Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) MD ‘Henry Mandishona’ Earns US$40 000 /month

Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) Managing director Henry Mandishona is reportedly taking home a cool $40 000 each month.

His pay cheque is said to be four times higher than the recommended $11 000.

According to the Zimbabwe Independent, took over from controversial Cuthbert  Dube.

Psmas engaged consultants to stream line salaries, benefits and vehicles polices.

The average monthly salary for the top brass before the current exercises was $65 000 with a few top executives earning between $100 000 and $400 000.

The paper said executives are now earning between $9 000 and $11 000 per month.

Average benefits for executives which were $10 000 have now been slashed to about $100 – Source-Zimbabwe Independent

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