. Despite having participated in the initial charade by virtue of me having been a part of the ‘investigation team’, we are not working with the police in the alleged search for Itai Dzamara, neither are they working with us. In fact, there is no searching that is taking place. It is a flagrant misrepresentation.
3. Responsibility From the onset, I have never minced my words regarding who is responsible for Itai’s abduction and subsequent absence. Itai’s abduction is the work of Mr. Mugabe’s government, masterminded and executed by the security agencies, particularly the military intelligence. They are responsible for Itai’s enforced disappearance. We demand that Mr. Mugabe and his government must account for Itai Dzamara.
4. Fate For as long as Mr. Mugabe and his government stonewall on this issue, despite our overtures to engage them, we continue to work with the assumption and hope that Itai is alive up to and until we have definite proof that he is not. We will not endorse this government’s attempts to unilaterally declare the issue closed and sweep it under the carpet. Mr. Mugabe and his government must stop their sordid gibberish. They must live up to their constitutional responsibilities and bring Itai back to us. Patson Dzamara

picture: An iconic image of Itai Dzamara lying unconscious after a heavy assault by riot police for his defiance to oppressive authority in Africa Unity Square.

Moyo is warned ‘Officials attacking Command Agriculture won’t be tolerated and must stop’ by General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga


THE behaviour by Government officials who attack State programmes like Command Agriculture can no longer be tolerated and must stop, the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga said yesterday.

In an exclusive interview with our Harare Bureau in Harare, Gen Chiwenga – in apparent reference to Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, and his Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment counterpart Patrick Zhuwao who have been attacking Command Agriculture – said the security services were fully aware of the forces sponsoring the spirited attacks.

Prof Moyo has been on a campaign against Command Agriculture which he derided as “Ugly-Culture” equating reports of its success as ”Command Lies” while Minister Zhuwao vented against Zimpapers accusing the Group’s titles of promoting Command Agriculture at the expense of Zim-Asset. This is despite the fact that Command Agriculture falls under the Food and Nutrition Cluster of Zim-Asset.

At the two Presidential Youth Interface Rallies he addressed in Marondera and Mutare recently, President Mugabe hailed the success of Command Agriculture amid indications from Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Joseph Made that the programme would exceed the projected yields.

Gen Chiwenga said of all Government interventions to promote food production since the launch of the fast-track land reform programme at the turn of the millennium among them Operation Maguta and the various phases of the Farm Mechanisation Programme, Command Agriculture had been the most successful in moving the Zimbabwe to national food self-sufficiency.

“So we ask the question: who is saying this is a bad programme? A programme which has been spearheaded, approved by the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Head of State and Government, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“You go and say no that is not right? He (President Mugabe) pronounced himself in Marondera when he was addressing the youth. He pronounced the same thing in Manicaland.

“And you say no, this is now bringing Communism … some of these people, they have farmed 80 hectares with inputs – seeds, fertilisers – from Command Agriculture, and they are talking of a bumper harvest.

“So these people who are talking against Command Agriculture, linking it to unthinkable things, they are no different from those in Sodom and Gomorrah; those homosexuals, where Lot’s wife was turned in a heap of salt,” Gen Chiwenga said.

He added that it was unthinkable during the liberation struggle for senior officials to leak private discussions held by the leadership for their own selfish ends.

“We have fought a bitter armed struggle and we have never seen it that whatever was discussed at the High Command was leaked to the cadres. What was discussed at the Central Committee of the party was respected and they would tell the cadres what they need to know.

“They could argue and no one would ever talk. We were in the front. We would meet the commanders and sometimes disagree on strategy but it would never reach the ears of the fighters.”Even those who were there to record what was being discussed would never open their mouths.

“Now before a meeting is complete we already see it on Twitter. What is that? Discipline has been completely lost. Now it shows when individuals come and say I will destroy, not only the party, but the entire system from inside.

“The papers are there for everyone to read. We say enough is enough. This nonsense can no longer be tolerated at all. People have perished because of this land. They died for the land.”

Gen Chiwenga went on: “You think you can divide people, to divide and rule, and bring confusion to the people.

“No, it doesn’t work like that.

“This spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, of homosexuals should go back where it came from …

“And this programme (Command Agriculture) we will support it,  and support our Commander-in-Chief. It must continue until the end.”

Gen Chiwenga said over and above his right as a citizen to speak on such issues, the military was part of Command Agriculture’s implementation by virtue of Air Marshal Perrance Shiri’s vice-chairmanship of a subcommittee involved in steering the policy.

And then again apparently reverting to Prof Moyo’s recalcitrant behaviour, Gen Chiwenga said: “This guy who is vomiting that nonsense, didn’t he get support from Command Agriculture? He has some other forces behind him. Hasn’t he written in his books that he is going to destroy from within?

“We read. We are all educated. We read. He has said that. Everyone must see. He rebelled before. Not once. He rebelled when we were in the struggle, he ran away. When he was here he did all his nonsense, his column in the Financial Gazette.

“And in his book, when he was teaching, in his commentary on why he went to America — we know. When he left and went independent, was he repentant? And we know now that the tweeting is coming from Baba Jukwa and company; we know that.

“But I think he has got to where we wanted him to. Let me leave it at that,” Gen Chiwenga said. chronicle

Former RBZ Governor Dr Gideon Gono appointed board chairperson Special Economic Zones Authority Board.


Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono has been appointed board chairperson for the newly established Special Economic Zones Authority Board announced today.
The much awaited operationalisation of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) is now ready to take off  following the appointment of a board that will oversee the operations  of the initiative.

Mooted in 2016, Special Economic Zones are targeted to  improve investor appetite into the country as it provides  favourable and special incentives towards their investment  providing the perfect conduit and reason for them to set up shop in the country.

Announcing the new board in the capital today, the Minister of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Dr  Obert Mpofu outlined the key expectations, among them that the board should prioritise the ease of doing business.Part of the delays in implementing the Special Economic Zones was due to the absence of a board, which will now be working to establish a secretariat under the Special Economic Zones Authority to decide over all applications.

The newly appointed board chair Dr Gono has already hit the ground running by outlining some of their immediate areas of focus.

The country has identified three areas in Harare, Bulawayo, and Victoria Falls as pilot projects to undertake the Special Economic Zones programme.

Some of the proposed incentives for investors include  exemption from non-resident tax on fees of services that are not locally available, exemption from non-residents tax on  royalties and dividends, as well as tax holiday on capital equipment under the Special Economic Zones.source zbc

AIR ZIMBABWE REBRANDED TO ZIMBABWE AIRWAYS and leases four 777 PLANES from Malaysia Airlines

Air Zimbabwe  flight arriving (1)

Its surprising that Malaysia Airlines over the past few years had several tragedies including that of flights MH370 and MH17;Sibusiso Ngwenya's photo.Malaysia Airlines then retired their entire 777 fleet but today we are told that the cash strapped Air Zimbabwe under its Chief Operating Officer Simba Chikore who is Mugabe’s son inlaw, has rebranded to Zimbabwe Airways in a deal which lead to leasing four modern Boeing 777-200 planes from Malaysia Airlines….I shall not speak! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-(1) Air Zimbabwe and (2) Zimbabwe Airways

Simba Chikore rebrands ‘MAZARURA’ to Zimbabwe Airways and leases four Boeing 777-200 planes from Malaysia Airlines,

CASH-STRAPPED Air Zimbabwe has reportedly rebranded to Zimbabwe Airways after concluding a long-term lease deal, which will result in the delivery of four modern Boeing 777-200 planes from Malaysia Airlines, NewsDay has learned.
Pictures of the rebranded Zimbabwe Airways planes went viral on social media platforms yesterday.
The deal, according to sources at Air Zimbabwe, was signed by newly-appointed chief operating officer, Simba Chikore, as part of a fresh drive to beef up the national carrier’s fleet and increase its routes.
The national airline had reduced to domestic routes using the much-maligned Chinese made MA-60, an ageing 767-200 and refurbished Airbus A320.
“The project is being spearheaded by chief operating officer Chikore as the company forges ahead with restructuring. The planes, Boeing 777-200ER, are 12 years old Malaysian Airlines ex-fleet and four of them are expected soon,” the insider said.
Transport minister Joram Gumbo has in the past few weeks travelled to the Far East to negotiate and seal the deal.
Gumbo yesterday said he was out of Harare and had not yet been briefed on the development.
“I am outside of Harare at the moment. The board has not yet briefed me on that, check with the board,” he said.
AirZim board chairperson Chipo Dyanda was not reachable on her mobile phones and had not responded to text messages sent to her phone.
Gumbo has, in the past, urged the State to take over the airline’s $300 million debt to give it a clean start possibly under a new name.
The airline has over the past few years retrenched over 400 workers, but there were reports that it was still top-heavy and further cuts were imminent.
In the past four months, the airline had to rely on chartered planes to fly President Robert Mugabe on his international trips and routine medical check-ups in the Far East.
The European Union last month banned Air Zimbabwe from flying into the bloc, saying that their obsolete planes were now a security risk. Source – newsday

Rtd Clnl Mlotshwa, ex dep com 3 Brigade Mutare and security manager of late VP Landa John Nkomo has died at 70

Retired Colonel Eddie Sigoge Mlotshwa who is the former deputy commander of the 3 Brigade in Mutare and was security manager of companies belonging to the late Vice-President Landa John Nkomo has died. He was 70.
Rtd Col Sigoge died yesterday of an undisclosed ailment at around 5AM at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo.
His elder brother who declined to give his name told The Chronicle he was too junior to comment on Sigoge’s death.
“Wait for the elders. They will be coming from Harare,” he said.
Rtd Col Sigoge was among the golden class of combatants who had a telling influence on the outcome of the country’s war for liberation from white settlers.
He was from a special class of senior commanders Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) that included the likes of Retired Col Masala Sibanda, Enoch Tshangange (the late Retired Major-General Jevan Maseko), Ben Mathe (Retired Brigadier-General Tshile Nleya).
Rtd Col Sigoge was an astute master tactician who was always a thorn in the side of the Rhodesian armed forces.
He is credited with engineering numerous raids that sapped the enemy’s morale and willpower to continue fighting.
Retired Brigadier General Abel Mazinyane who visited the Sigoge family yesterday to pay his condolences said:
“I first met him in 1970 while we were training in Tanzania and his pseudonym was Cashious Moya. We went through training and when we moved to Zambia, he remained in Tanzania as an instructor,” said Rtd Col Mazinyane.
“In 1976 he opened training camps in Zambia and at one time he was chief of staff at our training camp. In 1978 he became the chief of training with other army commanders.”
Rtd Col Mazinyane said they had lost a dedicated cadre who went through a lot of struggles to bring about independence in Zimbabwe.
The Sigoge family said burial arrangements would be announced in due course.
Mourners are gathered at 70903 Lobengula West in Bulawayo.Thandeka Moyo, Chronicle

‘GWANDA man (22) allegedly harvested human head, scrotum and testicles from mentally ill, homeless man for US$25 000.’

A 22-YEAR-OLD Gwanda man who was allegedly found with a human head and male private parts last week, harvested them from a mentally ill, homeless man for suspected ritual purposes after being promised $25 000.
Sources yesterday said the suspect, Honest Moyo, sent a chilling message from his phone to a South African number, which read “Isitshebo sesi ready (The meat/relish is ready.”
In a disturbing video that is in the possession of The Chronicle and available on our website, Moyo nonchalantly explains how he cut the parts from the body of the man who was commonly known around Colleen Bawn as Mduna.
He speaks in a conversational tone with villagers who apprehended him on Thursday, seemingly unaware of the gravity of the offence.
“Ngimthole evele etshayiwe elimele efile mina ngasengithatha engikufunayo (I found him already dead and I took what I wanted),” he said.
Moyo allegedly told police he had met one Cosmas Zhou from Chiredzi at a bar who promised him $25 000 for the body parts.
Residents at Colleen Bawn Shopping Centre yesterday identified the victim only as Mduna and said he was well known in the town.
A vendor who spoke on condition of anonymity said when he started selling his wares at the shopping centre about three years ago, Mduna was already roaming Colleen Bawn shopping centre.
“Mduna has been wandering in this area for many years. He sometimes went to the dumpsite, where his body was found, to scavenge. He was a harmless character and no one knows where he originated from,” said the vendor.
He said he was surprised to hear about his death as he last saw him on Monday last week.
“He was always here. He seldom left this shopping centre. I was shocked to hear the news of his gruesome death,” he said.
A shopkeeper who also declined to be named said Moyo could have targeted Mduna because he knew no one would miss him.
“Mduna would sometimes disappear for days and no one looked for him. We always knew he would resurface. That young man is very evil. He has killed one of God’s harmless creatures,” said the shopkeeper.
A resident who only identified himself as Mr Ncube said Mduna was a quiet person who kept to himself.
“Although he seemed mentally challenged, he was not violent. He didn’t bother anyone and was a person who minded his own business,” she said.
Moyo allegedly killed Mduna on Tuesday last week and packed the head and scrotum that had two testicles in a bag and took them to his rural home in Garanyemba.
He denied having killed the man, saying he just “saw” the body at a dumpsite and decided to remove its head and testicles with a view to selling them.
The heinous act came to light when Moyo’s cousin, Mr Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu (19), visited him at his mother’s homestead on Thursday afternoon after hearing rumours that he was in possession of body parts.
Moyo’s mother, Ms Beauty Ndlovu, was not at home as she works at a farm in the Limpopo province of South Africa.
Mr Ndlovu budged into the kitchen and was greeted by the head on a bloodied sack and bolted out, alerting other villagers who effected a citizen’s arrest on Moyo.
On Friday, Moyo led police to a dumpsite in Colleen Bawn where he allegedly said he had left the mutilated body in a shallow grave.
Detectives recovered the headless body and conveyed it to Gwanda Provincial Hospital mortuary for postmortem.
National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment yesterday. Richard Muponde, chronicle

POLICE suspect ‘killer Jindu’ (26) may have killed a third victim after finding a blood soaked mat in his car

jindu (2)
POLICE in Bulawayo are reportedly investigating the possibility that suspected serial killer Rodney Tongai Jindu (26) may have killed a third person after finding a blood-soaked mat in his car.
Jindu, of Glengarry suburb, was arrested on February 3 this year for allegedly killing his neighbour Mboneli Joko Ncube (30) and childhood friend Cyprian Kudzurunga (28).
Detectives compiling evidence in the case allegedly found the mat when they seized Jindu’s Nissan Gloria sedan early this year.
A source said the incident was kept under wraps to avoid jeopardising investigations.
“Police are trying to determine if there is a third victim or if the blood belongs to one of the two known victims. Samples have been sent to Nust (National University of Science and Technology)’s Applied Genetic Testing Centre (AGTC) for DNA testing,” said the source
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango declined to comment saying it would be sub-judice as the issue was already in the courts.
Nust’s AGTC chairperson Mr Zephaniah Dhlamini confirmed that they had carried out tests of the blood that was found in Jindu’s car.
“It’s unethical to tell you the DNA results. We have done the tests and we are waiting for the police to collect them. Police are in a better position to tell you about the results,” said Mr Dhlamini.
Added the source: “Depending on the results, Jindu might face fresh murder charges. Police have recently discovered a blood-soaked mat in Jindu’s car and we are afraid that it can be Jindu’s third victim since he is suspected to be a serial killer.”
The source said the DNA findings might delay the kick off of Jindu’s case at the High Court.
On June 6, Jindu submitted an application for the release of his car which is in the hands of the State as an exhibit in court, saying that he wanted his mother, Ms Engelina Mawaro, to use it to bring him better food at Khami Remand Prison.
He said he cannot stand prison food and therefore required regular and better cooked meals from home.
On Friday last week, a Bulawayo High Court judge threw out Jindu’s application for bail pending trial, saying there was a real danger that he could commit more offences.
Justice Nicholas Mathonsi said it would be irresponsible for the court to “unleash” Jindu on a society that is “trembling” considering the allegations against him.
Jindu had made an application for bail stating that he wanted to be freed so that he could raise money to hire a strong defence team for his case.
In his judgment, Justice Mathonsi said since Jindu’s arrest there have not been reports of similar cases and that speaks volumes on its own.
“If there is a real possibility or danger that the administration of justice will be prejudiced if the accused person is admitted to bail or there is real danger that the accused person may commit more offences then the court must refuse bail,” ruled Justice Mathonsi.
Last month Jindu refused to confirm his statements, telling the magistrate that he did not write them freely and voluntarily.
Jindu was arrested for allegedly killing Kudzurunga of Queens Park East. Further investigations linked him to an earlier murder of Ncube on January 29. Cynthia Dube, Chronicle
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