‘Zanu pf monopolises power even when defeated in elections because its well set in guerilla mode’ -DISCUSS!


‘Zanu pf monopolises power even when defeated in elections because its well set in guerilla mode’ -DISCUSS!

‘Calling for diasporans to come back and share in being assaulted by Mugabe’s Zanu pf and securocrats, shows how limited people’s views can be,

To the,Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, its easy to realise that Mugabe and key players such as Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats spent a long time outside Zimbabwe spreading information about the liberation struggle, seeking financial, weapons, medical, material and welfare support for those on the ground. The same applies now and we as a people have a well educated, well travelled, settled, financially stable and liquid, and well informed diaspora gathering.

The diasporan force are well educated and the people of Zimbabwe must realise that, this powerful group worldwide, have greater access to forceful and effective international groups such as different country foreign ministries, EU, UN , US and former colonial master UK, amongst others. As we approach the 2018 ballot, Zimbabweans must ramp up pressure against the oppressive Zanu pf regime who continuously monopolise wealth and power by creating destabilisation in the system through various methods open to them.

We had the international world including Russia, China, Zambia, South Africa but the list is not exhaustive. We cannot, today sit back and wallow in misery and seek to all go back to chaos and hope by sharing beatings things will get better. Do something now from outside or inside, stand up and be counted, fight for the motherland in every way you can,..wake up Zimbabwe! DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

‘Zanu PF still commemorates Nehanda and liberation struggle yet claim gukurahundi genocide is a closed history chapter’

Mthwakazi Republic Party Spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo has said the remarks made by Zanu PF MPs in the Zimbabwean Parliament on 17 May 2017, during the debate of the proposed so-called National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill shows how narrow-minded they are and proves that they are out of touch with reality and are wishful thinkers.
Zanu PF MPs such as Joseph Chinotimba and Oliver Mandipaka vehemently turned down the Bill and called for other MPs in the House to reject it as well saying it rekindles the wounds of the Gukurahundi victims.
“For Zanu PF MPs to think that Gukurahundi genocide is now water under the bridge shows how shallow minded they are. “Asifuni Bumbulu thina”. Zanu PF is still commemorating Mbuya Nehanda of the eighteen century, they still go to Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Nyadzonya, and Morogoro among other places,” Gumbo said in a post posted on Facebook.
“They still have Chimurenga files on ZBC TV that focus on the 1963 to 1979 war. Yet they claim Gukurahundi genocide that took place in 1983 to 87 is history and should no longer be talked about. The unity accord of 1987 has not benefitted our people, it is Mashonaland people who have benefited from it immensely. Considering the fact that we lost more than 20 000 people.”
He said that was a benefit to Mashonaland who now call us a minority. The unity accord still benefits them on the fact that they are all over us riding on this idiotic settlement which is not different from the 1979 Lancaster House settlement.
” In fact, the 1987 accord was just a piecemeal arrangement which did not bring a long lasting solution to the Mthwakazi problems, neither did it bring the anticipated coexistence with Zimbabwe. Instead, it worsened the Shona supremacy on Mthwakazi people hence the continued economic genocide and political imbalances,” Gumbo said.
“It is, therefore, wishful thinking, to think that Gukurahundi genocide will just go away. Joseph Chinotimba must never play jokes with Gukurahundi genocide, that is totally unacceptable together with his fellow Cdes. Before Mthwakazi get justice for Gukurahundi genocide, the issue will never go away. In the first place, the bill which Mphoko was/ is trying to endorse is on its own a flawed document.”
He said as long as it does not address Truth, it is a non-starter, as long as it does not deal with Gukurahundi genocide it won’t work, most importantly as long as the Zimbabwe government does not address Mthwakazi Restoration peace is still very far from being achieved.
“If Zanu PF thinks Gukurahundi will just go away, then they must rethink, because the youth are angrier than their parents the original victims, as long as employment, land, respect, business opportunities, government tenders are still preserved for Shona people then Unity will not exist between us,” he said.
“The MPs must be aware that what happened at BF last Sunday was the effect of Gukurahundi genocide, and will continue like that or be worse if such issues remain unresolved. Finally, as MRP we would like to take this opportunity to applaud uMthwakazi wonke for standing up and supporting their team at the time of need.”
“And we would like to encourage all of us to take the initiative stand up and be united the same way we are contributing for our beloved Bosso in unity. Let’s take the initiative in our economic development, in defence of our rural and urban land, employment, our culture, and our businesses, as well as our territory,” he added. Source – Byo24News

(Mugabe will defeat opposition in 2018 and no opposition holds the stamina to match Zanu-PF’-PTUZ) SG Raymond Majongwe

President Mugabe will win the 2018 general elections with an even wider margin than before because he has managed to identify himself with the people while the opposition has been concentrating on bickering among themselves, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Mr Raymond Majongwe has predicted.
Mr Majongwe, a well-known President Mugabe and Government critic, said the Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces will defeat opposition parties, adding that none of the current parties and individuals had the stamina to match Zanu-PF.
He said this last Friday, where he was one of the panellists during a public debate, discussing the political future of the country.
Others panellists included Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association chairperson Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa.
Mr Majongwe said President Mugabe continued to spearhead developmental projects in the country while the opposition was not doing anything, save to mock him about his advanced age.
“Many of us cannot compete against that 93-year-old man and it is unfortunate that I have to tell you that in 2018 (President) Mugabe is going to win with a bigger margin. Change don’t come by accident, the reason why Christiano Ronaldo is the best player is that he does not go drinking and then comes to play, he works hard for what he does.
“The opposition in this country, where is it today? (President) Mugabe is walking like a snail addressing people, opening bridges, (while) the opposition is busy laughing on social media, saying look at him, he is falling,” said Mr Majongwe.
He described the MDC-T led by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai as naïve.
“Many of us take (President) Mugabe for granted.
“I have always said the reason why the MDC and many other parties might not, may not even become the next government is that they do not know Zanu-PF. They are too narrow, too naïve, ideologically bankrupt to understand what they are dealing with,” he said.
“I want to repeat, kuState House kure especially in this country.
“It’s not an easy journey. Mugabe was Mandela before Mandela. These are the facts. (President) Mugabe became a hero not only in this country,” he said.
He slammed Mr Tsvangirai for making threats to service chiefs, saying this was self-defeating.
Mr Majongwe outlined development spearheaded by the Government in education, land reform and judiciary among other areas.
“After the Cyclone Dineo occurred, what did the opposition do, nothing! What did Mugabe do — go to the people in that region, they do not know of any other political party that came to them other than Zanu-PF. Whatever they brought is of no consequence.
“That is why I say the party that will replace Zanu-PF has not yet been formed.
“The leaders have not yet come to the party,” said Mr Majongwe.
“(President) Mugabe will run this country whether you like it or not because of naivety and ideological bankruptcy that characterises the people of this generation, there are those that call themselves political parties and yet they are masters of pretence and political maggots in this country,” he said.
Mr Mutsvangwa commended the security services saying the good organisational structure has not only seen the country attaining independence, but helped the country survive, to date, in the wake of illegal sanctions. He said there were few bad apples in Government whom he said had suddenly become ambitious. Zavamaida Murwira. Herald

‘If ZEC,are biased and create conditions for violence, we will not stand and watch being cheated’-Tsvangirai

Opposition political party leaders, including MDC-T’s Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, have threatened violence if they lose next year’s harmonised elections to the ruling zanu-pf.
Addressing people from various political parties gathered under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) here yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai said violence and subsequent abandonment of the Battle of Zimbabwe match between Highlanders and Dynamos “could visit the country”.
He accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of bias.
“ZEC is a referee and we have a referee that throws away the whistle and joins the other team. That is not a referee.
“That is what we are telling ZEC, that if you don’t become an impartial referee then you are creating conditions for violence. We are not going to stand and watch when we have been cheated,” said the opposition leader.
The serial-losing opposition leader and his party has been trounced by President Mugabe and zanu-pf since 2000, but always attributes his dismal performance to alleged rigging.
He said the Biometric Voter Registration process which is to be piloted in the Chiwundura by-election would prove that zanu-pf cheats.
Under the pretext of phantom information that a senior zanu-pf official reportedly advocated violence fearing defeat from the opposition, Mr Tsvangirai said they would set up bases.
“To advocate for violence against the people they liberated, they are going to set up bases. Don’t worry, what stops us from building our own bases,” he said.
National People’s Party (NPP) vice president Mr Samuel Sipepa Nkomo said zanu-pf has remained in power due to the people’s fear of taking to the streets.
“We are in this situation not because of (President) Mugabe, zanu-pf or CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation), but because of fear,” he said.
“If it was in South Africa things will not be like this.
“Zimbabweans are bewitched.
“The day we are going to throw away fear, that’s the day of our liberation.”
He urged the opposition to move from mere words to action.
The opposition leaders, he said without elaborating, have had numerous Memorandum of Understanding which have failed to dislodge zanu-pf, but what was now needed is action.
He said opposition parties should invade the zanu-pf rural stronghold. Walter Nyamukondiwa herald

Six hour siege, fists, stabbings as Zanu-PF rival groups clash at Zanu PF party’s offices at Davies Hall in Bulawayo

VIOLENT scenes erupted at Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial headquarters, Davies Hall, yesterday when rival groups clashed during a provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting.
The violence saw provincial youth league chairperson Cde Anna Mokgohloa being assaulted by war veterans, while Bulawayo Central District chairperson Cde Magura Charumbira was stabbed in the head and face.
Youths and war veterans laid an almost six-hour siege at the hall while Central Committee members, Politburo members, provincial executives and legislators were holed up inside.
Anti-riot police had to be called in to control youths who were trying to stop the executive from holding the meeting, accusing the provincial leadership of supporting under fire national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere.
Cde Kasukuwere is accused of fanning factionalism and forming parallel structures in the party.
Central Committee member Cde Butholezwe Ngwenya and party youths Cdes Cosmas Ncube and Maqhawe Sibanda were arrested following Cde Charumbira’s attack.
By end of day yesterday, police were reportedly still rounding up youths involved in the violent clashes.
When our Bulawayo Bureau arrived at Davies Hall at about 10am, police were struggling to contain a group of violent youths that was forcing its way into the hall where the provincial executive led by provincial chairman Cde Dennis Ndlovu was holding a meeting.
The youths, who were chanting slogans, throwing stones into the hall and smashing windows, said they wanted to stop the meeting as they did not recognise the provincial executive.
During the melee, some youths threw pepper spray into the hall, choking provincial executive members inside.
Cde Ndlovu said Cde Charumbira and a group of youths have been disrupting meetings claiming they did not recognise him and his executive.
“We’ve cancelled a number of meetings following disruptions, threats and violence at Davies Hall by some of our youths. We even cancelled a meeting yesterday because of their threats. Today we decided not to abandon the meeting because we need to move forward as a party and were expecting Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko.
“We decided to call the police and continue with the meeting. My position is that I didn’t receive any formal communication regarding Cde Kasukuwere. I therefore can’t take any position or make any decision as the provincial chairman,” said Cde Ndlovu.
He said their provincial meetings were constitutional and they will continue conducting party business until they go for elections.
Cde Ndlovu said during yesterday’s meeting, the executive resolved to suspend the women’s league provincial chairlady Cde Eva Bitu and the secretary for transport Cde Nokuthula Sibanda as well as the deputy provincial commissar Cde Douglas Gangaidzo.
He said the three were suspended for organising a meeting while President Mugabe was addressing the nation at the National Heroes Acre, calling for co-ordinating meetings without the chairman’s knowledge, destabilising the party and mobilising violent demonstrations to disrupt meetings.
The three, Cde Ndlovu added, will receive their official letters pending disciplinary hearing.
Cde Mokgohloa said she sustained injuries on the forehead and on the leg after being attacked by war veterans.
She said the war veterans chairman Cde Cephas Ncube accused her of being Cde Kasukuwere’s prostitute before attacking her.
“He called me Kasukuwere’s prostitute and said I will soon follow Cde Sandi before grabbing my breasts. He said he was looking for a knife that he claimed I was hiding between my breasts. He claimed I had given the weapon to Cosmas Ncube to stab Charumbira.
“I tried to run away but he overpowered me. He teamed up with other war veterans to beat me up and they injured my forehead and leg,” said Cde Mokgohloa.
Cde Charumbira told our Bureau that he was attacked by youths who accused him of organising demonstrations against the provincial executive.
“They attacked me with stones and knobkerries. Cosmas Ncube stabbed me with a knife. This was after they accused me of mobilising people to demonstrate against the chairman and his people.
“We’re having a lot of problems as a province and these issues should be resolved once and for all. These include the formation of parallel structures by Cde Kasukuwere through the provincial executive, co-opting of executive members in the youth league and imposing of executive members,” he said.
Cde Charumbira and the youths spent about five hours trying to gain entry into the hall but failed as the riot police armed with shields, batons and dogs manned the entrance.
The youths calmed down when the Officer Commanding Bulawayo West District Chief Superintendent Mthokozisi Manzini-Moyo held a brief meeting with them outside the hall.
The executive members eventually dispersed at about 3pm under police escort. Pamela Shumba. herald

50% new HIV/Aids infections re among young women aged between 15 and 24 with highest HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa

AT least five in every 10 new HIV/Aids infections are among young women aged between 15 and 24, an official from World Education has said.
Speaking during a belated Mother’s Day Ladies’ Luncheon hosted by SOS Children`s Village at a Bulawayo hotel, World Education programmes coordinator Ms Banele Mandaza said young women have the highest incidence of HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Ms Mandaza said women must educate their children about sexual intercourse to curb the increase of HIV/Aids in Zimbabwe.
“Gone are the days where you will wait for aunties to teach young girls about HIV/Aids. I understand that it is uncomfortable to talk about sex with your biological children but l think this is the time for women to educate their children. Do not leave it for teachers because teachers are chasing after school pass rates,” she said.
“Most of the children between the ages of 15 and 24 who are HIV/AIDS positive don`t have careers and they don`t know what to do with their lives. Mothers, you must discipline and give basic education to your children because life is not about holding a certificate or a degree.”
A director in the Office of the Minister of State for Bulawayo Province, Ms Sichelesile Ncube, said mothers should spend time with their children so that they are quick to notice problems. “Being a mother is a full time job. Mothers must ask their children about their school work, their feelings and their careers. They also have an obligation to teach children to pray because it is important to catch them while they are young. Mothers should also evaluate strengths, weaknesses and their children`s passion,” said Ms Ncube.
Mr Promise Sibanda, a youth who was raised by SOS Children’s Village in Bulawayo, said mothers should be proud of themselves. “I am what l am because of SOS mothers. I remember when l went to stay at the institution, l had nothing, I had no one but now l`m into the transport business. I have lots of cars, I’m a deacon in a local church and I am now married,” he said.
Mr Sibanda gave each woman a gift of chocolates and some sweets to appreciate their presence.
SOS Childern’s Villages communications officer Ms Zvikomborero Zimunya said the institution keeps more than 10 000 children. “We have children in places such as Mashonaland Central, Bindura, Waterfalls and here in Bulawayo. We are appealing to the public to assist us in cash or kind. We would really appreciate if people offer their services. For example if doctors can come and treat our children for free,” said Ms Zimunya.
SOS National director Mrs Knowledge Chikondo said their institution keeps the children until they reach the age of 23.
“When they reach the age of 23, they leave our institution but we continue supporting them. We give them money for rentals and to buy food. Those who are at tertiary education we support them financially until they finish their first degree,” said Ms Chikondo. Cynthia Dube, Chronicle

Driver who side swiped Proliner bus killing 31, suffers hallucinations, and incoherent speech while remanded in custody to June1

Regius-Mangwari-truck-driver (1)

THE driver of a South African-registered haulage truck which sideswiped a Johannesburg-bound Proliner bus killing 31 people on the spot and leaving 40 others injured near Mvuma along the Harare-Masvingo Highway, has reportedly become mentally unstable.

Regis Mangwari appeared before Mvuma resident Magistrate Mr Tayengwa Chibanda facing 31 counts of culpable homicide.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to June 1 when the State expects results on the state of his mind from a psychiatrist as well as a report by a medical doctor.

His lawyer Mr Passmore Mabukwa told the court that his client had not been physically examined by a medical doctor.

He said his head was not scanned following injuries he sustained in the fatal crush.

“My client suffered some head injuries but was not attended to and is suffering from hallucinations, his speech is incoherent. May he be examined by a medical doctor and psychiatrist according to the Mental Health Act before he can stand trial,” said Mr Mabukwa.

Mr Chibanda remanded Mangwari in custody for psychiatric evaluation.

Prosecutor Mr Brian Mzemba told the court that on April 5, Mangwari was driving a Harare-bound haulage truck from Johannesburg.

The truck was laden with tyres and had South African registration numbers.

He said on approaching the 218km peg along the Harare- Masvingo highway, his truck side swiped with a bus killing about 31 people.

The court heard that Mangwari acted negligently resulting in the loss of life. Patrick Chitumba. chronicle

Zimbabwean woman (22) based in South Africa, allegedly gang raped by 11 Tanzanians while coming from work last week

A 22-YEAR-OLD Zimbabwean woman based in South Africa was allegedly gang raped by 11 Tanzanians while coming from work last week.
The incident occurred in Johannesburg and the Zimbabwean Embassy is investigating the sexual assault.
The woman’s identity has been withheld for ethical reasons.
Zimbabwe Consul-General in South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro said his team was on the ground to establish what really occurred.
“We’re investigating a case where a 22-year-old Zimbabwean woman was gang raped by 11 Tanzanians while coming from work,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.
“The team is out trying to find out what happened but I’m told she was raped by Tanzanians not Nigerians as we had been earlier told.”
He said the woman was sexually violated while coming from work.
Mr Mukonoweshuro said the woman was working at a tavern that closes very late at night or in the early morning hours.
He said 11 Tanzanians could have ganged on her as she was heading home.
The Consul-General could not reveal whether the rapists had been arrested.
Mr Mukonoweshuro urged Zimbabweans to be alert while travelling at night saying Johannesburg was a very dangerous city.
“There has always been violence especially in Johannesburg and we urge people to take extra care. Therefore, it is always advisable that people should secure their travel because there are those criminal elements who always want to take advantage of the situation,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.
In 2015, two white South African men filmed themselves gang raping a Zimbabwean woman who had approached them seeking employment as a domestic worker.
The video sparked public outcry resulting in the two rapists being arrested.
On October 17, 2015, a gang of eight men armed with a gun and a knife attacked two couples who were taking a stroll at Rhodes Park in Kensington, South Africa.
The gang drowned the men in a nearby dam, used a knife to cut off the panties of both women and raped them.
The gang stole the couples’ clothes, jewellery and a cellphone which they sold for R320.
Three of the gang members were found guilty of robbery, two counts of rape and two counts of murder and were each sentenced to four life sentences.
The remaining five suspects who are believed to be foreigners are suspected to be hiding in Zimbabwe. One of the suspects was arrested last year in Zimbabwe where he had committed another crime.
He is expected to be extradited when that matter is resolved.
Media reports had initially indicated that 12 men had attacked the two couples.
South Africa has one of the highest rape case statistics on the continent with reports suggesting that a woman or girl child is sexually violated every 26 seconds. Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle

THREE criminals, one on death row, allegedly killed a fellow cellmate at Wha Wha after he refused to join prison break plot

THREE dangerous criminals — one of them on death row — allegedly killed a fellow cellmate in cold blood at Wha Wha Medium Prison in Gweru after he refused to join their plot to break out of prison.
Two of the convicts — Wellington Gadzira (46) and Moses Pedzisai Mahuvava (38) appeared before Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese yesterday facing one count of murder each.
The duo together with their accomplice Johannes Nyasha Masiiwa (32) allegedly murdered Abel Maphosa (then 56) who was one of the convicts who murdered Moses Chokuda of Gokwe together with the son of the Minister of State for Midlands Province, Cde Jason Machaya — Farai — in 2009.
Gadzira and Mahuvava are pleading guilty to a lesser charge of culpable homicide through their pro-deo lawyers Mr Nomore Hlabano and Mr Tatenda Manika.
Masiiwa did not attend court as he is undergoing psychiatric examination at Mlondolozi Mental Health Prison in Bulawayo and his matter has been postponed indefinitely.
Gadzira and Mahuvava were remanded in custody to May 22 for continuation of trial.
Maphosa, Farai together with brothers Edmore and Bothwel Gana, were each jailed for 18 years by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi in 2011 for murdering Chokuda.
Chokuda — whose body spent close to two years allegedly dripping blood in a mortuary at Gokwe District Hospital — was only buried after his relatives got 20 cattle and $15 000 cash as compensation from Cde Machaya.
Yesterday, the State called prison officer Cuthbert Chakawa to the witness stand.
He said after Maphosa’s death in November 2011, he went to investigate and saw that there was an indication that an attempt to escape from the prison during a power outage had been made.
He said the attempted prison break failed because electricity was promptly restored.
“The accused persons, after it was observed that they had murdered Maphosa, indicated that they had asked him to be part of their plan to escape and he had refused. They said they killed him. I don’t know the roles they played in the assault leading to the death of Maphosa,” said PO Chakawa.
Prosecutor Mr Samuel Pedzisai told the court that Gadzira, Mahuvava and Masiiwa were sharing prison cell number 19 at Wha Wha Medium Prison in November 2011 with Maphosa.
Mr Pedzisai said on November 23 while Maphosa was attending court at Gweru Magistrates Court (for a matter not mentioned in court yesterday), Gadzira, Mahuvava and Masiiwa planned a prison break.
“They took a piece of wire which was used to secure a cell light, sharpened it and used it to cut a hole at the bottom of the locked wooden cell door. When the deceased returned from court, the accused persons asked him to be part of their plan to escape from the prison. The deceased refused to join them,” he said.
Mr Pedzisai said Gadzira, Mahuvava and Masiiwa hatched a plan to kill Maphosa.
“The accused persons then bashed the deceased’s head against the wall and kicked him below the chin. They tore a blanket into strips and used the strips to tie the deceased hands and legs. They stuffed a towel in the deceased’s mouth,” he said. Mr Pedzisai said the trio escaped from their prison cell during a power outage.
“Before they could escape from the prison, electricity was restored and they returned to their cell in fear of getting caught. The deceased’s body was discovered by prison officers during the morning roll call,” he said.
Gadzira is an inmate at Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he is on death row after he was convicted of poisoning Bulawayo miners, Mr William Porvey and Mr Michael Sunerland with cyanide before gruesomely stoning them to death near Kwekwe.
Mahuvava is serving a 30-year jail sentence for unlawful entry and theft and Masiiwa is one of the two self-proclaimed Gweru prophets who were arrested for allegedly axing to death a Mkoba Village 2 woman and fellow church member, Mrs Patience Mpofu during a prayer session at her home.
Masiiwa was admitted as a psychiatric patient at Mlondolozi Mental Health Prison after the murder of Maphosa. Patrick Chitumba,chronicle

Stabbings and violence as Zanu PF youths and war veterans block executive from meeting at Davies Hall Bulawayo

zanu-violence-1 (1)

Violence broke out at Davies Hall today as suspected Zanu PF youths and war veterans blocked the executive from holding a provincial coordinating committee meeting.

The youths allegedly used pepper Spray in a bid to force provincial executive members out of the hall.


Police have arrested a number of youths while some party members were allegedly assaulted and stabbed in the melee. source-Temba Dube,chronicle


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