BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has banned the erection of tombstones at the Athlone West Cemetery and other new cemeteries.

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has banned the erection of tombstones at the Athlone West Cemetery and other new cemeteries.
THE Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has banned the erection of tombstones at the Athlone West Cemetery and other new cemeteries.
The local authority has said only headstones must be erected on graves.
In a statement, Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube said the erection of headstones will promote effective maintenance of the cemeteries in line with the Cemeteries Act.

“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public, Grave Monumentalists and Funeral Service Providers that in terms of the Cemeteries Act, the Bulawayo (Cemeteries) Regulations, 1967 and a Council resolution of Wednesday March 7, 2018 that only headstones shall be erected on graves at Athlone West cemetery and other new cemeteries. The erection of headstones will facilitate easy and effective maintenance of the cemeteries,” he said.
Mr Dube said among other procedures, the deceased’s family or relatives wishing to erect a headstone must first submit the details of the deceased to be confirmed by the cemetery supervisor who monitors the whole process.
“Deceased’s family or relatives approach the cemetery where the deceased person is buried with the details of the deceased person. The cemetery supervisor checks the records to confirm the information. The Supervisor may visit the grave yard to check physically after confirming or checking the cemetery records. The cemetery supervisor assists the applicants in completing the Tombstone Application form and fills in the Pro-Forma invoice, giving additional information and advice on the erection of the tombstone. Applicant takes the Pro-Forma invoice to the revenue Hall for payment where a receipt is issued and taken to the 1st Floor, Tower Block for authorisation,” he said
“On the day of putting up the grave monument, the family or the Grave Monumentalists presents the Tombstone Application Form with the attached receipt to the cemetery supervisor to verify payment and enter into the Tombstone Permits Register. The Cemetery Supervisor will lead the family or the tombstone Monumentalists to the grave yard to erect the monument and such work must be carried out to the satisfaction of the cemetery supervisor. The Dimensions of the monument is 1,2 metres x 2,2 metres. The length of the headstone must not exceed 1 metre.”- chronicle
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