BREAKING NEWS: ZANU PF has sacked Mugabe as Zanu PF party president, Mnangagwa declared new Zanu pf president and Gucci Grace stripped of Zanu pf membership!

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Zanu pf has sacked President Robert Mugabe as party president and elevated sacked VP Emmerson Mnangagwa to the post of new Zanu pf party president. Patrick Chinamasa made the announcement at the Zanu PF politburo and declared that Zimbabwe’s President and his wife are stripped of Zanu pf Membership and Mugabe is no longer the Zanu pf president while fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now effectively the new Zanu pf leader.
The politburo has also stripped Grace Mugabe and her husband Robert Mugabe of Zanu pf membership but Robert Mugabe is still Zimbabwe’s president and is in talks with the generals at a Zanu pf politburo meeting at the Zanu pf head quaters in Harare. If he refuses to accept reality and step down, the next option is for parliamentary impeachment.
The Zanu pf Central Committee also dismissed key high-level members aligned to First lady Grace Mugabe including the Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko,  minister of higher education Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe’s cousin finance minister Ignatious Chombo, Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, the local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, foreign affairs minister and Minister Walter Mzembi along with several top ZANU-PF party members aligned to the divisive first lady Gucci Grace in a meeting that set of a response of
close to 200 delegates clapping and cheering wildly at the decisions against the Mugabe and Grace Gushungo dynasty.
African leaders will be meeting in Angola on Tuesday to see how to resolve the crisis, however Zimbabweans are standing their ground and saying AU and SADC back off, this is not a coup, its peaceful and we the people who you have failed to assist for the last 18 years are now resolving it as a Zimbabwean problem with our military and no external force,..back off. Mugabe must go!
The world does have mixed feelings over the replacement of Mugabe with Emmerson Mnangagwa, a man who is considered as the architect of the gukurahundi genocide and a very ruthless leader but is a super wealthy leader who made millions from looting DRC during the DRC war but is seen as well connected globally in the international world and has potential to attract much needed foreign investment and re engage with the western world whom Mugabe had shut down as he leaned towards his disastrous ‘Look east Policy’ Its a tight rope as its agreed that zimbabweans are prepared to settle for mnangagwa as long as Mugabe is removed and then deal with whatever comes.
We all have Grace Mugabe’s rise from under Mugabe (67) as a married typist (21) and now her hunger at ruthless rise has forced her husband to fall from an organisation he created and the country he is leading, the greedy wife has destroyed, what once was an angel of black freedom, land to the people and anti western figure,..Mugabe is gone, zimbabwe vision has arrived,..lets celebrate. more news to follow! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

WHO REMEMBERS GUCCI GRACE MUGABE BEING BOOED at White City Stadium in Bulawayo a few days before her husband was placed under military arrest.

grace-mugabe rally

This one of her last public appearances and one at which the people clearly defied her in a prelude to the current situation in which Mugabe and wife will be strippped of Zanu PF party membership, Mugabe fired as the Zanu pf president and fired former Zimbabwe vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa will be elevated to the post of new Zanu pf head while the parliament will impeach Mugabe this week in a most fluid situation of developments? More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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By definition a coup is a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force and from an analytical view, the real Coup in Zimbabwe was in 2014

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By definition a coup is a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force. The rise of Grace Mugabe on to the political scene and power was a clear signal of the national descent into anarchy- political anarchy. It is very clear that as she rose in the party structures she also amassed more and more power uncensored. From the time of the Mujuru sacking in 2014 a de facto civilian coup had taken place in Zimbabwe. It was clear executive power had divested into the hands of the first lady. The President was no longer in control.

Why a civilian coup? Yes we all know the party state conflation that has obtained in Zimbabwe since independence. Zanu had become synonymous with government. Since the rise of Grace Mugabe executive power suddenly shifted from Munhumutapa Building the seat of government to wherever Grace Mugabe was at any given time. Grace Mugabe was elected or appointed as the secretary for women affairs in the ruling party Zanu PF. That position despite the clear party state conflation has no direct influence on executive functions as she was not even a member of cabinet.
The civilian coup was executed and consolidated with the aid of a few members of the executive.

As can be seen Grace’s attack on government officials always started on their government roles not party roles. In any case she never attacked their roles in the party. Therefore effectively she was dispensing executive functions. The President was no longer in control. Yes in their party it was ok for her to attack them for not implementing party policies in government but it was not ok for her to make pronouncements on their official government roles as was happening. Government has a clear monitoring and evaluation system for its officials and parties have their monitoring and evaluation systems for their government deployees.

The constitution of Zimbabwe is very clear on the roles and functions of the President and these functions are limited to the Presidium.

There is no constitutional role for the First lady in Zimbabwe or anywhere else in the world. By doing what she was doing she had executed a civilian coup and in the process captured the executive
The President willingly or unwillingly abdicated his executive functions which translates to abdicating his constitutional functions. Practically the First Lady had usurped the President’s constitutional powers and executive functions through unconstitutional means whether its in the bedroom as others would want to say or taking advantage of his advanced age. Either way it points to a civilian coup.

In terms of the constitution (Section 88) executive authority derives from the people of Zimbabwe and it vests in the President who exercises it through cabinet. Dr Grace Mugabe was neither the President nor in cabinet. So by what authority was she presiding over government functions?

In terms of the constitution (Section 89-90) the President is the Head of State and Government and therefore, its only him or his designate in terms of the constitution, who can make pronouncements on government functions. Therefore, it is the President’s (Not his wife’s) constitutional duty to uphold, defend, obey and respect the constitution as the supreme law of the nation. By allowing, willingly or unwillingly, his wife Grace to usurp his constitutional duties the President was virtually failing to play his constitutional role. By all standards he was incapacitated.

The constitution (Section 100-101) is also clear that if for any reason the President is unable to exercise his official functions those functions must be assumed and exercised by a vice President or a minister designated by the President or a Minister nominated by cabinet.

If anyone outside the confines of the constitution exercises executive authority, functions and duties of the President by definition and all intents and purposes has staged a coup. This means a constitutional order has been subverted. Executive power has been usurped. Hence a civilian coup environment would have ensued.
Apart from protecting Zimbabwe, its national security and interests and its territorial integrity it is the function of the defence forces to uphold the Zimbabwe constitution (Section 212).
A coup in whatever form is an abrogation of the supreme law of Zimbabwe. The army played its part in defending the constitution and returning Zimbabwe to constitutionalism.
In real terms what happened in Zimbabwe is not a military coup but an intervention to reverse a coup.
Whether the army had other intentions or not the move was a logical effluxion. The army is the last line of defence for the constitution after the President who is mandated to do same.

On another note the situation has created a perfect opportunity for the defence forces to shed off the perceived tag of partisanship. Whether we want to believe it or not the army move was in defence of national interests and the national constitution. A civilian coup was in operation.

We all want Zimbabwe working again. With events taking place in the past four years it was fast becoming a pipe dream that it would indeed work again. With the rise of the First Lady the future was indeed humid and overcast. Approval or disapproval the military move may be described as a positive wrong (if at all it qualifies to be called a wrong) to right a negative wrong.

We should take them at their word that they want to see a peaceful, prosperous, civilian run Zimbabwe where rights and freedoms in their totality are observed and respected. Now that they have started the ball rolling its imperative to create a conducive environment for the establishment of a representative national transitional government as a matter of urgency. The mandate of this representative and inclusive transitional animal is two fold. First is to arrest the debilitating economic meltdown that has devastated our people.

Secondly, because we are a constitutional democracy where power is transferred or retained through election, to prepare the country for free, fair and credible elections. Yes transition has begun. Zimbabwe is in irreversible transition. Things will never be the same again. To our gallant men and women in uniform Nzira dzemasoja dzekuzvibata nadzo should remain the guiding principles. You belong to Zimbabwe. And all of us regardless of political affiliation ARE Zimbabwe. It’s time to forgive and move on. A new beginning. The stage is set. God bless our country and return us to the ideals of the liberation struggle and constitutionalism. By Earnest Nyamukachi Conflict Analyst, Mediator and Researcher

MESSAGE to Mugabe: ‘We the people of Zimbabwe together with our soldiers, are tired of your oppressive authority, sign the document and go and look after chickens in Zvimba,


The despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe is expected to meet army generals today to further discuss the situation in Zimbabwe. The generals placed Mugabe under house arrest last week, four days ago and are pressing for him to exit the presidential role in a constitutional manner by signing the document that he is stepping down, rather than the situation being called a coup.
The Zanu pf party are politburo are also united in calling for him to step down and are set to depose Mugabe today by removing him from the position of Zanu pf leader and making the fired former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as the new Zanu PF leader.
Ending Mugabe’s tenure as leader of the Zanu PF party will pave way for a constitutional action by Parliament in which Mugabe will be impeached on Tuesday 22 November 2017 by a specially called for parliamentary sitting which wasn’t scheduled for all along.
The generals hope that he will today agree to step down and avoid the lengthy legal process of impeachment. However the world knows that Mugabe is a wily old man who is certainly skilled at gaining advantages, particulaly in a deceitful manner.Ten of thousands of Zimbabweans demonstrated peacefully yesterday to him home calling for his removal. Technically Mugabe is still president but Generals are pushing for him to step down.
To the discerning eye new zimbabwe vision, it could complicate the situation if we reach impeachment. This is because, Mnangagwa is a long term ally from his teens when he joined Zanu Pf from the start in the early 60s as Mugabe’s personal aide and security and has been a powerful figure in the strengthening of Mugabe’s rule and monopoly over wealth and power.
Mugabe knows that Mnangagwa is a man who has full involvement in most of his past human attrocities such as the death of Gen Josiah Magama Tongogara, Gen Solomon Mujuru, gukurahundi, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, 2008 election violence, early 2000 murderous white farmer removal, all in powerful roles like Minister of state and Legal minister all postings meant to protect Security, Mugabe and Zanu pf stalwarts from prosecution for their crimes against humanity, so r, rightfully in Mugabe’s book, Mnangagwa and army generals who are mostly Zanu pf and liberation war allies are all equally guilty of all these atrocities so he is not going down alone.
It is that axe hanging over the generals heads that makes it critical for Generals to get Mugabe to step off from power in a ‘constitutional ‘ manner by signing the document. They are able to guarantee him a free life in Zimbabwe as a respected states man who liberated the country, a father of the Republic of Zimbabwe and a man who gave the blacks their land by addressing the past imbalances created by the racist white Ian Smith Rhodesian regime which he ousted on 18 April 1980 at Independance.
Mugabe will milk this to the fullest by pushing for all he can including freedom and security for his family or maybe safe passage for his family to another country like the Middle East where they have stashed their billions and hold mansions and have been educated and have medical specialists looking after them.
Mugabe and wife, have particularly since 2014 dismissed countless Zanu pf stalwarts, cabinet ministers and two vice presidents and interestingly enough, the Zanu pf they thought they were strengthening is the same party which will depose Mugabe and replace him with Emmerson Mnangagwa as the leader while also removing Grace Mugabe from Zanu PF women’ s league leadership.
People power by Zimbabweans over the military involvement and opportunity to express their desire to urgently remove Mugabe and move a peaceful, democratic, just, equal and united society less oppressive Mugabe, Zim 1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats.
The people of Zimbabwe have shown through national euphoria that the end has come for Mugabe and no matter how long it takes or by whatever means, he is finished The Mugabe era has ended and its either he signs power over and steps down or he is stripped of power and impeached but either way to Zimbabweans, Mugabe must go! More news to follow.  By Sibusiso Ngwenya


The Zanu PF politburo has agreed to depose Mugabe as the Zanu pf leader tomorrow and re instate fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
The Zanu pf action will then pave way for parliament to impeach the despot Mugabe on Tuesday and commence legal proceedings against Mugabe if he doesnt stand down of his own will as he stubbornly refuses to legitimise a coup though generals say this is not a coup and want to afford him a decent exit as a statesman, the founder of Zimbabwe, an icon of black rule and one who reclaimed land for the black people..
At the moment Mugabe is still standing his ground refusing to stand down from power arguing that doing so would be legitimising a coup and this is forcing parliament and Zanu pf to explore the alternative of the Zanu pf party deposing him and parliament impeaching him.
We are now at apoint of no return and Generals along with the people of Zimbabwe would be in serious danger if Mugabe was allowed back into office, so there is no turning back for us, Mugabe must go! More news to follow by Sibusiso Ngwenya
Photos – newsday-Zimbabweans celebrating with the army blessing.

PATRICK ZHUWAO has in the last half an hour said that his uncle President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe are ready to die for the nation.


PATRICK ZHUWAO has in the last half an hour said that his uncle President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe are ready to die for the nation. This is in absolute defiance to calls for Mugabe to step down. Meanwhile around Harare massive numbers of Zimbabweans are protesting wildly in advance celebration of Mugabe’s exit from power as Mugabe is under house arrest by the military but continuously refusing to step down, More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

SEASONED Bulawayo judicial officer Justice Lawrence Kamocha (70) this week retired from the High Court bench after serving the judiciary for 47 years

SEASONED Bulawayo judicial officer Justice Lawrence Kamocha this week retired from the High Court bench after serving the judiciary for 47 years. Justice Kamocha joined the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on September 1, 1970 as a court interpreter. Justice Kamocha left a mark as an interpreter due to his fluency in nine different languages.
He studied law and rose through the ranks to become a judge of the High Court. At independence in 1980, Justice Kamocha was sworn in as a magistrate and he worked in various parts of the country, including Beitbridge, Bulawayo and Hwange before being appointed Chief Magistrate of Zimbabwe.
He was appointed judge of the Administrative Court in 1993 and later joined the High Court bench in 1997. In an interview, Justice Kamocha urged younger judicial officers to keep out of politics and serve professionally with honour.
He emphasised on diligence, honesty, determination, hard work as the key to success in the judicial sector. “As a judicial officer, every one trusts you. You need to be honest. Keep out of politics as much as you can and you will serve happily with honour. Stay away from politicians who try to befriend you with the intention of corrupting you. Don’t get yourself in politics. Politicians can mislead you,” said Justice Kamocha.
Commenting on his “rags to riches” type of story, Justice Kamocha said he rose from being an interpreter to become a judge through hard work and determination. “I remained focussed towards my goals. As a magistrate, I worked hard until I was elevated to a senior magistrate. During that time, no one could be promoted beyond that position without a law degree.
“I had to go back to school to study law. I was then promoted to a provincial magistrate, and later on a regional magistrate. When I was a regional magistrate, I worked hard and was now aiming to become a chief magistrate . . .” he said.
The Judicial Service Commission this week handed over a present to Justice Kamocha and his wife at their Bulawayo home. Justice Kamocha said he has served the judiciary for a long time and he now wanted to rest and would not be involved in any form of work after retirement.
“Forty-seven years is not a joke. I now want to rest. I have not thought of anything else to do after retirement,” he said.
Justice kamocha retired on November 15 this year and the day coincided with his 70th birthday. Daniel Nemukuyu


AFTER THE MILITARY TAKE OVER IN ZIMBABWE THE GOVERNMANT HAS NOW RENAMED all army barracks after national heroes and not one is called Robert Mugabe or Grace Mugabe. See the list of new names effective with immediate effect..
The military is not turning back on removing Mugabe and they are swiftly giving recognition to true heroes in Zimbabwe.
Harare’s King George VI Barracks and Air Force Headquarters will now be called Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks.
Bulawayo’s Brady Barracks in Bulawayo is now called Mzilikazi Barrakcs.
Harare Cranborne cantonment and old Cranborne cantonment will now be called Charles Gumbo and Kaguvi Barracks respectively.
Karuyana Barracks is now Chitekedza Barracks
3 Brigade is now Herbert Chitepo Barracks.
Chipinga cantonment is now William Ndangana Barracks
4 Brigade Barracks is now Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks.
Second Battalion is now Masvingo Barracks
Gutu Barracks is now Chinomukutu Barracks.
Andrew Louw School is now Sengwe Barracks
Stamford Dzivarasekwa is now Dzivarasekwa Barracks.
Inkomo Camp is now Inkomo Barracks
Llewellin Barracks is now called Lookout Masuku Barracks.
Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru is now Solomon Mujuru barracks.
Umtali cantonment is now called Charles Dauramanzi Barracks.
Inkomo Camp (Mounted regiment) is now Amoth Norbert Chingombe Barracks
Battalion Battle School Headquarters and Battalion Battle Training Area are now called Rekayi Tangwena Barracks.
Flyde Air Force Base is now called Jason Ziyapapa Moyo Air Force Base
Royal Rhodesian Thornhill Air Force Base is now Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base.
More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

TODAY ZIMBABWEANS WORLDWIDE MUST JOIN the big march in the homeland Zimbabwe Harare against Mugabe and show global support for the military action against Mugabe.


TODAY ZIMBABWEANS WORLDWIDE MUST JOIN the big march in the homeland Zimbabwe Harare against Mugabe and show global support for the military action against Mugabe. The nation is grateful that the generals have not allowed Zimbabwe to descend into middle east style violence and they are in support of peaceful protest, with no looting, hateful speech and incitement of violence today. Even though there are no police in Zimbabwe the military will be in full control of peace and order.

We must all go out in full support to the protest and show the world that we are a peaceful nation, brought up in a peaceful, loving, united Christian back ground. It is fair to say that most Zimbabweans are ecstatic that the army have not harmed Mugabe, are allowing him to carry out official duties such as capping graduates in their bid to give a descent exit from office, that will allow him to live his last few years peacefully in Zimbabwe with his pensions, benefits, security. We the people of Zimbabwe are fully behind the army and maintain our stance that the AU and SADC must be kept out because over the last seventeen years they have been behind Mugabe’s oppression of the people, so now we say let the dictator Mugabe who has cause so much, torture, murder, pain, destruction, forced exile and suffering for 37 years live so he can witness what true democracy, peace, justice, equality and freedom is to a people, black, white, any race, tribe, religion and orientation.

If it were my choice I’d ask under 11 year olds to line up along second street extension in Harare and let Mugabe walk along the procession unaccompanied so the minors can show him and tell him what hurt has been brought into their lives by Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats. All roads lead to military backed protests today. Lets stand with the army, shut out AU, SADC, African heads and west, as this is now a Zimbabwean issue, being addressed by Zimbabweans with their military peacefully. Mugabe must go! Sibusiso Ngwenya

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