Starving Beitbridge doctor, begs for food.

STARVING BEITBRIDGE ZIMBABWE DOCTOR employed by the Health and Child Care ministry at Beitbridge District Hospital has publicly declared her poverty and begged for help via Twitter.
The NewsDay confirmed Sandra Kudzai Wayerera’s plea for help.

“It is the truth, I have nothing. Food here (in Beitbridge) is bought in South African rands and I cannot afford that. I am accepting anything,” she told this publication soon after her message went viral on social media on Saturday.

“My name is Dr Sandra Kudzai Wayerera currently working at a district hospital in Zimbabwe.”

“I am looking for any kind of donation. (I am starving. An old adage says who dares wins, I have swallowed all pride to come here and ask for help). I am a breadwinner and many people are looking up to me but (I am failing to make ends meet). Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. My EcoEash number is *. Thank you,” Wayerera posted on her Twitter handle.

She is indeed one of the five medical doctors at Beitbridge District Hospital.

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Provincial medical director for Matabeleland South Rudo Chikodzore and Health minister Obadiah Moyo did not respond to questions sent yesterday.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association president Tawanda Zvakada referred questions to secretary-general Emmanuel Masosota who was not picking calls.

The situation faced by Wayerera is, however, not unique to her alone.

Medical doctors had a protracted war with government over remuneration until Higherlife Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa, came to their rescue. They have also been pressing for supply of drugs, hospital equipment and personal protective equipment.

The leaders in this country including the late President Robert Mugabe, incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa and his two Vice-Presidents Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi seek treatment outside the country while neglecting local facilities that have become death traps for Zimbabweans.

“Her situation is sad and if doctors are this neglected what more of a common person on the street,” a Zimbabwean who is in the United Kingdom said on Twitter.

In Beitbridge, most civil servants are on the brink of starvation and cannot afford food now priced in rands in most shops.

Civil servants who rely on rented accommodation have to source rands to pay rentals.

Recently, the Defence and War Veterans deputy minister Victor Matemadanda came under fire for his government’s improverishment of medical doctors.

Matemadanda had gone on Twitter announcing his donation of food hampers to doctors at Gokwe District Hospital, but former Health deputy minister in the 2009-13 government of national unity Henry Madzorera slammed the Zanu PF-led government for allegedly allowing doctors to become destitute and live on handouts from top officials.
Several Beitbridge residents have pledged to assist Wayerera.

Beitbridge East legislator Albert Nguluvhe (Zanu PF) said he would engage Wayerera, but had reservations on how she put her issue across.

“She jumped the protocol she must have followed procedure,” Nguluvhe said.

Some residents, however, said hunger knows no protocol.
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L. Makombe
Mon Jun 01 2020
Now if a medical doctor cannot find ways of surviving, and some uneducated people are making ends meet, then we have a problem. Sometimes employed people tend to rely too much on the employer. One MD of a company once told a workshop that during weekends she does boot sales, not that she is not paid enough by her company but because she finds it worthwhile to do so. Now if all rely on the employer and do not think that one day we will be out of employment, then we have a very big problem on our part. We have to think outside the box. Someone once advised the Covid-19 should teach us something and if we fail to learn then we are doomed as individuals.

Letty Mabhena
Mon Jun 01 2020
The “Beitbridge Doctor” is being mischievous. In as much she is may have genuine concerns why didnt she approach her employer or find other means of survival like selling stuff to complement her income!

Mon Jun 01 2020
A hungry man is dangerous man, what protocol?

Mon Jun 01 2020
all civil servants are starving. they cant afford bread, medicines, rent etc all basics paid in foreign currency. the rates of forex continues to rise sharply but the rtgs salaries remain hardly stagnent……INONZI KURA UONE.

Mon Jun 01 2020

Dr Wayerera should make more sense in her request . Higher life is paying Doctors to an extend that if that amount plus the government salary is converted to Rands , Doctor Wayerera will end up with plus or minus R5000-00 . How does she starve with that much in her pocket ? Lets open our eyes and see reality! newsday

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