As Zimbabweans welcome North Korea cult worship leader, a Kombi overturned in Bulawayo city on Saturday.

Sibusiso Ngwenya says What a messed up country. Its shocking that, now, anyone in need of military issue loaded AK47 assault rifles, Zimbabwe is open for business! This is what comes of denying God and your christian nature and aligning the country with other gods and idols as in the North Korean cult worship which is beimg introduced into the country. Its actually interesting that North Korea has the same military who trained the brutal Zimbabwe Fifth Brigade under now
Minister of Lands, Perrance Shiri and they went on to butcher over 20,000 unarmed Ndebeles . We clearly see that Zanu pf as witnessed under Mugabe for 37 years, is a blood party and they are giving blood sacrifices to the devil. Look at how much death is witnessed endlessly in Zimbabwe, gukurahundi, murambatsvina, chiadzwa, 2008 political violence, cholera , HIV and 1 August 2018 army killing of 6 people, blood , blood and sacrifice to the devil, now Mnangagwa the man at the helm of Zimbabwe’s decision making and law processes is legitimising devil worship by welcoming the North korean cult worship leader, with Oliver Mtukudzi and Pastor Mahendere playing music to the brainwashed Zimbabwean public to lull them into signing their lives away to the devil , get into the show and get tagged with the infamous devil’s number, 50 people dead in two bus head on collision in Rusape last week and 42 dead in bus inferno at West Nicholson this week, lets see how many more will be sacrificed to the devil at the rate we are walking awy from the altar, steering the nation away from God. The more the devil gets, the happier he is, because he gives the Zanu pf cartel all the filthy wealth and riches to keep but he takes souls. If Zimbabweans thought they had suffered under Mugabe, think again, the worst is yet to come. When you understand the bible, you know what rejecting god and worshiping idols brings upon a people. ZIMBABWE water insecurity in urban centres,  exposes residents to waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid : Welcome to the Korean North cult worship….what a cursed nation. Need I say more?
 Source Byo24

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