Raunchy dancer and singer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, tied the knot with a UK-based medical doctor Chambuka Mupudzi at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterday.

Raunchy dancer and singer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, who has over the years entertained local men with her sexually-charged dances, yesterday tied the knot with a United Kingdom-based medical doctor Chambuka Mupudzi at the Harare Magistrates Court.
Bev and her husband Chambuka Mupudzi exchanging wedding vows at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterdayA source close to the development confirmed to NewsDay Life & Style that Bev’s marriage to Mupudzi was solemnised at the court after the latter paid lobola at Bev’s family village in Silobela two weeks ago.
“She is no longer the same Bev we used to know after lobola was paid about two weeks ago in Silobela. The guy is a doctor in the United Kingdom and was in the country for the better part of the festive season,” the source said.

He highlighted that Bev’s new husband was well aware of her profession and it was something that he had accepted, so it was highly unlikely that the marriage would crumble for that reason.
“Her fiancée is aware of her lifestyle and he fully understands the nature of her profession because when he entered into the relationship, he knew very well that Bev was an artiste so there are no problems likely to crack the marriage,” the source said.
Bev’s manager, Harpers Mapimhidze, who also confirmed the wedding, congratulated the dancer.

Ad by Valueimpression“We say congratulations to Bev; she has done something appreciable in the showbiz industry. I urge fellow dancers to follow suit since this is something good,” he said.
“Those promoters who had booked Bev in advance, we are going to fulfil all contractual agreements because she will not be exiting the dance floor anytime soon.”
Many people had dismissed the Sexy Angels leader as unlikely material for marriage, and with Bev herself having earlier indicated that marriage was not a priority as she wanted to take her time to find new love.

NewsDay Life & Style understands that the groom will fly back to his UK base in a few days’ time, while Bev will remain behind sorting out her travel documents so that she will be able to join her husband.
“The husband will be travelling back to work soon in UK, so Bev will be visiting him frequently before maybe she relocates as what has been said by the husband,” said another source. Before walking down the aisle yesterday, the mother of one had previously been associated with a number of men who included popular South Africa-based Kwekwe businessman, arts promoter Boss Agrippa, national team footballer Khama Billiat and fellow singer Andy Muridzo. newsday

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