WHO REMEMBERS NOVEMBER 2019-over 25 Zimbabwe Harare butcheries were closed, 754 business people and vendors arrested for selling uninspected meat,

WHO REMEMBERS THAT END OF NOVEMBER 2019-AT LEAST 25 ZIMBABWE HARARE butcheries were closed, 754 business people and vendors arrested for selling uninspected meat, from diseased animals, rotting meat, or meat adulterated with chemicals, usually the toxic and carcinogenic preservative, formaldehyde a powerful toxic disinfectant and anti-fungicide, listed as a “known carcinogen” or formalin, a saturated solution of formaldehyde in water commonly used in embalming dead bodies, as a preservative.
Beef from informal traders would sell for as low as $50 a kg, half the general average price charged by licensed butcheries.
.Another trick also used in Zimbabwe and elsewhere is to spray sodium metabisulfite, a white chemical, which is also mixed with water and sprayed on the meat to maintain its reddish hue and create the impression that it is fresh.
Used in large quantities, the chemicals can keep flies away and preserve the meat for as long as two months.
Soda water is also sprinkled on the meat to maintain its reddish colour.There are a lot of unethical business practices by some abattoirs and butcheries which are operating without licences, running water, employing meat handlers who have no medical test certificates, as well as selling uninspected meat.
During raids in different parts of the country, police confiscated uninspected meat and some of it has since been taken for laboratory testing or destroyed. Strangely enough and typical of Mnangagwa’s Zanu pf , nothing has been heard about the issue. Life is worthless in Zimbabwe as you can be killed by polluted drinking water poisoned with mining or agricultural, chemicals , effluent and sewage delivered straight to you directly via your kitchen water taps.
I repeatedly warn members of the public, foreign visitors and diaspora Zimbabweans that in Zimbabwe , you are gambling with your life from the moment you wake up, as a simple take away meal in a hotel , restaurant or take away , a coach, plane or your own home could easily be contaminated by this filth that is served to the public. If the food or water doesnt kill you or make you sick, then you also risk dying by being on the dangerous, lawless roads in Zimbabwe or meeting some armed criminals with guns or machetes,..is your life worth that little for you to dare take the risk of exposing yourself to such dangers,..wake up Zimbabwe! Sibusiso Ngwenya herald

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