MDC LEADER CHAMISA’S WIFE Sithokozile Thabethe – Chamisa has written a scathing letter to Women’s Coalition

MDC LEADER CHAMISA’S WIFE Sithokozile Thabethe – Chamisa has written a scathing letter to Women’s Coalition. says this is the worst mistake any political figure as in Nelson Chamisa can do. A political figure is of public interest to all, especially the media. Chamisa as a leader should have been more careful in his approach, spoke and acted respectfully in that instance as, this was public then later addressed it privately at home with his wife.
It is his responsibility and failure by MDC that created the situation, because in other countries particularly the First World, the wives, husbands or partners of anyone who is of public interest are coached in how to speak, walk, stand, address, respond to anyone as media cameras, phone cameras, newspapers and so forth are always waiting for news and if its good its no news to anyone but if its bad, its big and it sells well! Chamisa’s wife has also made yet another big blunder by going public with this letter.
She should have instead approached the National Chairperson of the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe and privately even if on record in their files, voiced her concerns over the matter and then the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe would simply issue a statement regards the issue. She would never have been quoted but already she is demonstrating to women victims across Zimbabwe and globally, especially the women who have received help from Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe that she does not take them seriously.
This is a big mistake as angering women, who actually are the majority of the Zimbabwe electorate, is bad. Chamisa should learn how to present himself in public, thereis no joking around with matters that others hold dearly in their hearts. Zimbabweans want to see a reflection of love, respect, equality, unity, family in any leader. What Chamisa’s wife Sithokozile Thabethe has done is simply to escalate the matter and in away generate political mileage for Chamisa as this now becomes a point of discussion instead of focusing on real issues that directly affect the lives of the people. This was meant to be the 20th annual celebration of the MDC, established in 1999, and should have been a platform for MDC not Chamisa’s wife. Chamisa should by now have known, this was Mugabe’s downfall, allowing his wife Grace to suddenly be a prominent figure in politics, appearing in parliament, getting Vice President Mujuru dismissed, dressing down George Charamba in public.
This severely cost the nation and today Mugabe is gone yet we are reeling from the effects of that toxic activity by Mugabe and his wife Grace, wake up Zimbabwe! Chamisa;s wife should simply restrict her actions, utterances, public appearance, letters to first being assessed by a media and legal department for the MDC as what can appear innocent can be highly damaging to her husband’s portfolio. By making this a public issue she is raising serious questions on Chamisa’s and MDC attitude towards ridiculing his wife publicly, and effectively stripping women of their dignity. www.newzimbabwevision says that, the letter below, smacks of influence by Chamisa out to downplay the matter, but what he should have done would have to rightly issue a media statement apologising to all women and the public for his insensitive actions and used the issue to then elevate women, demonstrate the need for respect, equality and dignity to all, because this issue has left the whole media questioning MDC and Chamisa attitude towards women, in the leadership, membership and female non supporters, along with the girl child and by default all marginalised groups and communities. The damage created by such matters can be irreversible or permanantly damaging and used as an indication of dictatorship in the making,..wake up Zimbabwe! Below is the controversial letter by Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa and photos showing the controversial issues raised above.
The National ChairpersonWomen’s Coalition of Zimbabwe13 Bates RoadMilton ParkHarare
Dear Madam,
It is with utmost shock that I learnt of your statement dated 4 October 2019 requesting a national apology and respect for women from Advocate Nelson Chamisa over an incident that happened at Rufaro stadium on 28 September 2019.
As the person who is purportedly directly affected by the actions of the said Advocate Chamisa, I find the action by your institution inconsistent for a number of reasons outlined below:
I am a fully paid up member of WCoZ. Surely, if you purport to act on behalf of women and allege as stated in your statement that I was heckled, then ought you not to have sought my side of the story. Alternatively, as you conclude that I am a victim of abuse, would not your first port of call have been to offer support to enable me to come out of the abusive circumstances.
I would allege further that in the publication of your statement you have even further abused and traumatised me by making me an object of public ridicule and pity as an “abused wife.”
You seem more worried about a national apology than the welfare of a woman victim who according to you continues to live with an “abuser.” I am further shocked that you have picked this one incident to act on my behalf when there have been other incidents of abuse targeted at me where the WCoZ has chosen to remain silent.
I have been subject of abuse on social media that included body shaming. I expected on those occasions for WCoZ to have responded with sisterly love and demanded respect for women but no support was forthcoming.
Earlier this year, The Herald carried a story with a scathing attack on me alleging that I had purportedly used my official position in one organisation to support a partisan agenda, a story that attacked my integrity as a professional woman.
The story was published by the Herald on 13 February 2019 entitled “Chamisa’s Breakfast Prayer Meeting: The Untold Truth.” Again as WCoZ member you would have known that to be false and I expected that would have come to my defence. I have also followed other incidents on abuse of women where I personally thought they were of such serious magnitude that WCOZ should have acted but you did not act.
A case in point is the abduction of popular comedian Samantha Kureya where the women’s voice was notably absent. The Herald for instance has on various occasions carried stories that have attacked women using very abusive language . A case in point is the attack on Hon Joanna Mamombe made on 29 June 2019 in an article “The Saturday Column: The day cyclone Mthuli came to town.” Again no response was heard from WCoZ.
Other WCoZ members Rita Nyamupinga and Sithabile Dewa are facing trumped up treason charges. . Again WcoZ was conspicuously silent. It is light of the above that your purported sympathy in the press statement you, made on 4 October then exposes your hypocrisy in the whole matter.
If as you say you represent the rights of women, your exploits in this regard must be consistent, holistic and informed. Otherwise they come across as partisan and lacking in all sincerity.
I felt compelled to register my displeasure personally by writing to you directly before I make any public statement on the matter so that we can engage constructively as a member of the movement who has served in it in various capacities.
I await to hear from you.
Sithokozile Thabethe – Chamisa.
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