A man died and ten people were injured after a van deliberately drove into worshipers at Finsbury Park London

A man has died and 10 people have been injured after a man drove a van into worshippers near a north London mosque.
The van mounted the pavement and struck a group of people just after midnight near Finsbury Park Mosque in Seven Sisters Road. A white 48-year-old man has been arrested.
Prime Minister Theresa May said police were treating it “as a potential terrorist attack”.
Eyewitness Abdul Rahman said the driver said he wanted to “kill all Muslims”.
Mr Rahman told the BBC he struck the man and helped subdue him.
“When the guy came out from his van he wanted to escape, run away and he was saying ‘I want to kill Muslims. ‘I want to kill Muslims.’
“I hit him on his stomach… and then me and the other guys… we held him to the ground until he couldn’t move. We stopped him until the police came.”
Police said there were no reports of anyone suffering from knife i
injuries after speculation at the scene the driver was armed with a knife.
The UK has seen a bombing of a concert in Manchester in May, a stabbing spree earlier this month in the London Bridge area and a March attack in which a man drove a car into crowds on Westminster Bridge.  Police have issued 0800789321 for people with any information or concerns over the incident to call and share their information. Police have now named gthe van driver as 47 year old Darren Osborne of Cardiff, who wasn’t known to the police. He is currentyly in custody as investigations go on. source-bbc

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