NELSON CHAMISA at the start of 2020, promised , he will unseat Mnangagwa who will fall within the first five weeks of 2020…hmn!

NELSON CHAMISA at the start of 2020, promised , he will unseat Mnangagwa who will fall within the first five weeks of 2020…hmn!
Let Zimbabwe never forget that Mnangagwa was mentored by Mugabe for over 50 years and he was the Minister of state security during the Gukurahundi genocide which saw over 20,000 unarmed Ndebeles butchered by Zanu pf, and in charge during other attrocities including Chiadzwa genocide, Murambatsvina, 2008 election volence in which thousands were killed, cholera health disaster in which over 4000 people died, numerous activists and opponents were killed or disappeared, case in point the missing Itai Dzamara, and much more, so, never ever should Zimbabwe forget that previously, MDC the late Richard Morgan Tsvangirai were in a Government of National Unity (GNU) with Mugabe which came to nothing other than five wasted years of Monday morning tea meetings , dont forget Thabo Mbeki was involved in mediation between Tsvangirai and Mugabe. It did nothing for Zimbabwe therefore, treat Chamisa and Mbeki meeting as we headed into 2020 as nothing more than a load of hot air!
Mugabe fell on 14 November 2017 and its time we accepted that Zimbabwe is a military state and has always been one since Independence from the racist British Ian Smith who led the Rhodesian Regime until the liberation struggle forced a peace settlement and independence on 18 April 1980. To date, Zimbabwe remains a military state…….wake up Zimbabwe! The point is that the military came into power by the BULLET and no BALLOT can unseat a military power, you can vote as much as you want,..absolute waste of time!
Today, Mnangagwa celebrated his 78th Birthday and just to let you know, President Mnangagwa says. If you dream of taking over power from him, you have had a nightmare ,” adding “As soon as you wake up, brew some traditional beer and pay rites to your ancestors. Tell your ancestors that you have had a bad omen and ask them why they allow such bad dreams in your life. “Go on and mislead each other. You can even ask your wife to chant your slogan say-ing forward with my husband” daring his detractors to dream on!Mnangagwa said some people were burning the midnight oil plotting to dethrone him, but warned that their machinations would be crushed as he is firmly in control of both the ruling Zanu PF party and government.Mnangagwa, rose to power after toppling his long time boss, the late Robert Mugabe, through a 2017 military coup.Zanu-PF has insisted that the country is not in a crisis.In his Saturday address, the Zanu-PF leader urged his lap dog party commissar Victor Matemadanda to publicly chastise those harbouring ambitions to take over power from him. ‘Commissar, tell people that if you dream being leader of the Zimbabwe, you have had a nightmare,..wake up!’.
“As soon as you wake up, brew some traditional beer and pay rites to your ancestors. Tell your ancestors that you have had a bad omen and ask them why they allow such bad dreams in your life.”We got this teaching (of not plotting against a sitting leader) from (the late Zanla commander Josiah Magama Tongagara) Tongo long back, but we have not forgotten it.
“Zanu-PF should never, never shy away from doing that which is in the interest of the majority. We must never be swayed by individuals who pursue personal or sectional interests,” he added.”We must know that the strength of the party is in the mobilisation of masses. The power of the party is in the people, not in Mnangagwa, not in the commissar.
The power of the chairman is in the people. If people tell him to go, can he refuse?” Mnangagwa asked rhetorically.”As a revolutionary party, we should never deviate from our revolutionary past. The revolution is our DNA … Do not let go your membership of Zanu-PF when it is night then claim it is during daylight.” says the best way forward is for Chamisa to unite with other opposition who should all appreciate that there is a common enemy to the people’s progress which is the Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime.
Nobody wants a war especially those of us that lived through the liberation struggle. Its easy to start a war but too many players are then involved after that and its never easy to end one, not forgetting the violence, destabilisation, destruction and more that go along with wars.
A united Chamisa and other opposition must sit down in round table talks with the Generals and Joint Operations Committee (JOC ) then grant them immunity against prosecution for all past crimes against humanity as listed above, assure them that their corruptly amassed wealth will be untouched, including mansions, US$ millions, private jets, planes, helicopters, mansions, cars, mines, multiple farms and more, will not be recovered by the state.
Only with such assurances, can we ever expect the generals to let go of power and hand over the nation to civilian rule, while the army returns to barracks where they belong. If Emmerson Mnangagwa refuses such a peaceful exit settlement, then we have the power of the people behind this initiative. Its two decades since the year 2000 when there was mass emigration by Zimbabweans fleeing Mugabe and Mnangagwa’s brutal regime and chaotic land grab, yet nothing has happened except that the military has cemented its hold on power and monopolisation of resources.
If Chamisa is serious, then we the people , as a nation must all accept that its either we unite and make this pay off or shut up and escort Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf to yet another stolen election in 2023.
We cannot expect Chamisa to come knocking at everyone’s door to join or present everything across the media otherwise we lose out on the element of surprise to the enemy against people’s progress. We need mass resistance and peaceful uprising and to force Chamisa and the opposition leaders to step in take ownership and control of the people’s revolution and lead the nation to freedom. Zimbabwe must accept that it is necessary to peacefully shut down the nation and grind everything to a halt, make it impossible for the illegitimate Mnagagwa regime to govern the state.
To shut down this militarised Mnangagwa government, we all need to unite and peacefully stay away from work. Its actually cheaper, a great saving to stay away from poorly paid or unpaid employment, stay at home and you will be safe especially from covid-19.
If we grind the nation to a halt, we would have forced the government’s hand as the army would have no choice but to unseat Mnangagwa and install another puppet regime or allow a much needed transistionary government to restore civilian rule and lead the nation including implementing ELECTORAL REFORMS and leading Zimbabwe to a credible free and fair election , while working together with the people of Zimbabwe, We have amassed great numbers in people seeking genuine reform, peace, democracy .I’m Black, but I Can’t breathe,..don’t shoot,..Black Lives Matter! Join Zimbabwe Global News group and encourage others to join 359,024 members now a third of a million. Thank you for the fast growth, participation and continuous encouragement to others to join the group, and engage other progressive minded people in respectful and inclusive debate focused on information dissemination in issues that directly affect the ordinary person including human rights, good governance, accountability, transparency, housing, employment, development, girl child, equality, gender, peace, climate change, pollution, youth, freedom and more issues that directly affect the ordinary person. Information dissemination empowers the readers so that they are better placed to make well informed decisions and choices such as voting. With such unprecedented group growth, with non alignment to any political grouping whether opposition or ruling, its fair to say that we are building a well informed electorate, better placed to make more informed choices such as in voting, about issues that directly affect their lives. Please feel free to add and encourage others to join. INFORMATION IS POWER!-Thank you for the support. Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to , ‘ Twitter-@sibungwen or whatsapp to Mr Sibusiso Ngwenya 0044 79 3 9100534 for publication on the constantly growing online groups, currently standing as 1)Zimbabwe Global News group 359,024 Members 2) website 25,951 people like this and 26,049 people follow this Manages Newzimbabwevision Followed by 14,020.
There is no better time than now to stand up and be counted as people power can only be delayed but no military can resist people power! Please feel free to share this and keep adding more people as its all about our motherland, our children’s future and future generations can never forgive us for selling their future to these heartless leaders, so, lets unite and destabilise the system once and for all. We need progressive permanant results in the five weeks Chamisa has given,..Now is the time!
Above all, the tight sanctions regime against the oppressive Zimbabwe government should stay in place and if anything , should tighten their screws otherwise this would be a wasted two decades. The regime can rig elections but they cannot rig the economy! The current growth can easily amount to five million or more if each reader takes it upon themselves to disseminate information to at least 20 people each, family, friends, church or community as we are one nation, one people, black white, any race , tribe, religion, gender or political orientation. FEAR WILL NEVER FEED THE NATION,..MNANGAGWA AND HIS MILITARISED ZANU PF REGIME MUST GO!…DISCUSS! Sibusiso Ngwenya

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