PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE ABOUT independant Norton MP Temba Mliswa Born Temba Peter Mliswa

BORN September 1, 1971 (age 48)ZambiaResidence ZimbabweEducation St Faith’s MissionLord Malvern SchoolLuton University.Occupation Politician, Businessman, Sports coachYears active 2000 to presentKnown for PoliticsPolitical party IndependentCriminal charge Illegal Possession of FirearmsCriminal status Pending JudgementSpouse(s) Gracious Mabodza (former)Children 2 daughters: Alexandra Thokozile Mliswa and Farai Mliswa
Relatives Didymus Mutasa, Mary Mliswa
Temba Mliswa is an outspoken Zimbabwean politician and the current Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency having won the by-election on 22 October 2016 as an independent candidate. He is the former current Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Mines and Energy. He is a former member of the Zanu-PF Party. He was once the ZANU-PF provincial chairman for Mashonaland West Province before his ouster in December 2014 and subsequent expulsion. Temba is also a businesssman , a former rugby coach and a fitness trainer. Temba was reelected into office in the 2018 harmonized election.
In February 2019, Mliswa resigned as chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Mines and Energy following allegations of corruption. Mliswa claimed that he was innocent but that he was setting an example for other leaders. Days later, he had an animated verbal exchange with Zanu-PF parliamentarian Dexter Nduna whom he called a thief. Nduna had been instrumental in the expulson of Mliswa sister, Mary Mliswa from a Mashonaland West provincial committee.
Contents1 Background2 Early Sporting Career3 Business Interests4 2010 Arrests5 Dealings with Rautenbach6 Dirty Dozen and Spygate Saga7 2014 Political Controversy and Corruption allegations8 Dirty Dozen & Zanu-PF factional fighting in 20149 Debt Crisis and Lawsuit10 Alleged Firearms Possession and Arrest11 Expulsion From ZANU PF12 Losing the Parliament Seat13 Formation of YARD14 Winning the Norton Parliamentary sit15 Criticising MDC Alliance For Planned Demos Against Zec16 ReferencesBackgroundTemba Peter Mliswa was born in Zambia on 1 September 1971 and is the second born in a family of six, comprising three girls and three boys. He eventually relocated to Zimbabwe with his family where he did his primary school and proceeded to Lord Malvern School and St Faith’s Mission School in Manicaland Province for his secondary education. Mliswa grew up in Harare in the Waterfalls suburb living with his parents. He was married to Gracious Mabodza and the two have two daughters Alexandra and Farai.
Early Sporting CareerHe was employed in 1988 by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) as a development officer, Mliswa also worked for the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) for a short time before leaving for the United Kingdom.[1] During his stint with these organizations, Mliswa realized that cricket and rugby were largely dominated by whites and the indigenous population had very little chances of accessing them.[1] Mliswa coached rugby at the prestigious Eaton School that was attended by Prince William and Harry. Mliswa advanced his studies in sports fitness in the United States before he returned to Zimbabwe. Armed with his qualifications, he entered the sporting, business and political terrains. Initially, Mliswa confined himself to the sports domain where he set up Chimurenga Rugby to afford black Zimbabweans an opportunity to showcase their talent.[1]
He was appointed fitness coach for the soccer national team and his training methods faced stiff resistance from the players and the public. Mliswa won the hearts of many soccer lovers and Zimbabwe National Soccer Team continued with his training regime culminating in the Warriors winning the Cosafa Cup.[1] This was the first tournament won by the Warriors in over 15 years, of course, apart from the Cecafa – won in 1985. Mliswa also acted as a fitness coach for Caps United Football Club and they won the BP Cup during his tenure. Prior to going to the US, Mliswa had talked his way into an invitation to England, where he set up his coaching credentials. He subsequently received a free three-month rugby education in New Zealand, and then accepted an invitation to go to the United States for further education.[2][3]
Business InterestsTemba is the owner of Spring Farm in Karoi, a tobacco farm which was allocated to him as part of Zimbabwe’s fast-track land redistribution in the late 90s. Spring Farm itself is part of Saltlakes Holdings, a group of companies comprising Saltlakes Tobacco, Saltlakes Advisory, and Saltlakes Implements. Together with Conrad “Billy” Rautenbach, he has an investment in a company called Ratings, which has leased vast sugar estates from the Agriculture Rural Development Authority (ARDA). The other stake in Ratings is owned by ARDA. Again with Rautenbach, Mliswa has an investment in a company called Clidder, which has investments Hwange Colliery Company Limited. Through a consortium called Lockcape Investments, Mliswa was a shareholder in Meikles Limited and Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited (Now Afrasia Bank). Mliswa has shares in Benba, Aqua Crystal, Afriven Private Limited, and Nosho Motors.
2010 ArrestsIn 2010, Mliswa (along with Martin Mutasa (Didymus Mutasa’s son) and George Marere) spent weeks in prison after being arrested for charges of fraud involving US$1,05 million. The three were alleged to have defrauded a Harare man, Paul Westwood of his 50% shares of Noshio Motors, a registered car dealer company jointly owned by Westwood and Hammarskjöld Banda and his wife Brendaly. Mliswa was detained at Matapi police station in Mbare. Days earlier, Mliswa had threatened to reveal corrupt activities by Retired Police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri. Mliswa had allegedly written a letter to Chihuri accusing him of being corrupt.
Mliswa had said Chihuri must be brought before a commission of inquiry to answer questions of unlawful detention of innocent people. When he was arrested Mliswa said this was all part of him being “fixed” by Chihuri for the revelations he had made. After being released on bail Mliswa was re-arrested and charged for crimes dating back to 2002, which included cases of assault and common assault, theft, public violence, contempt of court, extortion, malicious damage to property, Shop Licences Act violation, Firearms Act violation and housebreaking. In court, his lawyer queried why the alleged new cases took longer to be reported. The police responded that Mliswa had intimidated police and because he was “untouchable”. Later the same month it was reported after meetings between the families of the Mliswa, Didymus Mutasa, and Chihuri, Chihuri demanded an apology from Mliswa who was eventually released on bail.
[4]Mliswa and his co-accused were acquitted of the Noshio fraud case in June 2011. [5] Some of the other cases were also dropped in various other circumstances including state witnesses denying ever reporting Mliswa to the police. In August 2011, Mliswa and the others started proceedings top sue Chihuri and the police (including several members in their individual capacity) for unlawful detention. They demanded US $500,000. [6]
Dealings with RautenbachIn September 2012, Mliswa revealed how he had used his political connections to help controversial businessman Billy Rautenbach attain a deal with the government for the Chisumbanje Ethanol plant and Hwange Colliery.[7] Mliswa claimed then that Rautenbach had backtracked on a promise to give him 10% shareholding in the Chisumbanje plant. The two had an out of court settlement which Mliswa later claimed was arranged by his uncle Didymus Mutasa.[8]
Dirty Dozen and Spygate SagaThe dirty dozen was a code name given to twelve Members of Parliament who received financial aid from the United States of America government through the U.S embassy in Harare. Mliswa was accused of spying against the government by giving classified information to one Eric Little who works for the U.S Embassy in Harare and believed to be a member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) an American Intelligence Organisation. His alleged actions were not welcomed by his fellow colleagues in the party considering the sour relations between the Zanu- PF government and the U.S then. Due to the growing suspicion linked to him in the party, Mliswa was involved in a verbal war with a fellow party leader Beauty Zhuwawo wife of Patrick Zhuwawo at a provincial party meeting in Chinhoyi. Mugabe and F. Machiwenyika, Mliswa Gono on Politburo Agenda, “”, published:01 Oct 2014, retrieved:02 Oct 2014″</ref>
On 1 April 2012, Mliswa called a press conference where confirmed the facilitating of the deals in question and the participation of his uncle Didymus Mutasa in the out of court settlement with Rautenbach. He also confirmed that Arda board chair and former Zanu-PF Manicaland provincial chairperson Basil Nyabadza had been bribed by Rautenbach and that several other politicians, whom he threatened to expose too.
Mliswa said of his deal facilitation that “It is a normal business practice to demand a share of the cake if you are involved.”.[9] He then accused Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Jonathan Moyo of abusing the public media to settle political scores. To this Moyo responded: “This comrade is out of order.” Moyo further said:
“The comrade has clearly been caught with his hands in the till and he thinks he can cover up his naked corruption by seeking refuge in what he declares to be his faction against what he imagines to be a rival faction.And the comrade’s self-indulgent claim that only the public media is uncovering corruption or that there’s a factional agenda to the coverage can only be believed by the walking dead among us.” [9]
2014 Political Controversy and Corruption allegationsReported as the result of faction fighting in Zanu-PF,[10] the Rautenbach issue came to the fore again in March 2014 when the state media (The Herald) brought the issue up. The paper reported that Mliswa had demanded $100m for facilitating the clinching of coal and platinum concessions at Hwange Colliery Mine and Unki Mine, respectively, and $65 for Chisumbanje. it was further revealed that Mliswa had himself successfully applied for Chisumbanje but had no capacity to invest there hence bringing in Rautenbach.[11]
Dirty Dozen & Zanu-PF factional fighting in 2014As part of the factional politics that raged in the months leading to the Zanu-PF 2014 December congress, Mliswa, along with 11 other Zanu-PF Mps, was accused of spying on behalf of the UK. The 12 were referred to in the media as the [Zanu-PF Dirty Dozen][12]
At a press conference he called on 29 September to respond to the allegations, Mliswa hit at one of Zanu-PF factions labeling Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Patrick Zhuwawo as US spies and “gay gangsters”.[13]
Debt Crisis and LawsuitIn October 2014, Mliswa was dragged to court by the CBZ Bank Limited a subsidiary of the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe Holdings for a debt which he had accumulated to 2.7 million emanating from loans and advances which he got from the bank during the 2011 to 2012 farming season. The commercial bank lent Saltlakes Holdings Limited the money to buy tobacco from farmers and Mliswa bount himself as surety and the principal debtor.[14] Saltlakes did not pay the loan resulting in the bank filing a lawsuit against Mliswa. It appeared that the financial crisis that Mliswa was facing was made worse by ‘waves’ in his political career amid speculations that the top leaders in Zanu Pf party were planning to suspend him for indiscipline and subordination. In 2015, Mliswa’s property was attached after it was established that Mliswa owed a local bank a total of UD 3 million.[9]
Alleged Firearms Possession and ArrestMliswa was arrested on Saturday 31 January 2015 at his Spring farm in Karoi. He was accused of illegal possession of firearms which is a crime according to the Zimbabwean laws. According to the state media, Mliswa was found in possession of seven unregistered AK 47 assault rifles. He was summoned to a court hearing.[15]
Expulsion From ZANU PFMliswa who had been in the media for varying reasons was reported to have been expelled from ZANU PF together with his uncle Didymus Mutasa on February 18, 2015. The expulsion of Mliswa follows a series of allegations on factionalism, insubordination, undermining the authority of party leaders just to mention a few.[16]
Losing the Parliament SeatMliswa lost the parliament seat after ZANU-PF went on to claim the seat after the controversial expulsion. Under the constitution of Zimbabwe, a party has the power to reclaim a seat when a member has been expelled from the party. On 3 March 2015, the speaker of parliament announced that Mliswa had been expelled from parliament following ZANU-PF’s request. This meant that the seat was now vacant and a by-election was imminent to determine the next member of parliament for the constituency.
Formation of YARDFollowing his ouster, Mliswa launched Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy on October 2015.[17] He was joined by ousted ZANU-PF youth members Godfrey Gomwe, Godwin Tsenengamu and Vengai Musengi in March 2016.[18]
Winning the Norton Parliamentary sitTemba Mliswa overcame the odds to win the Norton by-election as an Independent candidate with 8 927 votes, beating Zanu PF’s Ronald Chindeza who polled 6 192 votes. The seat was previously held by Chris Mutsvangwa, who was expelled from Zanu PF making the Norton seat vacant. His win in Norton was riddled with a lot of controversies from the members of the public.
Criticising MDC Alliance For Planned Demos Against Zec
Temba Mliswa criticised the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance for its planned protests against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). Mliswa said that the opposition should focus on campaigning instead.[19]. Addressing the media, Mliswa said,
The election situation is way better than ever before, we cannot have a perfect election but let us appreciate that it is way much better than of any other country in the world. We do not want people who distract good things we have just because they do not have resources to campaign…Rallies and demonstrations will not work. Candidates should go on the ground to talk to people, and I am the one doing that while the MDCs are busy marching in the streets, we do not want cheap politics hereSibusiso Ngwenya source Pindula
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