Police today blocked the coronation of King Mzilikazi II, Stanley Raphael Tshuma, who has since renamed himself Tshuma-Khumalo

The Zimbabwe Republic Police, today blocked the coronation of King Mzilikazi II, planned to be held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair’s main arena in Bulawayo.
Today , the Zimbabwe Republic Police blocked the coronation of King Mzilikazi II, Stanley Raphael Tshuma, who adopted the name Tshuma-Khumalo, set to be held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair’s main arena in the city of Bulawayo.
The ‘Ndebele king’ says the coronation ceremony which is not only frowned upon by the state, but also by other clan members , will eventually come to pass.
Zimbabweans from all walks of life have a right to declare their mini kingdoms, infact everyone is a Queen or King in his or her own household but let the madness end there because Zimbabwe is one nation, one people and we only have one battle ahead, which is to remove the despot Mugabe, his Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats from power.
We should not be bogged won by individuals seeking to partition Zimbabwe or legitimise their kingdoms. Remember the new constitution recognises 16 official languages in Zimbabwe. Imagine that Tongas demand the Zambezi valley, river and belt stretching from the Zambian border into Zimbabwe as part of their origin, Zambia, then the Mozambicans claim Manicaland up to Marondera as part of Mozambique, the Nambya claim Hwange and other close areas, Karanga claim their section, Sondo, Venda claim their section, and the Malawian Zhuwawo and Matibili (Mugabe) claim Zvimba , the Mthwakazi claim their corner and each and every tribe establish their kingdom, no one can travel on average more than 50km without the need for a passport to cross the new borders.
This would simply mean to travel by Road from Harare to Bulawayo or South Africa, you’d be getting passport clearance every few metres. What the nation needs is to unite and fight a common enemy as one then settle their differences once a constitutional government has been established. Any group who seek to divide the nation now, are no different from the tribalist , divisive Mugabe, whose lengthy leadership is because of successfully keeping Shona’s and Ndebeles divided and blacks and whites divided.
It is again the same man who gave Zimbabweans a feeling of superiority over neighbouring nations like South Africans, Malawaians, Mozambicans and Zambians and similarly black Zimbabweans a sense of superiority over their coloured kith and kin. We cannot afford to let such hatred and division to spread amongst us. Zimbabwe will rise and fall as one people,..end of story! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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