Morgan Tsvangirai is said to be recovering very well in South Africa where he was airlifted after experiencing health problems last week.

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MDC-T deputy secretary general Tapiwa Mashakada has said doomsayers have been put to shame as the leader of the party Morgan Tsvangirai is said to be recovering very well in South Africa where he was airlifted after experiencing health problems last week.
Claims were made that Tsvangirai had died following his airlifting to SA.
“Through the grace of the Lord my President is doing fine and recuperating in South Africa. Doomsayers have been put to shame. The Lord heals but mankind curses and mocks. We are all mortals and illness can come without applying,” Mashakada said.
“I personally thank all Zimbabweans who continue to pray for the full recovery of my President and personal mentor. I have worked with him since I joined the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in 1991. He is a determined fighter and our indefatigable brand. He is the able leader of the MDC Alliance which is going to bury Zanu PF rule once and for all in 2018. His resolve is unshakeable.”
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Mugabe’s nephew former Zifa president Leo Mugabe has called on the current Zifa boss, his cousin Philip Chiyangwa to step down

FORMER Zifa president Leo Mugabe has called on the current boss at the local football governing body Philip Chiyangwa to step down as the chairman of the Zifa Referees Committee in the wake of his embarrassing gaffe, which his critics argue has brought the local game into disrepute.
Mugabe’s comments come in the wake of Chiyangwa’s farcical decision to rescind Dynamos striker Christian Ntouba Epoupa’s red card thickens.
And Mugabe, a former Caf executive committee member – who served as Zifa president between 1994 and 2002 – weighed in, saying Chiyangwa should just swallow his pride and do the honourable thing to avoid further embarrassment.
“It’s not ideal at all to have the Zifa president chairing the Referees Committee because it [the committee] makes decisions, which can be appealed and the appeal process is such that the matter will end up with the Zifa board,” Mugabe told Sports World in an interview on Friday.
“There is clear conflict of interest because, as the president, you would want a situation where due process is followed and if it’s you who is not following due process, who is overseeing who?” Mugabe quipped.
“In any case, this game was not a Zifa game, it was a PSL match played under its rules and regulations and the person that I find out of sight is the person who took that compliant to the Zifa board.”
Chiyangwa, who has no prior experience in football officiating, last year appointed himself chairman of the Zifa Referees Committee, which also includes Gladmore Muzambi (vice-chairperson), Kainos Mavhuna, Japhet Mufiri, Thabani Mkanjo, Musa Ntonga.
Mugabe said Chiyangwa should consult individuals with experience in football administration before making unilateral decisions to avoid further embarrassment.
“I think they need to seek advice from those that know the game of football. They might not have the same money as they have but there are people out here who have a lot of experience insofar as soccer is concerned. You cannot equal it [experience] to anything else,” he said.
“I ran Zifa for 10 years and of those 10, I had four years as a CAF executive committee member and the referees committee at CAF level was chaired by an executive committee member but at the end of the day, we had an appeals regime where the CAF’s executive committee was not involved to avoid similar scenarios like what is happening.”
The veteran football administrator, also took a dig at the Dynamos leadership, which he said had brought the game of football into disrepute by deliberately registering their complaint to the Zifa boss instead of PSL.
The Harare giants, in blatant violation of PSL regulations, purport to have written a letter to Zifa protesting the decision by Masvingo referee Arnold Ncube to eject Epoupa after he head-butted Highlanders defender Peter Muduhwa.
“They were supposed to take their complaint to the PSL. So in actual fact, whoever wrote that complaint is guilty of bringing the game of football into disrepute in the first place. It’s clear they wanted to take advantage of the Zifa president’s lack of understanding of football rules and regulations,” he said.
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‘NDEBELES are so ignorant of the fact that they are actually Shona to the extent that white people take advantage of their situation to cause divisions in the country’-Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (ZHT) CEO, Pritchard Zhou

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THE NDEBELE people of Zimbabwe are so ignorant of the fact that they are actually Shona to the extent that white people take advantage of their situation to cause divisions in the country, Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (ZHT) CEO, Pritchard Zhou, said on Tuesday.
Accordingt o, Zhou was addressing a workshop on National Consciousness and the Role of Music in Nation Building organized by ZHT in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association in Harare.
He said the West was playing a tribal card to divide Zimbabweans adding that most regime change agenda programmes were found in Matebeleland.
“Matebeleland is designed to remove President Robert Mugabe. If you go to Bulawayo, you will find that nine floors on a building house NGOs. The message they get is that Mugabe is not your leader,” Zhou said.
He said community initiatives such as Radio Dialogue, a not for profit community radio station aspiring to broadcast to the community of Bulawayo and its surrounding areas, were funded by the West to demonize the country and its leaders.
“Radio Dialogue is run by a Serbian national and its job is to record literature that speaks ill about Zimbabwean government and Zanu PF which is then broadcast on Studio 7 in the evening. That is why the USA has supplied shortwave radios which are given to taxi drivers,” he claimed.
He then said the Ndebele’s were ignorant of their history and thought they originated from neighboring South Africa when they were actually Shonas whose language was contaminated.
“The Ndebeles didn’t come from South Africa; they are as Shona as anyone in terms of the blood that runs in them save for their Ndebele language. These are divide and rule tactics being used because people don’t know their history. The white man uses lack of understanding of history to their advantage,” he said.
He said Matopos, where the late Cecil John Rhodes is buried, was home to the Christian movement, which he said was used to spread the white man’s propaganda.
“Matebeleland South is the home of the Mwari (God) religion. If you go to Matopos you find at every high place there is a cross and we all know a cross is a Christian propaganda,” he said, adding the West was bent on removing African governments that were pro-people and replacing them with their own puppets.
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TSVANGIRAI in ‘critical,but stable’ condition at South Africa’s Wits Gordon Hospital, but at home the scramble for his position continues


FORMER Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai remains in critical, but stable condition at South Africa’s Wits Gordon Hospital, but at home the scramble for his position continues amid indications the MDC-T could be forced into an emergence congress before elections next year.

While party supporters and other senior officials were lobbying deputy president Nelson Chamisa to take over, his rivals have indicated the youthful former Cabinet minister was way down the pecking order.
“He (Tsvangirai) is in bad shape. It’s a trying time for the party. Constitutionally, Thokozani Khupe is the acting president, by virtue of her election at congress and that she has served in that position for over 11 years,” a senior party leader, who declined to be named said.

By yesterday, however, insiders said Tsvangirai had improved.

“There has been a marked improvement although the situation remains serious,” NewsDay heard.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka in a statement said the MDC-T leader had laughed off reports that his health had taken a nose-dive.

“President Tsvangirai is responding well to a routine medical procedure in South Africa and has laughed off gruesome Press reports about his condition.

President Tsvangirai said there is no need for national alarm about his condition, adding that several prophets of doom were keen on creating despondency and pouring cold water on the emerging convergence in the country on which Zimbabweans have pinned their hope,” Tamborinyoka said.

Asked by NewsDay who the party’s acting leader was, Tamborinyoka was evasive.

“Everyone is performing their mandate as assigned. The deputy presidents, secretary-general and other officials know their duties and they are dutifully performing them,” he said.

Khupe is currently at loggerheads with Tsvangirai over proposals for a coalition of opposition forces. The former Deputy Prime Minister was opposed to Tsvangirai’s move to bring back his former lieutenants, MDC leader Welshman Ncube and PDP leader Tendai Biti, closer to him on the MDC Alliance table.

But party spokesperson Obert Gutu declared “there is no vacancy in the presidency”.

“It’s tomfoolery for anyone to think about succession in the MDC. President Tsvangirai is fit, able and capable to execute his mandate. He will be our candidate in the election next year. We are not even thinking about anything beyond that. We have no space to discuss succession. Let those who want to dream remain locked up in their nightmare,” Gutu said yesterday.

Khupe was not available for comment, but has been avoiding the MDC-T headquarters Harvest House in Harare since she was bashed by suspected rogue party youths at the provincial party offices in Bulawayo last month.

Chamisa reportedly stood in for Tsvangirai in crunch meetings with MDC Alliance partners held in Kadoma after the MDC-T leader fell ill and had to be airlifted to South Africa last week. Bulawayo24

GOSPEL MUSIC SENSATION FUNGISAI ZVAKAVAPANO-MASHAVE (36) was yesterday slapped with a five-month jail term, after she was convicted on her own plea for negligent driving.


GOSPEL MUSIC SENSATION FUNGISAI ZVAKAVAPANO-MASHAVE (36) was yesterday slapped with a five-month jail term, after she was convicted on her own plea for negligent driving.

Zvakavapano-Mashavave will, however, not spend time in prison after presiding magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura set aside three months on condition of good behaviour and a $200 fine for the remaining two months.

Chitumbura said in passing sentence, she considered that Zvakavapano-Mashavave was a first offender who had also shown remorse for her errors.

The negligent driving charge arose after the top gospel musician lost control of her Mercedes Benz vehicle and rammed into three other vehicles on July 27 this year.

Prosecutor Isheunesu Mhiti told the court during trial that at around 11pm on the day in question, Zvakavapano-Mashavave — who is a licensed driver — was driving along Leopold Takawira Street going to Avondale in Harare, occupying the inner lane.

The court also heard that Zvakavapano-Mashavave was following too close to a Toyota Corolla, driven by first complainant Onias Kapuranyika.

The musician failed to keep a proper look-out and made an overtaking error thereby hitting a Toyota Wish on the right front wheel, driven by second complainant Makwara Kudakwashe, who was occupying the outer lane.

The court heard that the gospel star lost control of her vehicle and hit Kapuranyika’s vehicle on the rear left side. As a result of Zvakavapano-Mashavave’s error, the third complainant Patrick Zimbiru, who was driving a Subaru vehicle rammed, the musician’s vehicle from behind.

The State further stated that Zvakavapano-Mashavave’s Mercedes Benz sustained extensive damage, while Makwara’s vehicle sustained damage on the right rear front passenger seat and Kapuranyika’s vehicle sustained rear lenses damage and Zimbiru’s vehicle on the bumper.

Makwara suffered some injuries and this was confirmed by a medical report presented in court.

The court heard that Zvakavapano-Mashavave was speeding, following too close to the vehicle in front.Desmond Chingarande. newsday.

Former Manchester United and England defender Ferdinand (38) has now announced that he will step into the boxing ring

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Former Manchester United and England defender Ferdinand (38)
In the two years since retirement, the footballer, former Manchester United and England defender Ferdinand (38) lost both his mother and wife to cancer.
The 38-year-old’ has now announced that he will step into the boxing ring and is being backed by betting company Betfair, which realeased the news on Tuesday.
He says he is doing it because it’s a challenge, and he has won several titles including the Premier League six times and the Champions League once during his time in Manchester, but now aims to win a boxing belt.”
The former footballer, Ferdinand will be coached by Team GB coach and ex WBC super-middleweight champion Richie Woodhall, and is seen as holding height and reach advantages over other boxers in his weight division which could land him a title victory with time. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-sun- Former Manchester United and England defender Ferdinand (38)

Using Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures), Mugabe has now amended the Electoral Act through Statutory Instrument 117 of 2017 ahead of the 2018 general elections.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is in the eye of a storm after he allegedly usurped Parliament’s powers and amended electoral laws ahead of the 2018 general elections.
Using the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures), Mugabe amended the Electoral Act through Statutory Instrument 117 of 2017, a move which has been frowned at by the opposition and independent electoral watchdogs.
MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday accused Mugabe of unilaterally tampering with the 2013 Constitution, which provides that laws like the Electoral Act should only be amended by primary legislation.
“This type of amendment is aimed at usurping the constitutional functions of Parliament. You normally find this state of affairs in fascist and Stalinist dictatorships, where Parliament is weakened and emasculated.
“The fact of the matter is that Mugabe stubbornly has never really respected the role of Parliament in Zimbabwe. To him, Parliament is simply a window-dressing and rubber-stamping forum,” he said.
People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said: “The President is a player in the elections and he should not be making the rules because he now becomes the referee, we have just seen the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairlady (Rita Makarau) kneeling before him, making a mockery of the whole process.”
The Elections Resource Centre (ERC) castigated Mugabe, saying he had acted unconstitutionally by using Presidential powers to amend the law.
“While the amended provisions of the Electoral Act have been an advocacy target for organisations working on elections in the past, it is regrettable that government has opted to take a potentially contestable route to address concerns around the legal framework for elections.
“If our elections are to be credible, they must be conducted within the confines of the law, meaning that even the rules for elections must be passed through constitutional and legal means,” ERC said. The proposed amendment seeks to bar use of voter registration certificates as proof that one is an eligible voter if that person’s name does not appear on the voters’ roll.
“This is a welcome amendment. The use of voter registration certificates in the July 2013 general election was a major bone of contention, as the registration slips were easily faked and the basis of many complaints of vote rigging and electoral fraud,” constitutional watchdog Veritas said.

“Dereck Lupemba who has a MSc in Chemistry Education is Appointed Vice President of Zimbabwe People First, (ZimFirst Party).

ZimFirst President Maxwell Shumba on Tuesday said Dereck Lupemba has been appointed as the vice President of his party.
“Dereck Lupemba who has a MSc in Chemistry Education is Appointed Vice President of Zimbabwe People First, ZimFirst Party Presidential Ticket. Our party continues to hold dear the uniqueness of our internal processes that continue to see us developing positively forward,” said Shumba in a statement.
“The Party, during Phase One of our operations that began in 2015, focused on recruiting genuine leaders that will rebuild Zimbabwe from the current ruins. Phase One is coming to a close with critical personnel for the campaign identified.”
Shumba said the next phase in building the party into the new voice of the masses will focus on the election of a National Executive Council, the Provincial leadership, official nomination of all candidates for the 2018 elections (the Campaign Presidential Ticket, Parliament and Senatorial candidates) at a Convention whose preparation have begun.
“In preparation for the official nomination of the Final Voice 2018 Presidential Ticket and in accordance with the principles of our party internal process, I set out a three persons VP Search Committee comprising of the Chief Political Strategist and Presidential Spokesperson Irene Mlambo, Human Resources Director Peter Kanyuchi and the Deputy Campaign Chief Executive Officer (now the new CEO) Pastor Patson Mukucha to conduct a VP search,” he said.
“I am pleased to announce that upon recommendation from the VP Search Committee I have chosen current CEO Mr. Dereck Lupemba, a man full of wisdom and of high integrity to be my running mate for the 2018 Presidential Elections. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Lupemba an Educationist and holder of a Masters Degree in Chemistry Education, on coming aboard the Shumba presidential ticket that will now be known as the Shumba-Lupemba Presidential Ticket. The ticket will seek the Party’s nomination at the Convention that has been mentioned above.”
He said in addition, please help me welcome Pastor Patson Mukucha to the new position of ZimFirst CEO.
“We wish the office bearers all the best on their new positions. Untainted, Clean and Fresh,” he said.
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photo-ZimFirst President Maxwell Shumba

A 35-year-old injiva from Tsholotsho allegedly fatally assaulted his stepmother with a knobkerrie after accusing her of bewitching him, police have confirmed.

A 35-year-old injiva from Tsholotsho allegedly fatally assaulted his stepmother with a knobkerrie after accusing her of bewitching him, police have confirmed.
Matabeleland North Province police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese said they arrested Smile Ncube of Chief Mathuphula’s area following the incident which occurred on Wednesday last week.
“I can confirm the arrest of a South Africa-based man who beat his step mother to death with a knobkerrie in Sipepa, Tsholotsho,” said Insp Makonese.
The woman, Antoneta Moyo (56) died on Thursday at Tsholotsho District Hospital where she had been admitted due to injuries sustained from the assault.
Her 16-year-old daughter escaped as Ncube assaulted her before turning to the elderly woman.
Moyo was a widow after her husband, Ncube’s father died.
“Smile Ncube returned home sometime in August from South Africa where he is based and started accusing his stepmother of bewitching him. A domestic dispute ensued and the now deceased fled from home with her daughter who is aged 16,” said Insp Makonese.
She said Moyo and her daughter sought refuge at a relative’s homestead in the neighbouring village.
An armed Ncube, who was convinced that his stepmother was responsible for his misfortunes in the neighbouring country, allegedly located the two on Wednesday last week.
“On Wednesday the suspect armed himself with a knobkerrie and hunted his stepmother. He found the now deceased and the girl sitting in a kitchen hut at his uncle’s homestead whereupon he accused his half sister of fleeing from home.
“Ncube started beating up the girl and the now deceased intervened in an attempt to stop him from assaulting her daughter. He then turned on her and the girl escaped,” said Insp Makonese.
She said Ncube assaulted his stepmother all over the body with the knobkerrie.
Neighbours rushed to the scene after hearing the woman screaming.
They found her lying helplessly in a pool of blood and rushed her to Sipepa Clinic where she was transferred to Tsholotsho District Hospital.
Her condition deteriorated and she died on the following day.
Ncube has since been arrested is expected to appear in court facing murder charges, police said.
Insp Makonese appealed to members of the public not to resort to violence when faced with domestic disputes.
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A haulage truck overturned along the Bulawayo – Masvingo highway almost blocked traffic using the road this morning.

According to villagers who live along the highway, a huge sound was heard along the highway around 9am.
The villagers said when they rushed to investigate the cause of the sound they saw the overturned truck and had to break the windows to pull the driver out.
The overturned truck had a burst tyre which those who were at the scene suspect could have been the cause of the accident.
The South African registered truck’s driver who was visibly shocked could not talk to reporters.
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