Pamberi naChiwenga, Pasi na Mugabe! SADC prepares to reinstate Mugabe’s dictatorship against the people’s will and endanger the generals behind the coup.

The SADC dictators are generally in agreement that an extra ordinary SADC general meeting should be convened and send in SADC to resolve the crisis, in other words restore a constitutional government, more simply put, restore Mugabe’s monopoly over wealth and power and punish the generals and send a strong warning to all other national armies that any attempts to remove an African Dictator, we will come after you! What SADC want is to reinstate Mugabe and allow him to rule to the end of his five year mandate. Zimbabweans dont want this,..lets all stand our ground, SADC and AU have no place in this. This is an issue between us the people of Zimbabwe along with our General Chiwenga and his military all on the same side against Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, turning back, Mugabe must go!
Mugabe is continuously refusing to step down as generals are demanding an official step down. This may include besides signing power over to the incoming military government and Mugabe going live on air to address the people and announce that he has stepped down and he is no longer in power. Mugabe obviously will not give in easily and the real crisis in my view, is that all the generals who have been behind this including Gen Chiwenga , would be in great danger as Mugabe’s swift response would be to carry out a murderous gukurahundi purge style on them all, re establish his hold over power and control of Zimbabwe.
I say, no matter how long it takes to keep Mugabe under house arrest and block the return of Mugabe to power. The police have been shut down, have no power and Mugabe will be reinstated by SADC who view this as a coup by the military and on Sunday 19 th November back into office.
We cannot allow such to happen and Zimbabweans must block this return to power. The army are the guardians of the nation and have given us the platform to defy oppression. On Saturday the 18th November, people are encouraged to head to the Robert Mugabe square and protest peacefully and demonstrate in numbers that Mugabe must go, as they march to state house.
We all need to step in and support military efforts so far and rally behind them and head to the Robert Mugabe square on 18th November 2017 and march to the State house. The people will have the army behind this defiant stance and international media will be watching and broadcasting live world wide.
What Zuma and his dictators club are doing is , simply sttrengthening the dictators power. They all fear that if this succeeeds in Zimbabwe, it will be a template for all African countries particularly SADC to rise up and remove dictators and take back their motherland and this is why they want to shut down Chiwenga’s efforts.
The military has fought half the battle for the people, they need our support and we only have one shot at removing this dictatorship or else Mugabe will make everyone starting from Generals to the ordinary people pay for this attempt to unseat him. Everyone must head to the Robert Mugabe Square on Saturday 18 November and proceed peacefully to the statehouse and protest and block Mugabe’s reinstatement on Sunday 19th November.
The only way Mugabe should be allowed into the statehouse is on the official State Hearse and the military doing the slow march beside it as he heads to his final resting place at heroes acre. This is the only recognition we can afford him. The generals and the army must be protected in full by the people for peacefully removing Mugabe for us,..lets finish what the generals started. SADC and AU have no place in Zimbabwe. They did nothing for us for the last seventeen years apart from strengthening Mugabe’s dictatorship, oppression of Zimbabweans, Gushungo empire, and allowed for our endless oppression. SADC and AU are nothing but a toothless gang of dictators who oppress their people and do nothing but talk about their revolutionary acts.
As in the picture here, Gen Chiwenga has stepped off the board that was balancing Mugabe on the military board he is standing on and he is now in place to fall down the deep dark ravine below, never to be heard of. Chiwenga stand your ground, the people are with you and given a choice, Military rule for six moths while preparing for democratic elections is better than being under Mugabe and his wife… Mugabe must go! If Zimbabweans fail to rally in support of the military at Robert Mugabe square in Harare on Saturday 18 th, we would have shot ourselves in the foot.
The exercise will be peaceful and safe as the police will not touch anyone, the military has our backs and the police are subject to military rule and orders. the military which was always the real threat against the people is now on the people’s side. lets not back down, Chiwenga and the soldiers need our support, Zimbabwe belongs to the people.
Remember the military is now out to shut down the rise of Grace and stop her aged 93 year old husband from further destruction of the nation. Let the tanks lead, give our soldiers a rousing welcome, sing, dance, toyi-toyi, cheer them on, walk safely behind in full support of a military coup, we need the motherland back now! The people and the army are one on this, Mugabe must go! We only have one shot at liberation,…this is it. Pamberi naChiwenga, Pasi na Mugabe!
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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