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Mrs Maria Msika, wife to the late VP Joseph Msika, has died, barely a month after the deaths of Zanu pf stalwarts Mrs Maud Muzenda, Shuvai Ben Mahofa and Cde George Rutanhire

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Mrs Msika (89) died this morning at  home in Harare.

Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Chris Mushohwe told reporters that Mrs Msika died after a long battle with stroke and diabetes.

He revealed that Amai Msika suffered a stroke in 2003 and a second one in 2006, describing here as a quiet and cheerful mother.

Another government Minister and Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity who visited the Msika family Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said he received mentorship from the Msika family during and after the liberation struggle.

Family spokesperson Mr Jonathan Mapfumo said they have lost a pillar of the family.

The death of Mrs Msika comes barely a month after the nation lost Mrs Maud Muzenda, Mai Shuvai Ben Mahofa and Cde George Rutanhire.

Mourners are gathered at number 11 Nigels Lane, Convalley in Borrowdale and burial arrangements will be announced in due course. bulawayo24.

Police are hunting for a killer who shot an ‘iconic’ 100 year old 17-foot crocodile in the head – amid warnings that the death may lead to increased younger male crocodile aggression.

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GRACE MUGABE’S SON Russel Goreraza imports two Rolls Royce vehicles valued at US$5million

MDC-T Zhombe Constituency has posted on Facebook condemning he President Robert Mugabe’s step son Russel Goreraza for allowing the 93-year-old Mugabe and his mother to bribe him to forget his real father who is bitter after his mother was snatched from him.
This come in the wake of Russel having imported Roll Royce cars worth over $5 million.
“It would be fair to all that Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa should be called in to explain to Parliament as to whether the Rolls Royce’s owner Russel Goreraza paid duty at Beitbridge Customs & Immigration Office,” said the MDC-T.
“And it is upon every future government to inspect that record or else he will have to eventually face the music. His real Dad is a troubled soul and he is a man whose emotions have been reduced to Facebook posts.”
The MDC-T said Russel’s father Stanley Goreraza has probably lived decades whereby he has no access to his son and his son showered with blackmail goodies to block him from engaging his dad. Stephen Jakes. Byo24

First Lady Grace Mugabe’s cousin sentenced to 12-years in jail for raping his teenage daughter from 2012 to April this 2017

A MAN believed to be First Lady Grace Mugabe’s cousin based in Chivhu, has been granted bail pending his appeal against a 12-year jail term for raping his teenage daughter from 2012 to April this year.
The 44-year-old rapist, a cousin to Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha and the First Lady was convicted by Chivhu magistrate, Fadzai Mutombeni in August this year.
Agreed facts were that the man started sexually abusing his daughter on January 25, 2012 and repeatedly raped her until she spilled the beans to her uncle in Harare in April this year, leading to her father’s arrest.
The crime was discovered this year when the daughter went to visit her uncle in Harare and narrated her ordeal. The uncle, who cannot be named to protect the 17-year-old victim’s identity, reported the matter at Borrowdale Police Station and a docket was opened under case number CR199/05/17.
The case was referred to Chivhu, where the girl was examined by medical officers.
The rapist father was convicted due to overwhelming evidence brought to court, but has since filed notice to appeal both conviction and sentence.
He was last week granted leave to appeal by the High Court in Harare. Nicholas Mabvongodze prosecuted during trial.
Source – newsday

Evans Mawarire of #ThisFlag campaign says government authorities could have killed him to silence him but declares that he will not stop defying the socio-economic ills facing Zimbabweans.
Zimbabwean cleric Evans Mawarire of #ThisFlag campaign has said government authorities would have killed him to silence him but declares that he will not stop talking against the socio-economic ills facing fellow locals.
According to AllAfrica, Mawarire warned President Robert Mugabe and his cabinet ministers of God’s wrath for causing untold suffering to Zimbabweans who are being forced to risk life crossing the crocodile infested Limpopo River to seek a better life in South Africa.
“What crime did we commit to be treated the way we are treated?
I am a man of God and people have said as a man of God you shouldn’t say these things but It is the very Bible that tells you and me that when you see wrong being done confront it and condemn it,” Mawarire said in a recent video post to Zimbabweans.
The cleric became popular after using the Zimbabwean flag to appeal to locals to stage protests against the deteriorating social and economic situation.
He was arrested for using #ThisFlag campaign to allegedly subvert a constitutionally elected government. Mawarire is also accused of inciting public violence and insulting the national flag.
“I want to warn you today that God is not a fool. Let me speak now as a man of God, this God is not an idiot. I want to ask the powers that be, the President, please sir we are struggling in this country, don’t you get that?
“…you want people to start dying in the street for you to know that there is a problem. May God help us…We are praying that God will helps us. He will help us in this country. People like me, you are going to have to kill me. I am not shutting up.”
The cleric did not spare Mugabe’s stepson Russell Goreraza also warning him of God’s punishment for giving a middle finger at long suffering Zimbabweans to import two Rolls Royce limousines worth about $5,4million.
“How does somebody two Rolls Royce worth over $5million of where there is 90 percent unemployment. I don’t hate you (Goreraza), but you cannot do what you are doing. I want to tell you today, the judgement of God for the wrong you are doing to his people is going to be harsh and heavy on you.”
Source – allnetafrica

SAfrican Mint Company, the official mint of South Africa has dispatched 126 drums of 50 cent bond coins to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
RBZ receives 126 drums of bond coins from SA
The South African Mint Company (SA MINT) which is the official mint of South Africa has dispatched 126 drums of 50 cent bond coins to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
The 50 cent bond coins a worth slightly more than US$3 million.
SA MINT manufactures coins on behalf of the South African Reserve Bank..
Source –

‘Mnangagwa no matter how you much lipstick you place on a frog hoping it will become a queen, it won’t! Just resign!’-Joyce Mujuru

Joice-Mujuru-3000 (1)  final, final, final
A video clip of under-fire Vice-President Emmerson Mnanagwa urging first lady Grace Mugabe to up her attacks against her predecessor Joice Mujuru has gone viral.
The video shot at the height of Grace’s blitz against Mujuru in 2014, which forced the liberation war heroine to throw in the towel, seems to have been given a new meaning after President Robert Mugabe’s wife on September 9 warned Mnangagwa that he could go the same way as the former VP.
Mujuru was accused of plotting to topple Mugabe and of allegedly being corrupt. Mnangagwa is now facing similar charges as the battle to succeed the 93-year-old ruler intensifies.
Our reporter Blessed Mhlanga (BM) on Friday spoke to Mujuru (JM) about the latest upheavals in the ruling party and she had some advice for Mnangagwa.
The National People’s Party president said the Zanu PF Midlands strongman must just resign and join the swelling opposition ranks than endure abuse by junior people in the ruling party.
Below is the full interview.
BM: Zanu PF appears to be imploding. They are turning against each other especially at public events, but many would have thought you were the problem and that your sacking would have brought peace to the party.
JM: The events taking place in Zanu PF give credence to the adage that “what goes around comes around”.
Clearly, the unrestrained onslaught on Mnangagwa and his supporters is a free lesson to all willing to learn the politics where Mugabe and his wife only use their supporters when it suits the matrix of the Gushungo dynasty.
Critical lessons emerge as demonstrated.
BM: During your days in Zanu PF, you were accused of witchcraft by first lady Grace Mugabe and her husband. Witchcraft is now an issue again after the alleged poisoning of Mnangagwa and this has angered the first family. Does this make sense to you?
JM: It smacks of hypocrisy and deceit of the highest order that when Mugabe and wife accuse others of attempted murder and witchcraft, they do so recklessly, with their blind followers ululating and clapping hands like kindergarten kids notwithstanding the devastating consequences of defaming and demeaning one’s social standing.
Regrettably, the likes of Mnangagwa celebrated when I was being maligned because in his view, an opportunity had arisen for him to be the shoo-in successor to Mugabe.
BM: In Gweru Mugabe said there is no witchcraft and pointed out that accusing each other of witchcraft was unAfrican, but they labelled you one.
JM: Surprisingly, when these allegations that Mnangagwa ate poisoned ice-cream from the Gushungo dairy were made, Mugabe and his wife got so angry and agitated.
When I faced allegations of the same nature, they used to demean me. Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe asi kana iro rokwevewa zvonzi mavara azare ivhu [some people enjoy soiling others’ names and when it is their turn, they cry foul].
Mugabe is just the recipient of the hate language that he preaches, with his wife being the goddess of the same.
As for Mnangagwa he should learn kuti ukasekerera benzi richigeza rinomhanya risina kupfeka pane vanhu [if youencourage a mentally unstable person in whatever they are doing, they will do the unthinkable].
The same people he celebrated are now on a daily routine of teaching him what it means to be a blind follower of a dynasty.
BM: Mnangagwa is captured in a video urging on Grace as she tore into you. He called her “Dr. Stop It” who was able to stop you, now the same is visiting him. Are you happy with the turn of events in Zanu PF?
JM: It’s unfortunate that during my hostile ejection, Mnangagwa celebrated by telling people that he got to know that Mujuru wanted to kill the president from Dr Stop it, but [she] is now haunting him.
If he believed baseless allegations that were levelled against Dr Mujuru by Mugabe and his wife, should the public then believe the rumour mill that he nearly killed a TV personality by making him choose to either sit on a hot stove or jump through the window of a high-rise building just because of a clash over a girlfriend?
Should the public say “stop it… stop it…?” You don’t celebrate when an evil act visits upon an innocent sister for the leopard will never change its spots.
What people also found amazing is that Mnangagwa, a lawyer by training, would publicly corroborate falsehoods against the established legal ethics that one is presumed innocent till proven guilty by a competent court of law.
If Mnangagwa was in legal practice, he would by now be a very senior lawyer by any stretch of imagination.
It is such misguided thinking that has made Mnangagwa vulnerable to the Gushungo vultures.
BM: Grace has been spewing hate speech and recently she allegedly attacked a model in South Africa. Do you have any words of advice for her?
JM: Events in South Africa and the eventual allegations of use of an extension cord by Grace were unfortunate, to say the least.
A first lady who always chides grown up men and women during rallies exposes to the world the type of a first lady the country has. [To say to the president’s spokesperson] “Iwe [you] George iwe…George” is disrespectful. We definitely miss our departed Sally.
BM: What are your thoughts on the problems that Mnangagwa and his camp are facing now?
JM: That there is no peace in Zanu PF is now a matter of public knowledge. In any event, a party that is built on a recipe of false allegations and conspiracy theories can never be a home of peace and unity.
How can peace be realised when nobody can explain what happened to the late retired General [Solomon] Mujuru?
How can peace prevail when young girls who were 19 years at independence publicly torment and embarrass heroines of the land?
Clearly, the unfolding tragic drama is just an act of God for truth is never defeated by evil. Mwari vanoziva chokwadi [God knows the truth].
BM: There was a time the party appeared to be united when you were part of it, but now there is chaos.
JM: Why is it that since the day Mujuru left the Zanu PF party has not known peace? Very simple, I was indeed a caring and uniting mother and not a goddess of violence.
Come 2018, Zimbabweans have an opportunity to stop the Gushungo dynasty.
BM: Any advice for Mnangagwa?
JM: As for Ngwena, it’s time to resign and openly join colleagues in the trenches of the electoral battle against this ill-fated dynasty.
Free advice Cde [Mnangagwa]is that no matter how you hope to continue putting lipstick on a frog hoping that it will become a queen, it won’t.
At least such a courageous act would redeem some semblance of honour and dignity to Ngwena if at all any still remains.
BM: Do you still respect Mugabe as a father figure after all this mess?
JM: Given the foregoing, respect is earned and is never cast in stone.
As more of the evil appears on the horizon, misplaced notions are bound to evolve in the opposite.
Not all that we thought were genuine father figures are indeed, so as truth supercedes any iota of deceit.
Source – the standard

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, Walter Magaya is set to face a rape trial after his Constitutional Court (ConCourt) challenge was struck off the roll.

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, Walter Magaya is set to face a rape trial after his Constitutional Court (ConCourt) challenge was struck off the roll.
The Con-Court sitting as a full bench found out that Magaya’s papers filed by Advocate Tabani Mpofu and instructed by Rubaya and Chatambudza law firm were not in order and could not be entertained by the highest court in the land.
Magaya is challenging his indictment for trial at the High Court. Magaya is arguing that he could not be tried over a rape case where the complainant in the matter had voluntarily withdrawn the case.
Chief Registrar of Superior Courts Sithembikosi Msipa said the papers filed by Magaya’s counsel were faulty and could not be entertained by the Constitutional.
The Prosecutor General’s office has indicated that they want to forge ahead with the trial even after the complainant in the matter has indicated that she did not wish to pursue the sexual assault charge.
Magaya is arguing that the State does not have the right to proceed when it has lost both the complainant and its sole witness.
The constitutional challenge cited section 56(1), 69(1), 49(1)(b) and 70 (1) which he argued guaranteed his rights to a fair judicial process. Source – byo24

Morgan Tsvangirai is said to be recovering very well in South Africa where he was airlifted after experiencing health problems last week.

tsvangirai_hmed_7a.grid-6x2 (1)
MDC-T deputy secretary general Tapiwa Mashakada has said doomsayers have been put to shame as the leader of the party Morgan Tsvangirai is said to be recovering very well in South Africa where he was airlifted after experiencing health problems last week.
Claims were made that Tsvangirai had died following his airlifting to SA.
“Through the grace of the Lord my President is doing fine and recuperating in South Africa. Doomsayers have been put to shame. The Lord heals but mankind curses and mocks. We are all mortals and illness can come without applying,” Mashakada said.
“I personally thank all Zimbabweans who continue to pray for the full recovery of my President and personal mentor. I have worked with him since I joined the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in 1991. He is a determined fighter and our indefatigable brand. He is the able leader of the MDC Alliance which is going to bury Zanu PF rule once and for all in 2018. His resolve is unshakeable.”
Source – Byo24News
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