MTHWAKAZI REPUBLIC PARTY march in Bulawayo against alleged Shona Hegemony


Mthwakazi Republic Party on Friday last week held a successful march in the city of Bulawayo in what is believed was to mark and register its presence and readness to participate in the 2018 elections as it has earlier on announced its position.

The demonstration started at Egodini terminusSibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said the march marked the turning point in the history of scores of Mthwakazi people, who have lived with Shona imposed dominance for the past 37 years. He said the people demonstrated enthusiasm to the leadership of Mthwakazi, which took the party to them.

“The sensitisation road show commenced at 1430 hours and about 16 768 party literature was distributed in the CBD. The National Executive Council gives credit to the Bulawayo provincial leadership, which crafted and organised such a historic event. The purpose of the march was to make the people of Mthwakazi aware of their home come 2018. This event was a launch of the series of road shows that would spread nation wide in Mthwakazi,” he said.Sibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

“The road show was led by the Party President Mqondisi Moyo and the National Executive Members comprising of the National Youth and Women’s League. The people of Bulawayo overwhelmingly and enthusiastically welcomed the Mthwakazi revolutionary movement and they agree that they need a change that would do away with Shona domination.”

All speakers comprising of the President Mqondisi Moyo, the Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube, Youth League National Chairperson Xolani Ncube and the Women’s League Secretary Corah Ndebele condemned the Shona imposed hegemony.

Other leaders who were in attendance are the Foreign Affairs Secretary Ackim Gasela Mhlanga, Sakhile Nkomo Deputy Secretary General, Colman Khanye National Organizer, Rebecca Mafu secretary for security in Women’s league, Samukeliso Ndlovu Matabeleland North women’s Provincial Chair, Clearance Ndlovu Matabeleland south Provincial Deputy Chairperson, Ngqabutho Mpofu Committee member in Matabeleland south Provincial stricture, Nkanyiso Ngulube Matabeleland North Provincial Secretary for security, Luba Gwebu Bulawayo Provincial Chair and Bulawayo Provincial organizer Lydia.

“We also thank all the provincial representatives who graced the event. The event as planned was a success. Our teams demonstrated courage in the midst of all security state agents who behave well so far for the first time. We urge them to continually enforce the constitution rather than enforcing ZANU PF corruption and brutality,” he said.

“As a party we have launched all our campaign strategies and we will soon spread the door to door campaigns around Mthwakazi. Siyabonga bakwethu ngokusamukela okukhulu.”
Source – Byo24News

27,000 died during liberation war 20,000 gukurahundi up to 1997 unity accord, hundreds of thousands died in 36 yr Mugabe rule.



Its interesting that the 27,000 who died 1972 to 1979, died during a war under the racist white Rhodesian regime led by Ian Smith but the hundreds of thousand after that, died under Mugabe all during a time of peace,…hmmmn!

As from independence on 18 April 1980, under Mugabe thousands more have lost life in road accidents caused by dangerous driving, poor road conditions and non road worthy vehicles.

Thousands of other people have died due to lack of medication, distance to hospitals, unaffordable medication, poor staffing due to lack of nurses and doctors while thousands more died due to avoidable diseases such as malaria, and cholera and at the same time numerous more have dissappeared or died due to Mugabe.

Mugabe, Zim1 family,Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats monopolise wealth and power through Mugabe attrocities such as Murambatsvina genocide, Chiadzwa genocide, murderous eviction of white farmers and other political chaos such as electoral campaigns.

Mugabe’s 93 years of life are a real source of misery to peace loving democratic Zimbabweans. Its time Zimbabweans woke up and fought for their motherland from these criminals masquerading ad a legitimate government.
DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

BULAWAYO Police Special Tactics (PSTT) unit based at Fairbridge in court for allegedly robbing a Total Service Station at gun point,

Amos Hlori (39) works under the Police Special Tactics (PSTT) unit and is stationed at Fairbridge Police Camp.

He allegedly robbed the service station of $158 and a cellphone belonging to a petrol attendant using an AK 47.

The robbery was captured on closed circuit television (CCTV) and the victim positively identified Hlori at a parade.

Bulawayo Magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya did not ask Hlori to plead to attempted murder and armed robbery charges and remanded him in custody to March 15.State allegations are that on February 8 at 3AM, Hlori arrived at the service station with his head covered with a jacket hood.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said Hlori found one Mr Munyaradzi Mujajati (35), a petrol attendant, alone on duty, drew an AK 47 from his jacket and demanded money.

“Complainant panicked when he saw the gun. He fled into an office and pressed a panic button. Accused followed complainant and fired one shot into the office. The bullet penetrated a glass door panel, slightly missing complainant,” said Mr Dlodlo.

“Fearing for his life, Mujajati handed Hlori $158 from a fuel safe and his cell phone. The robbery was captured on CCTV. Fawcett Security Rapid Response arrived 10 minutes after accused had left.

“A police report was made. Investigating officers tracked and recovered complainant’s cell phone from a person the accused allegedly sold the gadget to.

The person implicated the accused person. Complainant managed to identify accused person at a parade”.newsTanaka Mrewa, Chronicle

Elite Police Unit cop (39) arrested for an AK47 armed robbery that occurred at a Total Service Station in Bulawayo

A POLICE officer said to be part of an elite arm of the force has been arrested for an armed robbery that occurred at a Total Service Station in Bulawayo last month.


Detectives arrested Amos Hlori (39) a Sergeant in the crack Police Special Tactics (PST) unit stationed at Fairbridge Police Camp yesterday.

He has been implicated as the lone AK47-rifle wielding robber who hit the service station on February 8 and got away with $154 and a cellphone.

Sources close to the case said Hlori was tracked through the cellphone.

“He was based at Plumtree when he committed the robbery. A tracker on the cellphone sold him out. He had travelled from Plumtree specifically to commit the robbery at 3AM, using his service rifle. He returned to his post after accomplishing his mission,” said the source.

Hlori was allegedly captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) as he committed the robbery.

Detectives allegedly recovered the hooded jacket that he wore on the day, at his home.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, the source said, Hlori confessed.

“He admitted everything and is cooperating with detectives in investigations. He may appear in court tomorrow (today),” said the source.

Mr Munyaradzi Mujajati (35), a petrol attendant who was on duty when Hlori allegedly struck, told The Chronicle he came in leg irons for indications yesterday.

The service station’s manager Mr Amos Nhapi (29) said he was happy the armed robber had been arrested.

“Police were every efficient. I’m pleased the culprit has been arrested. They came for indications in the afternoon. Munyaradzi even identified the suspect in a parade,” said Mr Nhapi.

On February 8, Hlori allegedly demanded cash from Mr Mujajati at gun point.

On seeing the rifle, the attendant fled into the manager’s office and locked himself inside.

The suspect, who wore a sweater with a hood that covered his face, ordered him to open the door.

When Mr Mujajati failed to comply, the gunslinger fired a shot through a glass door and the bullet ricocheted off a wall.

Mr Mujajati is said to have pressed the panic button that alerted a Fawcett security team.

As the gunman pointed at the attendant with the rifle, seemingly about to take another shot, Mr Mujajati opened the glass door.

“The robber ordered the attendant to hand over his cellphone and cash. After receiving $154 and cell phone, the robber stepped out, removed his hood and disappeared into the dark. The robbery was captured on CCTV,” said Mr Nhapi then.

Minutes after the alert, the Fawcett team arrived at the station to find the gunman gone.

They called the police who allegedly recovered a spent cartridge and the bullet’s copper jacket at the scene.

National Police Spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment  as his mobile phones rang without being answered.

On February 22, police arrested a traffic cop who is suspected to be part of a gang of armed robbers that raided West Service Station in Lupane and was allegedly involved in a shootout with detectives in Bulawayo.

Sergeant Alfred Zvapera (31) of Senga 2 suburb in Gweru allegedly surrendered himself at Nkulumane Police Station a day after the heist.

He allegedly claimed three armed men kidnapped him and his girlfriend in Gokwe and forced them to drive around while the trio committed armed robberies.

Police have declared zero tolerance for corruption within the force.

In January, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri was quoted saying; “We’ve dismissed some officers for engaging in corruption and there are no sacred cows. Anyone caught will be dismissed from the service.” Temba Dube chronicle

Panicking Zuma, like Mugabe, calls for the right to own property, one SA Constitution’s most critical pillars of stability to be scrapped



This article first appeared on News24 titled “Panicking Zuma has thrown caution to the wind”

A full-blown bust-up in the ANC cannot be far away. There will be blood on the walls for sure.

President Jacob Zuma has thrown all caution to the wind and isn’t even hiding his contempt for the Constitution any longer.

He and his faction of the ANC and their partners in crime with the big bucks are panicking that their hold on power is slipping and they’re going for broke.

Last Friday Zuma not only blatantly contradicted his own party’s clear policies, he did something that no ANC leadership figure has done since 1994: in effect demand that one of the Constitution’s most critical pillars of stability, the right to own property, be scrapped.

It is called the Robert Mugabe option.

Mugabe and his ruling Zanu-PF lost a referendum in February 2000 when voters rejected proposals to entrench his powers and the confiscation of white-owned land.

Mugabe’s reaction was to allow and encourage the violent occupation of this land and to kneecap the judiciary, steps that pushed Zimbabwe over the failed state cliff.

Members of Zuma’s Cabinet and parliamentary caucus openly criticised the way he repudiated established policy positions and everything said by ANC speakers during the land debate just a few days before his utterances.

All the signs are there that Zuma has actually decided to push hard to stay on as president of the country after he was replaced as ANC leader in December.

He is facing a criminal trial and if that does take pace, certain jail time. He is also slowly losing his battle for the heart of the ANC, at least outside the traditional rural areas. Time for reckless populism and annihilating enemies.

If Zuma is allowed to stay on as president after the December elective conference, we’ll probably be stuck with him until the election of mid-2019.

God help us.

The Mugabe comparison could possibly be taken even further. A few days ago Zuma announced that he was relieving three stalwart advocated, Dumisa Ntsebeza, Ismael Semenya and Andiswa Ndoni, from their duties at the Judicial Services Commission that vets aspirant judges.

One of the replacements he has in mind is apparently Gcina Malindi, the advocate who had represented him in the controversial Zuma Spear case where he burst into tears in court.

Could it be that the Zuma faction of the ANC is trying to load the judiciary with more executive-friendly judges?

If this is the case, it is a long term strategy that could only make sense from Zuma’s point of view if he remains president for a few more years.

The bizarre and outrageous behaviour of social development minister and Zuma insider Bathabile Dlamini during the ongoing Sassa saga is an example of how the Zuma faction has stopped caring about good governance and the rule of law.

Dlamini has shown a fat middle finger to the Constitutional Court, Parliament and the public, and yet her fellow Gupta insider, Des van Rooyen, praised her as an outstanding minister. Zuma said he has faith in her.

Is there anyone in South Africa who doesn’t believe that Dlamini had manufactured the grant payout crisis over a period of two years to make sure that Cash Paymaster Services retain its lucrative contract? Who benefits?

(Another question: when is #Whitemonopolycapital not #Whitemonopolycapaital? When they’re called Cash Paymaster Services and grease the right palms.)

(Oh, and another: isn’t it astonishing that the ANC is so absolutely determined that South Africa needs a state airline, even one that costs us billions, but that grant payments to vulnerable citizens should be privatised?)

In the meantime, the SA Revenue Service is fast on its way to implode while Zuma’s lackey in charge, Tom Moyane, still plays silly power games with his political principal, the minister of finance; and Zuma’s main attack dog, Minister of State Security David Mahlobo, again warns that sinister foreign powers are planning a regime change and he therefore has to regulate the internet and social media.

If we consider how reckless Zuma is beginning to behave, we can conclude that he probably will soon fire Pravin Gordhan, Mcebisi Jonas and other Cabinet ministers not in his favour, regardless of the damage to the economy.

Zuma’s statement on confiscating white-owned land was a shocker, but we shouldn’t fear that it would soon lead to the end of property rights.

This is a hugely complex issue with massive implications for the banking sector, investments, food security and stability, and the Constitution probably won’t be amended during his tenure.

For now, we should see this as more of a populist trick to solidify rural support and a tactic to steer the attention away from his other problems.

Back to my prediction of a proper, open confrontation between the two main factions in the ANC. It could be ugly and affect us all, but perhaps we should consider that the sooner that happens, the sooner we could start a post-Zuma rebuilding of our society.

A last thought. What will Julius Malema do now that his main target agrees with him on land expropriation? Was this a double bluff?
by Max du PreezSource – news24

FORMER firebrand University of Zimbabwe (UZ) student leader has died.

FORMER firebrand University of Zimbabwe (UZ) student leader Paul Rumema Chimhosva has died.

Chimhosva is said to have succumbed to cardiac arrest at his South African base on Sunday.

Chimhosva rose to prominence in the early 1990s when, as Students’ Representative Council (SRC) president, he led numerous student demonstrations against President Robert Mugabe’s regime. Current Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha was part of Chimhosva’s executive.

The resistance resulted in closure of the university for several months, forcing Chimhosva to relocate to South Africa where he completed his BSc Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1995.
When news of his death filtered through yesterday, several activists took to social media to express their condolences.

Alex Magaisa, an academic and former adviser to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, tweeted: “Very sad to learn that @Chimhosva died today. The name might not be familiar to the young generation of Zimbabweans, but he’s a struggle legend.” Magaisa again posted: “Way back in the early 90s when most Zimbabweans were still comfortable, @Chimhosva and UZ students had already seen the rot and begun to challenge it.”

Deprose Muchena wrote: “I arrived at UZ and was greeted by Paul, Tawanda and the impressive SRC of the time. Really sad!”

Another luminary activist and academic, Tawanda Mutasa, tweeted: “Shocked! Paul fought a good fight when struggle risks were especially untampered by social media.”

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe also chipped in: “True, Paul was in a class of his own. A real hope for the future, sad he has gone too soon. He inspired me a lot. A real leader of his generation.”

At the time of his death, Chimhosva was project manager at Exxaro Resources in South Africa. He is survived by one child.

Plans are reportedly underway to repatriate his body for burial in Zimbabwe.Source-newsday

Urban Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) president Manyenyeni pledges to support Kasukuwere introduce urban tollgates

THE Urban Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) has pledged to support Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s proposal to introduce urban tollgates to fundraise for cities’ roads rehabilitation programmes, but demanded transparency in the administration of the funds.UCAZ president and Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told NewsDay that local authorities were demanding transparency in the management of revenue collected from the tollgates to avoid misuse of the money.
“We don’t mind a cost-effective revenue collection set-up provided the end value is guaranteed, unlike now, where motorists are asking what their licence fees are doing for them,” Manyenyeni said. Early this week, Kasukuwere announced plans to launch urban tollgates as a way to fund the rehabilitation of roads, most of which have become impassable.He also lamented the low amount being disbursed by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) to local authorities, saying it was not in tandem with the number of vehicles that were taking parking space in the city each day.
Government in 2010 took over management of vehicle licence fees and gave Zinara the mandate to administer the funds, but the parastatal has been accused of mismanaging the money and starving local authorities of their statutory allocations.
Manyenyeni said Harare City Council was entitled to between $40 million and $70 million per year, but received a paltry $1m per year.
He added that he recently met Zinara board chairperson Albert Mugabe over the issue, but nothing concrete was agreed.
The MDC-T mayor questioned the composition of the Zinara board which he said was operating without a local authorities’ representative as required.
“The nominations were submitted by UCAZ. None of the nominations were accepted. The Zinara board is not compliant with its own law,” Manyenyeni said.
“I have raised this matter with Transport, Roads and Infrastructure Development minister Joram Gumbo and the Zinara board chairman.” source-newsday

Enter 2017, thirty six years on, we still have, now 93 year old, ”Black oppressor of Blacks’-despot Robert Mugabe, ruling the motherland Zimbabwe!


Zanu PF policies have all turned out to appear good on paper yet they are simply ‘legitimised crime’ by the despot led regime. Lets all embrace a whole new level of tolerance, move on from the Zanu PF politics of violence into 21st century mature politics. Unless and until we all make the nation ungovernable for Zanu PF, we will keep going round and round in circles. We need a united nation and to all work towards freeing ourselves from the ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ and begin healing the brutalised and broken Zimbabwe nation. The process needs all hands on deck irrespective of whether you are Coloured, Ndebele, Shona , black, or white,.. its about the motherland Zimbabwe! Happy New year and all the best to everyone for 2017!
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

CHIKURUBI prison officer charged for assaulting his wife, for blocking his mistress from entering their matrimonial bedroom.


A PRISON officer based at Chikurubi Prison Training Centre appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court on Thursday charged with physically abusing and assaulting his wife, accusing her of blocking his mistress from entering their matrimonial bedroom.

Wellington Gotekwa was granted $50 bail and remanded to January 17 next year when he appeared before magistrate Tilda Mazhande.

Allegations are that on December 24 this year at around 7pm, Gotekwa brought his girlfriend and her sister home and ushered them into the lounge room.

He later allegedly gave his visitors some T-shirts and asked them to go into his bedroom to put them on.

As Gotekwa’s unnamed girlfriend and her sister proceeded to the bedroom, the complainant, Enia, rushed to the door and blocked it.

This allegedly angered Gotekwa who, in a fit of rage, assaulted her before their neighbours rushed to the scene to rescue her. By Desmond Chingarande. source-newsday

EIGHT more Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) senior managers have been suspended after a forensic audit

Zimra (3)
EIGHT more Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) senior managers have been suspended after a forensic audit implicated them in shady dealings that are feared to have cost the national revenue collector millions of dollars.
The suspension of the senior managers, mainly from the Information Communication and Technology department, is with immediate and comes hard on the heels of the suspension of seven managers in May, including Commissioner General Mr Gershem Pasi, over a litany of allegations, among them, the unprocedural luxury vehicle importation.
Our Harare Bureau yesterday established that more senior managers could be facing the chop.
Zimra instituted yet another audit conducted by Deloitte and Touché chartered accountants, which primarily focused on the revenue collector’s ICT systems and procurement.
The report was presented to the Zimra board this month, instigating the latest suspensions.
Those suspended include, director of infrastructure and ICT development, Mr Tjiyapo Velempini, head of ICT, Mr Allen Saruchera, systems development manager, Mr Can Goredema and two other officials from the loss control department, one of whom is Mr Benjamin Zenda whose employment was fraught with irregularities as he did not have the requisite qualifications.
Other suspended officials are Mr Moses Modongorere (case manager) and Mr Peter Chaparadza (chief loss control officer), Mr Adrian Swarres (head, compliance and risk) and Mr Max Mugari (head, advisory services).
It is alleged that Mr Zenda was handpicked by suspended Commissioner-General Mr Pasi.
“We are responding to the ICT audit, which picked a number of irregularities, so most of those who are affected are from ICT,” said a Zimra board member who declined to be named.
“The audit picked issues to do with procurement procedures and corporate governance that were fraught with irregularities particularly those to do with upgrades of Asycuda World and SAP (Systems Applications Products) as well as the Tax Management System.
“The prices were too high especially for tax management systems through Inspur, with the prices up to three times normal prices.”
Zimra board chairperson, Mrs Willia Bonyongwe, was not reachable for comment.
An earlier forensic audit that was carried out by HLB Zimbabwe Chartered Accountants on the revenue collector’s operations resulted in the suspension of seven managers, among them Mr Pasi, after it revealed endemic corruption, violation of Government laws and poor corporate governance.
The managers were suspended in May this year after it was discovered that they corruptly imported their vehicles.
It emerged that the revenue collector was losing millions of dollars to dealers who processed counterfeit undervalued import documents to smuggle vehicles and other products into the country.
The audit also showed that Mr Pasi and other members of the executive collectively pocketed about $15 million in salaries and allowances in the last three years.
Some of the benefits were unsanctioned.
Tax evasion by members of the executive are some of the ills reported by the auditors.
There are reports of ordinary people who are harassed and forced to pay exorbitant duty on small items, while some business executives, politicians and affluent people use their positions and influence to evade paying duty when importing luxury goods such as vehicles.source-chronicle
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