MNANGAGWA’S NEPHEW also Mutasa’s nephew, the Norton MP Temba Mliswa says MDC T have kissed the 2018 elections goodbye because the youth are running away from MDC T

MNANGAGWA’S NEPHEW also Didymus Mutasa’s nephew, the Norton house of assembly member Temba Mliswa says MDC T have kissed the 2018 elections goodbye because the youth are running away from MDC T and joining the ruling party ZANU PF as MDC T called for sanctions instead of accelerating the economic recovery.
In his tweet, Mliswa tweeted, “MDC have kissed the 2018 election goodbye. Instead of asking for sanctions they should be asking for sanctions they should be asking for help to accelerate the economic recovery. They do not have anything to offer, no wonder why youths are running away to join ZANU PF.” More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Zanu PF President and First Sec Mnangagwa appoints new Politburo but delays announcing the party’s two vice presidents, saying he would do so in a few days.

23843588_2195104987383280_2966401312466723925_n (1)
In his closing the 17th Zanu pf Annual December Conference, Mnangagwa appointed a new politburo but delayed announcing the Zanu pf’s two new vice presidents saying he would do so in a few days.
Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri – National Chairperson, a position vacant since the party’s 2014 congress.
Obert Mpofu- Secretary for Administration replacing Mugabe’s expelled cousin Ignatius Chombo
Major General Engelbert Rugeje-Secretary for Commissariat, replacing Saviour Kasukuwere.
Marbel Chinomona replaces Dr Grace Mugabe as the Secretary for Women Affairs
Pupurai Togarepi – Secretary for Youth Affairs.
Paul Mangwana- Secretary for Legal Affairs
Patrick Chinamasa -Secretary for Finance
Lovemore Matuke -Secretary for Security.
Victor Matemadanda-Secretary for War Veterans, Ex-Political Detainees and Restrictees
Chris Mutsvangwa-Secretary for Science and Technology, a post one held by expelled Professor Jonathan Moyo.
Simon Khaya Moyo- Secretary for Information and Publicity, Joram Gumbo – Secretary for Education
Cleveria Chizema-Secretary for Health.
July Moyo – Secretary for Transport and Social Welfare
Munyaradzi Machacha now in Politburo as the Principal ofChitepo Ideogical College.
Rtd Major General Sibusisiso Moyo and Rtd Air Marshall Perrance Shiri have been appointed into the Zanu PF Politburo.
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

PICTURE: AFP-Mugabe spotted in Singapore with his entourage of eight people and family. This is the first time the deposed leader, despot Mugabe has been spotted in public.

PICTURE: AFP-MUGABE spotted in Singapore with his entourage of eight people and family. This is the first time the deposed leader, despot Mugabe has been spotted in public.
The despot was dressed in a top similar to his pre 80s Safari suit style before he changed into his executive suit, soon if we are lucky we may spot him in a pair of gumboots, tshirt and overalls while tending to his chickesn and playing with village kids in Zvimba.
What thoughts are going through his 52 year old billionaire wife former First lady mgfxGrace Mugabe. Its so sad that less than amonth ago she was patting her chest in front of cameras and saying, I’m the wife of a president, what do i want from Mnangagwa, who is he? Amazingly enough, a few days later, the tables had turned and Mnangagwa became the president and Robert Mugabe became the 93 year old disgraced former president, who is laughing?
Its such a shame that the despot is gone for good, apart from his brown nosing Professor Jonathan Moyo, who still wants to inflict hell upon Zimbabweans by calling Chiwenga’s soldier take over, a coupe and effectively legitimising Mugabe’s illegitimate regime.
What in your opinion is going through the mind of a sexually active, 52 year old former first lady Grace Mugabe , who has now been globally shamed and will never be president, is literally burdened with an almost 94 year old disgraced former President Robert Mugabe, considering how she walked out on her ex husband captain Goreraza, caused the death of other men like Peter Pamire who was shagging her at the same time with Mugabe and the fact that she was only twenty one and Mugabe’s secretary, married to Goreraza when she started shagging married Mugabe on the state house carpet while his wife Sally was on her death bed. She might be filthy rich, but she will not enjoy her life any longer as all her dirty history will follow to the grave and beyond,…DISCUSS! More news to follow, By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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‘Junta & Mnangagwa organising & overseeing free, fair & credible elections is the same as expecting Satan the Devil to organise & run the Church of God on behalf of Christians!’-Jon Moyo

newzimbabwevision says Professor Jonathan Moyo is the criminal element who is the power behind Mugabe. Lets all draw back to the liberation war before independance. Jonathan Moyo fled Zimbabwe to USA on a Zanu pf ticket, It is therefore interesting to note that after independance his father is allegedly one of those killed by Mugabes gukurahundi using Mugabe’s nephew Perrance Shiri a.k.a Bigboy samson Chikerema’s Fifth Brigade.
However the same Jonathan Moyo went on to now write anti Mugabe books and by the time I was at the University of Zimbabwe in the early 90s and he was a UZ lecturer, he had again jumped Ship and rejoined Zanu pf then over the last 17 years, he is clearly the man directly behind Zimbabwe’s suffering.
Think carefully Zimbabwe, remember the rural areas being shut down to activists and opposition campaigns, the destruction of the independant Media, torture, forced exiling and arbitrary arrests of journalists, draconian AIPPA and POSA , the Tsholotsho independance Declaration designed to remove Mugabe and replace him with Mnangagwa the gukurahundist, the Zanu pf campaign manifesto for the 2013 NIKUV ballot, G40 and Grace Mugabe’s attempts to usurp power from her 93 year old husband, the 70minute video presentation by Jonathan Moyo at the Zanu Pf Politburo about Mnangagwa’s corruption and how that led to Mnangagwa fleeing Zimbabwe for safety … do?
Now that its clear, Jonathan Moyo has used his education and knowledge to abuse Zimbabweans and destroy the motherland Zimbabwe for personal gain, Im sorry to say its clear that millions of Zimbabweans estimated at six million outside the country in exile, are there because of Jonathan Moyo’s deceitful nature. We were on the verge of civil war because of the Zanu pf factionalism with Jonathan Moyo backing Grace Mugabe.
No one in their right mind should shed a tear for this deceitful character who has abused us all these years. His biggest mistake was the knowledge that in his position he could make or break you because he was highly connected and indisposable to the system and therefore he thought he was untouchable but that was his downfall because all he was doing was building a profile that would eventually work against him and be his downfall. All Im saying Zimbabwe is that, he has to fall, his treachourous behaviour must be exposed globally and whereever he goes his record must precede him, so he must fall hard and never be allowed back up again.
It doesnt matter that he is talking sense. What matters is that he knew all along when he aided Mugabe to steal the 2008 vote from us, NIKUV and other issues, yet he chose to use his knowledge for selfish reasons instead of for bringing down the despot. SADC and AU which he calls for are equally deceitful despot clubs which no normal Zimbabwean wants to hear about. I fearlessly continue to say to all Zimbabweans, no one should listen to him, we suffered enough because of Jonathan Moyo’s deceit! He should come back and face corruption charges and account for the harm, torture, death, destruction, sufferring that he inflicted upon Zimbabweans of all ages across Zimbabwe.
Today we are where we are because of Jonathan Moyo and he seriously believes we should listen to him in his desperate attempts to legitimise Mugabe’s oppression of millions of suffering Zimbabweans. Now that he has fallen off the Zanu pf gravy train and cannot loot any more, is feeling in danger because of what he has done to Zimbabwe and knows that no one whether Zanu pf or opposition will ever trust him or give him any platform of relevance, he wants to cry victim,..who cares! Either he dies in exile or comes back to Zimbabwe and is jailed for all he has done, in point, where is the journalist cum activist, victim of AIPPA and POSA Itai Dzamara. His brother Patson Dzamara and all Zimbabweans want to know. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
READ ABOUT JONATHAN MOYO: Self-exiled former Zanu-PF spin doctor Professor Jonathan Moyo has said the Junta will pay at the polls for humiliating former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.
Moyo went on Twitter to state that in 2013 Zimbabwe adopted major anti-coup security sector reforms.
Read Moyo’s tweets below:
“Going by the Press Statements of General Chiwenga on 14 November & ED Mnangagwa on 21 November, the coup d’etat of 15 November was clearly in pursuit of a cause of Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction in Zanu PF & was thus unconstitutional under s208 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe!”
“Section 88 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe says Executive Authority is derived not from the gun but from the people at an election. Anything else is a coup & illegitimate. An illegitimate govt derived from the gun can’t organise legitimate & credible elections!”
“In 2013 Zimbabwe adopted major anti-coup security sector reforms under which ONLY the President can deploy the Defence Forces in or outside Zimbabwe as enshrined in s213 of the Constitution. Self-deployment of the Defence Forces as they did on 15 Nov is illegal!”
“As part of the major security sector reforms of 2013 now enshrined in s214 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the deployment of the Defence Forces which can ONLY be done by the President requires political accountability which can ONLY be done through Parliament! “
“Purporting to target “criminals” around President Mugabe, the Junta & Mnangagwa violated two constitutions; Zanu PF’s & Zim’s to steal President Mugabe’s electoral mandate, humiliate him & tarnish his legacy. The Junta will pay at the polls for humiliating President Mugabe!”
“With the architects of Gukurahundi leading the 15 November coup d’etat, there were gross & horrendous but still undocumented human rights violations including Military attacks on individuals & looting of homes; illegal arrests & detentions; torture & murder!”
“The great mass deception of Mnangagwa & the Junta is that the 15 November coup d’etat is against CORRUPTION, aimed at political opponents when the coup leaders & the Junta’s key Cabinet ministers are UN-documented diamond & gold looters in #Zimbabwe & the #DRC!”
“There’re two key questions for #Sadc, #AU & #UN about the deployment of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces on 15 Nov & the ALLEGED resignation of President Mugabe on 21 Nov: 1. Was the ZDF deployment constitutional? 2. Did President Mugabe voluntarily & freely resign? “
“To expect the same Junta & Mnangagwa who violently grabbed power through a coup d’etat on 15 November to organise & oversee free, fair & credible elections is the same as expecting Satan the Devil to organise & run the Church of God on behalf of Christians!”
“Given what has happened since the coup d’etat of 15 November 2017, the only way forward is for #Sadc, #AU & #UN to #CuretheCoup by restoring constitutional legitimacy through a civilian national transitional structure to oversee free, fair & credible elections! ” Source – Byo24News

Mnangagwa warns, he has a list of people who externalised cash and will name and shame all who don’t return it by March 2018

The ZANU-PF First Secretary and Pesident Emmerson Mnangagwa, in an address to the Zanu pf Central Committee meeting, at the party headquarters in Harare today warned that , he has a list of people who externalised cash and will name and shame all who don’t return it by March 2018.
Mnangagwa promised zero tolerance on corruption to be endorsed by the central committee at the Zanu pf annual December conference.
The public lack of confidence in Zimbabwe’s economy by Zimbabweans is demonstrated by the fact that it is reported
that we have up to US$1 billion held offshore by Zimbabweans.
This is certainly the funniest of all promises. What impact does naming and shaming any individual have. These are generally hardened criminals who looted Zimbabwe’s wealth with Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Mugabe family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, so why even bother telling the people that he holds a list,..use it, arrest them and yourself and Mugabe and then we will believe your false promises when they start to fall and the billions looted come back to motherland and are used in Service delivery, education, employment, housing, health care, electricity, water, roads and other areas that improve the welfare of the people.
In my view, no1 on the list should be the US$15 billion thief whose farms, mines, houses, in SA, Far east, Zimbabwe and cash stashed away in off shore accounts and relatives accounts should be grabbed back. Fine you gave him US$1o million handshake,..don’t touch that, take everything else back, prosecute him for all the loot, then when he is free from lets say after a 10 year sentence less four for good behaviour, release him at 100 yrs of age and let him enjoy his US$10 million golden handshake.
In fact Mnangagwa’s list should include those behind Itai Dzamara’s disappearance, his whereabouts and welfare, list of all those involved in gukurahundi, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa and commercial farmer muders, whether in office or soldiers on the ground because we all know Mnangagwa has always shielded them from prosecution… that would be fair in my opinion!
It is funny that Zimbabweans now believe that this man, Mnangagwa, who says Mugabe is like a father, a mentor and someone he will always consult can actually build Zimbabwe for the people. For the fun of it lets not say who stole the US$15 billion,..ha ha! Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) mgt sent on forced leave with full benefits from Dec 13, 2017 to Jan 31, 2018 while the Auditor-General facilitates a forensic audit into Zimdef corruption

The week of the 17th annual Zanu pf December conference is turning out to be a week of interesting developments with 39 houses destroyed in Arcadia by Harare city council, Zanu pf supporters ordered off farms by Perrance Shiri, Zimbabweans warned by Major General Sibusiso Moyo over speaking out about the military scams, along with other developments and now Zimdef has sent six top management including the CEO  Fredrick Mandizvidza on forced leave .
The six affected are chief executive officer Fredrick Mandizvidza and top management including principal finance director and administrator Nicholas Mapute, the Human Resources manager Mr Ignatius Noah Kajengo, the corporate legal secretary Mr Servious Kufandada, the chief accountant Ms Ropafadzo Mukamba and the senior revenue manager Mr James Gombarago to allow investigations to be conducted at Zimdef.
This has been confirmed by the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Amon Murwira who says in terms of section 48 (2)(b) of the Manpower Planning and Development Act (Chapter 28:02) the chief executive officer Mr Fredrick Mandizvidza has been sent on forced leave together with the principal director finance and administration, the Human Resources manager, the senior revenue manager, the corporate legal secretary and the chief accountant. 
This was according to Zimdef is that the CEO along with the affected managers have not been suspended at all, but only sent on forced leave with full benefits from December 13, 2017 to January 31, 2018 while the Auditor-General facilitates a forensic audit into Zimdef corruption reportedly involving the political prostitute former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and his then deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa.
The deceitful, Prof Moyo allegedly stole over US$400 000 from Zimdef with his then deputy Dr Gandawa through shelf companies and Dr Gandawa’s personal account. 
The big one is yet to be made but you can already see from the military might, militarisation of the cabinet, a larger Presidential office budget and warnings from the Foreign affairs and international trade minister Maj Gen Sibusiso Moyo that the worst is yet to come. To the discerning eye newzimbabwevision, it is most likely to be that Gen Chiwenga is your new Vice President for Zimbabwe, a long term reward from mnangagwa for his removal of Mugabe and installation of Mnangagwa as the President, dewstruction of the G40 ‘gucci Grace Mugabe’ faction and all his faithful support for Zanu pf from the liberation war, through gukurahundi, murambatsvina, chiadzwa, white commercial farm invasions and all attrocities against the people of Zimbabwe. Its only obvious who the vice president  will be and that will cement Mnangagwa’s power even more firmly than Mugabe..hokoyo,..wake up Zimbabwe! Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all fall in the 2018 ballot. We cannot accept a militarised state. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

MDC-T official Hwende says seven armed soldiers heavily assaulted four opposition supporters and displaced 150 people at Rasmis/Chingford farm in Seluos near Norton Zimbabwe.

An MDC-T official Chalton Hwende has reportedly said that a group of seven armed Zimbabwe Defence Forces soldiers heavily assaulted four opposition supporters . It is said that approximately one hundred and fifty people were temporarily displaced at the Rasmis/Chingford farm in Seluos near Norton Zimbabwe.
The victims according to Hwende have reported their case at Selous Police station where statements were recorded while the injured group proceeded to Hospital.
Hwended said “Their crime was a week ago MDC aspiring candidate for Norton Member of Parliament Mr Matemera assisted about 140 people to get IDs and they all managed to register to vote. Matemera visited the farm to asses the progress of voter registration.
In response the farm Manager Mr Chatima brought 7 Armed Soldiers who assaulted everyone at the farm. Farm manager Chatima is currently at Selous Police station where a statement is being recorded, according to Hwende.
Hwende issued a statement to say “We reiterate that if the soldiers are not back to their Baracks by Wednesday, a series of action will be held all over cities in Zimbabwe.”
I can only say, with President Mnangagwa militarising the cabinet, enlarging the Presidential office budget while reducing the Health allocation, Generals now Ministers and soldiers out everywhere, it is obvious what we have ahead , horror at the hands of a Zanu pf led military state. What has happened at Rasmis/Chingford farm Seluos near Norton is a scary revelation of the future under soldiers. We cannot sit back and legitimise this regime of cruel generals and Mnangagwa after the whole exercise of removing Mnangagwa.
Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go! Soldiers must all return to barracks and the nation must be returned to the people, the real owners of the motherland Zimbabwe. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Moyo says its shocking that opposition expect Mnangagwa to reverse 37 years of damage by Mugabe in two weeks.

Sibusiso-Moyo (1)
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Sibusiso Moyo says its shocking that Zimbabwe’s opposition expect the new Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa to reverse 37 years of damage in two weeks.
He said this after MDC-Alliance members Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and activists Dewa Mavhinga and Peter Godwin on Tuesday went before the US senate foreign relations committee and called for the US government to maintain sanctions over Zimbabwe.
The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Sibusiso Moyo said it was shocking to watch Tendai Biti, Dewa Mavhinga and Peter Godwin take turns before the USA senate foreign relations committee just hours after the Minister had met the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe, H.E. Mr Harry K. Thomas Jnr in his office, to map out-re engagement that will benefit both nations.
The minister asked how could any serious futureZimbabwe leader call for ZIDERA to remains in place as US sanctions against Zimbabwe were ruinous, cause little discomfort to the political elite and the well-off, but great suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.
Minister Moyo said disagreements must be resolved internally without inviting punitive measures by strangers on our Zimbabwean citizens by creating “alternative truths” in order to gain political advantage as opposition.
He said Zimbabwe will conduct peaceful elections in 2018 guided by Sadc principles and African Union recommendations and leadership changes will be settled by the ballot box not foreign intervention that further harms the country.
Minister Moyo said that it is within every Zimbabwean’s right to canvass for political changes of their choice, but it must be be achieved without destroying the benefits of the new political dispensation therefore every Zimbabwean must guard against any threats to the peace and stability of our motherland Zimbabwe.
newzimbabwevision says these people after the peaceful removal of Mugabe, and a golden handshake, militarisation of the state, are calmly drawing international attention with a view to reengage the international community and attract investment and kick start the economy.
I say without necessary electoral reforms which were long signed up to by GNU principals and endorsed by SADC, then blocked by the same Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, Mnangagwa a graduate of the Mugabe school of torture, murder, oppression, unaccountable, illegitimate government, the calls by Moyo make sense but we need to demilitarise the cabinet and remove people like him and Perrance Shiri from cabinet, cut down the President Office budget allocation and redirect that to health and Child welfare first.
We need to remove draconian laws such as AIPPA and POSA, open up rural areas to opposition and activist voter campaigns, encourage greater BVR registration, allow diaspora votes at embassies and bring in the UN to monitor the elections.
We cannot sit back and expect the same SADC and AU who at a time when Zimbabweans needed them, failed us and instead promoted Mugabe to head both organisations, typically celebrating our suffering under the deposed leader. we kept them out when we along with the soldiers removed Mugabe and should never allow SADC or AU involvement as they are simply a waste of space, nothing more than a buch of dictators.
If you are Zimbabwean and fail to realise that Gen Sibusiso Moyo is actually part of the reason why Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe over 37years.with the help of these soldiers. His successor President Mnangagwa was Minister of State Security and Justice Minister during all crimes against Humanity including gukurahundi, Chiadzwa, Murambatsvina and all political eliminations of opposition, activists, Zanu pf and opposition.
Mnangagwa single handedly protected all criminals from prosecution and stopped them being haulec to the Hague by the ICC. He has all the information about each crime, pepetrators, proceeds and where they can be located but here we are thinking removing Mugabe and replacing him with his own interns will change Zimbabwe….really?
Shiri was a key Gukurahundi figure as the then head of the brutal Shona tribalist Fifth Brigade behind the gukurahundi slaughter of 20, 000 Ndebeles from Midlands and Matebeleland.
Gen Chiwenga was in charge of a Brigade in Bulawayo and key to Gukurahundi as all Matebeleland raids by the Fifth Brigade depended on logistics support from him.
Mnangagwa being State security minister and head of tge brutal CIO which was key in the gukurahundi slaughter.
Perrance Shiri a.k.a . Bigboy Samson Chikerema is Mugabes nephew from Zvimba. Remember Chikeremas are Mugabes family on his mother Mbuya Bona’s side.
Soldiers were the powerhouse behind Mugabe iin all his oppression of the masses. Today we sut pretending that the Minister of Foreign affairs and Trade Gen Sibusiso Moyo is a registered wanted criminal in minerals after his involvement in diamond looting in the DRC war.
Leat you forget Mnangagwa, Shiri Moyo and other military figures looted tge DRC and made millions before being behind the militarisation of Chidzwa diamond fields. Remember two helicopter gunships mowed down 140 people, unarmed innocent diamond prospectors in broad day light. They were all slaughtered by these military helicopters in broad daylight and for all these crimes by these filthy rich securocrats no one has ever been arrested for Murambatsvina, gukurahundi, Chiadzwa and other crimes against humanity but instead for all suffering they inflicted upon Zimbabweans they are rewarded with cabinet posts…hmmn!
To the Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, Sibusiso Moyo is already displaying the same oppressive mentality we alwags fought against from Mugabe who always went out of his way to intervene in peoples freedom of expression by claiming the three Opposition figures who appeared before the US senate were wrong in asking for the sanctions regime to be kept in place.
While I accept sanctions are tough on people, wake up Zimbabwe and realise Mugabe has gone and these criminals are panicking because they know people power can change things hence the threats to those who spread news across media.
They know that people like me Smiler the voice of the voiceless will never be cowed into silence. I will always speak out against oppressive authority and all injustices that are inflicted upon the people. All that they are saying in my view was maintain your hold over this regime by using sanctions to force change that will bringprogress, development and free the nation from military rule.
If you sit and allow military rule today, will suffer worse than under Mugabe eventually. Get them all out in the 2018 ballot.
As soon as Moyo starts barking like Mugabe we all suddenly remember the suffering that these Generals brought upon us as they protected Mugabe’s oppression of the people over 37 years. The most recent event which most people to date are not aware of is that in the 2008 elections, Mugabe clearly lost the election and was ready to step down easily unlike his end in 2017, but the Generals rushed to statehouse and Didymus Mutasa drove all night from Manicaland to stop Mugabe from stepping down and thats why Mugabe with held election results for several months. These generals are behind stealing the people’s vote in 2008.
Furthermore President Mnangagwa, Generals, Zanu pf stalwarts, Mujuru, Mliswa, Mutasa, Jabulani are all people who falsely claim today that Mugabe messed up over thirty seven years…hmmn. He only managed this because they shielded him in order to enrich themselves and now they are in panic that the people are united and ready to reclaim ownership of the motherland .
Don’t forget that they were all partisan to bringing weapons by a Chinese cargo ship that included 77 tonnes of small arms,over 3m rounds of ammunition, AK47 assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades to Zimbabwe Defence Forces. has docked in the South African port of Durban for transportation of the weapons to Zimbabwe.
The carrier is listed as the Cosco shipping company in China.
South Africa’s national conventional arms control committee issued a permit for the trans-shipment of the deadly weapons consignment from Durban South Africa to Harare Zimbabwe.
However, fortunately Port workers in Durban refused to unload the ship cargo,and members in the truck-driving sector also stood their ground saying they would not move the cargo by road to Zimbabwe. The ship was forced to sail around several African shipping Ports but met resistance at each point with Port workers in each country refusing to offload the weapons consignment, in solidarity with Zimbabweans on the brink of extinction at the hands of the brutal Mugabe and his Zanu pf regime.
China was the Zanu pf source of life, having provided military training and weapons for Zanla forces or the Zanu military wing during the liberation war. They went on to used the Chinese veto at the UN security council to block the Zimbabwe issue from being debated , arguing that Zimbabwe’s issues were a Zimbabwean issue and not international.
It is well known that this is the reason why the Chinese flooded Zimbabwe after that as Mugabe focused on his Look East policy
On this weapons consignment, it is the International community, who, knew how murderous Mugabe and his Zanu pf were and the fact that Mugabe wanted to use force to wrestle Tsvangirai out of power having lost the election and was prepared and capable of butchering his own people in order to maintain afirm grip on power, ballot or no ballot!
Based on this knowledge they all played a role in blocking the arms deal to stop Mugabe regime from denying Zimbabweans a free election of leaders of their choice. Zimbabweans were saved in the eleventh hour by the International community because Mugabe meant to butcher them, yet they still sing pasi nemhandu, pamberi neZanu pf, Mnangagwa woyeeee,…NONSENSE!
They were prepared just like in gukurahundi and Chiadzwa genocides to butcher Zimbabweans. Mugabe to be fair, never killed anyone or even slapped anyone. He might have been the man who gave the go ahead but its the generals who gave the oders, logistics and method of execution. Therefore removing Mugabe and replacing him with Mnangawa, whose sister’s son martin Rushwaya is the Permanant Secretary for Defence and a cabinet full of generals makes Zimbabweans the most educated fools if we sit back and fail to grab back power from the military through the vote in 2018.
Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must fall in the 2018 elections. Zimbabwe must be given back to the people, no to a military state. On this one I agree with mugabe, soldiers belong to the barracks, not cabinet! They can hoodwink the international world but not the people of Zimbabwe. We cannot sit back and legitimise our own suffering by Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats. These corrupt individuals must fall! Zimbabwe belongs to the people, not the military. More news to follow. By Sibusiso The An Yue Jiang.Ngwenya

featured Photo -Rtd Maj-Gen Sibusiso B. Moyo and the Chinese Ship An Yue Jiang is seen anchored outside Durban harbor, South Africa -Guardian

Zimbabwe’s President Mnangagwa has appointed eight High Court judges who will be sworn into office on Thursday

Mnangagwa-mutodi (2)

The eight judges appointed following public interviews held by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) last year are University of Zimbabwe (UZ) lecturer Ms Sylvia Chirawu, Labour Court judge Justice Philda Muzofa, University of Zimbabwe (UZ) lecturer Ms Sylvia Chirawu and Neville Wamambo, Jacob Manzunzu, Isaac Muzenda, Messrs Pisirayi Kwenda, Thompson Mabhikwa and Benjamin Chikowero. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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