An Insight into how sick and divided the people of Zimbabwe are!

t the MDC-T offices in Bulawayo on Sunday, Thokozani Khuphe and other MDC-T officials were attacked by thugs allegedly from Harare sent by Morgan Tsvangirai, are a replica of what happened in 2005 at Harvest House in Harare that resulted in the first MDC split, Mthwakazi Republic Party has claimed.
“Our MRP message to people like Welsh and Thoko and other so called Ndebele leaders who dine and wine with shonas is that please stop taking our Mthwakazi people for a ride nothing good will come from Mashonaland. We know you are in these marriage of conveniences for your own personal benefits not for the benefit of people of Matabeleland. We urge you to stop confusing the masses because this time
Welsh is taking his followers to Tsvangirai and Khuphe will withdraw her followers from Morgan Tsvangirai and our Matabeleland people will continue to be tossed around,” MRP added.
People like Welshman and Thokozani are failing to understand the current political dispensation. Shona people will never change, they are wolves in ship skins. Whether in church or politics they are just cunning and heartless.” Mthwakazi Republic Party

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