French Aviation Safety Agency Says Egypt Airways, Flight Messages Showed Smoke On Board.

French aviation safety agency says Egypt Airways, flight messages showed smoke on board just moments disappeared.
These are safety messages that are automatically relayed by the flight and relayed to the ground stations so that mechanics can get ready to do repairs or top up fluids such oil which, the messages would have warned about whilst the plane is on the way.
Generally the smoke on board warning, is a coded message  on all flights, an indication of a fire on board but the real issue behind the crash will be determined once the plane’s black boxes are found.
The warnings indicated overheating, and smoke in the toilet area and finally smoke in the right hand sliding window of flight control bay and finally the windscreen temprature sensors reportedly gave off warnings, indicating a potential fire due to the high temperatures.
Generally the fact that Greek authorities attempted to contact the flight and failed two minutes before the flight was due to leave its air space but instead disappeared from radar.
This  series of warnings suggests a fire on board and could explain why there were no emergency calls from the captain as a fire on board is a catastrophic event particularly at night over the open sea and away from land, as the crew would probably been focused on dealing with the on board emergency.
Experts suggest that, it is unlikely to have been a sudden catastrophic event such as a bomb that instantly brought down the flight, but rather an unfolding emergency as the warnings show but the reality will only be known once the plane’s black boxes are found.
The news that the Egyptian navy had discovered debris from the missing flight, in the Meditarranean sea, which included seats, luggage and  body parts meant that, relatives can somehow begin to come to terms with the fact that the flight crashed and they may never recover bodies for burial.
The area of the search is approximately 3000 metres deep in the area of the ongoing  flight black boxes search.
More news to follow……….by Sibusiso Ngwenya
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