Jonathan Frustrated By SA’s Pathologists 5Year Delay For Results On Zanele’s Death

Jonathan Moyo

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has expressed frustration over the fact that South African pathologists who attended to her daughter Zanele’s death say results would be out after 5 years.

He also expressed concern that South African police who handled the matter did not show interest in immediately pursuing the matter relating to the Zambian national who was last seen with Zanele when he was spotted at OR Tambo airport on Wednesday.

Professor Moyo, who was speaking out for the first time about her daughter’s death, began by telling mourners, including the President, about her daughter’s biography and how she was a brilliant student who had completed her high school education with flying colours.
Professor Moyo was addressing hundreds of mourners who included cabinet ministers, party colleagues and some security officers who thronged his home in Borrowdale to express their condolences.

Zanele had been offered places to study at various universities that she applied to and finally settled for the University of Cape Town where her elder sisters had studied.

President Mugabe in response to the briefing by Professor Moyo has since said government will take up the issue of the investigations into Zanele death with the South African authorities to ensure satisfactory answers are given.
Source: zbc

‘Reports Suggest, Zanele’s Harare Funeral,To Be Broad Cast Live On National Television’

Zanele-Moyo (1)


People from Tsholotsho have expressed shock at Professor Jonathan Moyo’s burial of his late daughter in Harare instead of at least Bulawayo closer to Tsholotsho which Moyo calls home.

Sources within the ZANU PF structures in Tsholotsho claim that people from the constituency are complaining on the decision to bury little Zanele in Harare. The ZANU PF supporters seem to be suggesting that the decision is a no confidence to the region by the Moyo family.

“In our culture we believe that a person is buried at a place closest to his ancestral home and for Moyo to bury his daughter in Harare tells us that that’s where his heart is,” said one elderly party member.

“The least that they could have done was bury the girl in Bulawayo we would have appreciated,” he added.

According to the sources very little was being done on the ground by the ruling ZANU PF to organise transport to ferry mourners from Tsholotsho to Harare to cry with the MP’s family.
“I am a chairman of a cell which recently voted 100% for Moyo but I don’t know anything about the burial arrangements and people are asking me questions I don’t know answers to. That’s why we have travelled all the way to Bulawayo here to ask the office what arrangements are being made for us,” said another source.

One of the people with the delegation from Tsholotsho did not have kinds words on the matter claiming that they are always being used by people to get votes and go and live in the luxury of the city life.

“This is how these people who come to be voted as MPs in the rural areas are. They identify with the area only for the votes and yet they don’t even own a home nor have a heart for the area. They simple say my father was born here therefore I will stand for you while they stay in Harare or Bulawayo,” he said.

At the time of going to press the ZANU PF Matabeleland North province was said to be still working out the modalities of transporting mourners from the region to Harare for the burial tomorrow. An announcement was said to be due to be made later in the day.

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports indicate that the burial of Professor Moyo’s daughter might be broadcast live on national television and First Lady Grace Mugabe is earmarked to present a key note address at the burial. The first lady and Professor Moyo are of late key allies in a ZANU PF faction known as the G40 pushing for the first lady to succeed President Robert Mugabe at the helm of the ruling party when he retires soon.

Professor Moyo’s daughter died in South Africa presumably on Wednesday and will be buried in Harare tomorrow.Source: Byo24News


British Doctor With Links To Robert Mugabe Family ‘Seizes White Owned Farm’

Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro and his wife Veronica Nyatsuro

Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro and his wife Veronica Nyatsuro run the Willows Medical Centre in Nottingham

A British GP from Nottinghamshire with family connections to Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe has allegedly seized a white-owned tobacco farm near Harare.

It is claimed that Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro, 45, who was born in Zimbabwe but now runs a slimming clinic in Willows Medical Centre in Carlton, hired a gang to invade Phillip Rankin’s tobacco farm last Friday after claimingRobert Mugabe’s government had granted him ownership of the property.

“Dr Nyatsuro and his wife visited me last month and told me that the government has offered him my farm,” Mr Rankin, 57, told the Telegraph. “I don’t know if the documentation he showed me was genuine but I told him I was not going to be forced out by a British citizen.”

“They are trying to make us leave the house. If we do that I will be finished, I would never be able to get back on the land, and the police will not come and help us.”

A senior political source in Harare who asked not to be named said the land had probably been taken for “resettlement” to Dr Nyatsuro because of his “family connection” with Mrs Mugabe, who is now carving out a political career for herself within her husband’s ruling Zanu PF party.Dr Nyatsuro has a ‘family connection’ with Grace Mugabe, pictured

Hendrik Olivier, the director of the Commercial Farmers’ Union, an organisation which represents mainly the white farming community in Harare, says Mr Rankin is now a ‘hostage’ on his farm as he cannot leave his homestead.

“Mr Rankin is under siege. He is a hostage. The situation is not good as the police will not give him any help,” he said.

Even if he does not lose his farm, Mr Rankin fears the harassment will cause his crop to be ruined, costing him up to £240,000 in lost revenue. He has planted 110 acres of tobacco for the current summer season and needs to water it this week as it is exceptionally hot in Zimbabwe.

“I irrigated last week and I need to do so again now but I can’t go outside and turn the water on as the crowd is there and that would be the end as they would then move in and take over my house. They want me to make this mistake.”

Mr Rankin bought his 2,000-acre farm, Kingston, 32 years ago and received a certificate of no ‘present’ interest from Mr Mugabe’s new government.

After invasions of white-owned land began in 2000 ago he said he handed a third of his land to the government for resettlement on the “understanding” that he could continue to farm, but had suffered multiple attempted invasions of his farm since.

The current seizure of his farm was “by far the most serious,” he said.

Neither Dr Nyatsuro nor Mrs Mugabe responded to request for comment.

Zimbabwe has been unable to feed itself since 17 million acres was seized from about 3000 white farmers from 2000. They ran about 500 farms and employed more than a million workers. By Peta Thornycroft, Zimbabwe. source-telegraph,Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro and his wife Veronica Nyatsuro run the Willows Medical Centre in Nottingham


Mugabe’s Nephew ‘Leo’ In Trouble Over Hwange Coal Gasification Company (HCGC)

Businessman Leo Mugabe has been reported to the police for allegedly trying to take over a multi-million dollar gasification project in Hwange through underhand deals.

Mugabe’s first bid in 2013 fell flat after major shareholders in the Build-Own-Operate and Transfer (Boot) project approached the High Court and acquired a provisional order which the company’s lawyers Samkange and Venturas said was never challenged.

“This is a new bid. After failing to use a certain company [name withheld] as well as some in the management team, Leo Mugabe has now sought the help of a minority shareholder with a shoddy background to wriggle [his way] into the company,” Hwange Coal Gasification Company (HCGC) buyer Jonathan Samukange said last week.

Leo is the son of President Robert Mugabe’s late sister, Sabina.

HCGC managing director Guo Feng said one of the minor shareholders had forged papers in a bid to grab the company.

“We have since approached authorities because one of the minority shareholders Ma Guixi with 5% shareholding has created fraudulent papers that he has been splashing around in government offices, claiming he just woke up as the majority shareholder,” Guo said.

“Guixi is also claiming in the said documents to have fired other shareholders, which is preposterous to say the least.

“We understand Guixi is currently in Mozambique trying to sort out his papers because his visa here had expired.

“We understand the Chinese embassy is also keen to interview him because they are aware of his fraudulent activities.”

Leo Mugabe dismissed the allegations and instead claimed he had a standing agreement with Tiyuan Sanxing and by extension owns 25% of HCGC. Source: the standard

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Three People Die As Two National Railways Of Zimbabwe Goods Trains Collide


Three people died while two others were injured when two National Railways of Zimbabwe goods trains collided at around half past eight Friday evening.

One train, carrying containers and coming from Mutare and the other ferrying granite rocks from Harare collided at Bromley Siding near Melfort.

Two NRZ train crew members died on the spot, while the third died at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Their names are still being withheld until their next of kin are informed.

The injured two were treated at Marondera Provincial Hospital and discharged.

NRZ public relations manager Fanwell Masikati confirmed the tragedy expressing sorrow to the families of the three deceased.

Masikati said investigations to establish the cause of the accident are underway adding work is in progress to clear the railway as it is currently blocked. Source: zbc

Minister Mombeshora Wants Michael Norman Connolly To Vaccate Boxwell Farm

THE Minister of Land and Rural Resettlement, Douglas Mombeshora, is locked in a legal wrangle with a white commercial farmer over the ownership of a farm in Bulilima district.

The commercial farmer is allegedly refusing to vacate Boxwell Farm of McGee which was acquired by the government in terms of the Land Acquisition Act under the Land Reform programme.

Mombeshora, through the Civil Division in the Attorney General’s Office, this week filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court seeking an order that compels Michael Norman Connolly to vacate his former property.

In the event that the order is granted in his favour, Mombeshora wants Connolly to leave the farm within seven days and pay the cost of the lawsuit.

The Minister said despite demand, Connolly has failed or refused to vacate the farm and make way for newly resettled farmers with offer letters from his ministry.

In the court papers, Mombeshora is the plaintiff while Connolly was cited as the defendant.

“This is an action for the eviction of the defendant and all other persons who claim right and title through him from the farm known as Boxwell Farm of McGee in Bulilima district,” said Mombeshora.

The Minister said Connolly’s refusal to vacate the farm was a violation of the Land Acquisition Act.

“In terms of the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act and in furtherance of the land reform programme, I, in my capacity as the authority in whom all agricultural land in Zimbabwe is vested, lawfully acquired for resettlement the farm from the defendant who is the former owner,” said Mombeshora.

“The defendant does not have any legal basis to remain on the farm without my authority.”

Mombeshora said beneficiaries have since been identified to occupy the farm.

“There are people who have been issued with offer letters which entitle them to move into the farm and settle there, but despite demand and the land having been lawfully acquired, the defendant has refused to make way for them,” he said.

Connolly has not yet filed a notice to enter an appearance to defend the summons. The commercial farmer has 10 days to file opposing papers with the Registrar of the High Minister of Land and Rural Resettlement, Douglas Mombeshora,
Source: chronicle

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‘Blacks Would Have No Problem If We Had Left Them In the Bush’-Mark Vermeulen.



ZIMBABWE cricket player with a history of disciplinary problems is being investigated for making a racial slur on social media where he referred to black people as “apes.”
Zimbabwe Cricket said it is looking into comments posted on Facebook by batsman Mark Vermeulen.

Vermeulen was responding to a complaint made by black player Prosper Utseya alleging racism in Zimbabwe cricket.

In the post made back in July, Vermeulen wrote that black people wouldn’t have any problems “if we had left them in the bush,” and Utseya might be happier if he was living “in his mud hut.” He referred to black people as “the apes.”

Vermeulen, who has played nine tests and 43 one-day internationals but has been in and out of the team, could face a life ban in Zimbabwe after a series of previous problems.

In 2008, Vermeulen escaped a conviction for arson because of mental illness after setting fire to two Zimbabwe cricket buildings in 2006 in protest at being left out of the team.

The court found Vermeulen had been suffering from serious psychiatric problems since he was struck on the head by a ball while batting in a game in 2004.

Vermeulen was banned from playing in English league cricket for 10 years in 2011 for hurling the ball at a group of fans after they teased him.

He made his return to Zimbabwe’s test team last year after a 10-year absence but has fallen out of favour again.

On Friday, a local newspaper published what it said was an apology from Vermeulen.

In it, Vermeulen said that he had apologised personally to Utseya and had his apology accepted.

Vermeulen also wrote: “I know my comments were over the top and I apologise to all that I have offended. But as a cricketer, it’s how our minds work.”

The Vermeulen matter led to exchanges between former sports minister David Coltart and higher education minister Jonathan Moyo.

Moyo suggested that Vermeulen’s views were widely shared among the broader white community.

“My friend Jonathan was determined to involve me. Racist comments like this are disgusting and retrogressive and need to be condemned,” tweeted Coltart.

“The danger is that some will try to argue that this represents the views of most whites (of) which it doesn’t. Most are appalled by it.”

PHOTO-Left: Mark Vermeulen is struck in the face in 2004 and right, under arrest after burning down the Zimbabwe Cricket Academy in 2006.
Photo: Getty Images/AFP

‘Ailing Farmer Seeks High Court Relief Against Invading, Zimbabwean- UK Doctor’


THE Centenary farmer who is said to be held hostage by “agents” of a British medical doctor who wants to expropriate his farm has approached the High Court seeking an order to kick out the invaders.

In an application made earlier this week Philip Ranken’s son Barry said his father is now running out of food as the stand-off the began on October 9th continues.

“The 2nd applicant (Ranken) is running out of food and 1st respondent and his agents do not seem to care.

“He is a heart patient and his health is fast deteriorating such that if this court does not act on urgent basis the situation could get worse,” Barry prayed with the court.

Barry, through his lawyers Mugiya and Macharaga, pleaded for a provisional order to force British citizen Sylvester Nyatsuro’s removal from the farm.

“The 1st respondent (Nyatsuro) and his agents stormed the applicant (Barry)’s father’s farm at Kingstone Deveril, Centenary and besieged the applicant’s father and took him hostage from the 9th of October to this day.

“The applicants have been locked in the house and not allowed to leave the property unless if he is moving his property out of his own house,” he said.

He accused police both in Mashonaland Central and nationally of turning a “blind eye on the matter” adding they had claimed “it is a land issue yet this is clearly a criminal act”.

The minister of Lands and Resettlement (Douglas Mombeshora), the officer in charge of ZRP Centenary and Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri as 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th are cited as respondents respectively in the application.

Barry said his father had been allocated Deveril Farm in 1994 “after he had to give up his two other farms for land resettlement to the government”.

The farm, Barry argues, was initially listed for acquisition in 2000 before being delisted a year later “which means the farm retained its original title where my father is the sole title holder of the land”.

Nyatsuro, 45, is said to hold a British passport, having moved to the UK from Zimbabwe around 2003.

The General Practitioner (GP) reports claim runs a slimming clinic – Willows Medical Centre – in Nottingham and recently announced an initiative to establish a database of Zimbabwean professionals in the diaspora which is said to have the backing of the Presidency.

Contacted for comment Ranken said the situation had not changed but Centenary police had visited his besieged farm and taken a statement from him.

“Police were here this morning (early Wednesday) and they took a statement from me.

“They did not do much except to ask the invaders not to disrupt my farming activities but I am still locked up. It is not doing much to help the situation,” said Ranken from his farm.source-newzimbabwe

photo-Farm fight goes to court … Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro

Pedestrian Bridge Scaffolding Collapses On M1 , Sandton- J’Burg,-2 dead, 20 Injured

Netcare 911 confirmed two people have died, while at least 20 were injured – five critically.
The bridge was being built parallel to Grayston Drive on the M1 highway.
It’s understood the scaffolding fell onto at least one car travelling below.
Motorists at the scene describe what they saw.
“There is definitely a minibus taxi that was damaged, but it looks like there may be a car underneath the bridge.”
The scaffolding of a pedestrian bridge under construction in Sandton has collapsed. The bridge was being built parallel to Grayston Drive on the M1 on 14 October 2015. Picture: Arrive Alive.
A woman says cars began reversing when they were made aware of what happened.
“There were guys just running, plain clothed guys just running towards the cars. I said ‘what is going on’ and they said ‘the bridge has collapsed’ and suddenly everyone started reversing.”
A third motorist says he drove under the bridge just as it was collapsing.
“As it started to collapse I drove under the bridge and by me, there was a Toyota Fortuner that was crushed by the bridge. I don’t know if it collapsed totally on the car or just hit the front of it.” source-eyewitness
photo-The scaffolding of a pedestrian bridge under construction in Sandton has collapsed. The bridge was being built parallel to Grayston Drive on the M1 on 14 October 2015. Picture: Arrive Alive.
Pictures by Christa Eybers/EWN and Arrive Alive

Bulawayo-Joburg Intercape Bus Nearly Hijacked In South Africa On Sunday Morning

SIXTY-Five Zimbabweans were nearly hijacked aboard an Intercape bus in neighbouring South Africa today in the morning. An unidentified number of pistol and rifle wielding men nearly commandeered the Bulawayo/Johannesburg bus near Hammanskraal, after the Carousel Tollgate, at around 6.00AM today but the driver’s bravery made it impossible for the passangers to suffer the horror of being hijacked.

Passengers, who were still struggling to come to grips with the ordeal, told that the hijackers driving two VW Golf, one red and another navy blue in colour, impersonated police officers to try stop the bus. One of the cars overtaked the bus and stopped immediately in front of the bus, the other one blocked the bus at the back.
They said the robbers came out of their cars dressed in police attire, when they approached the bus, the brave Intercape bus driver started the bus and moved at a high speed, taking the Hammanskraal offramp after the Carousel Tollgate towards Rusternburg. Fortunately when the bus reached the tollgate on the Rusternburg road, there was a police vehicle. After seeing the police car, the driver started hooting loudly to alert the cops. By that time, the robbers were now closer to the bus, fortunately when they realised that there was police presence, they made quick u-turns and fled.

Reinforcement cops were called and the bus was then escorted to Park Station by a police escort, getting to Park station at around 7:45AM.

One passenger to that they suspect that one man who had bought a ticked to Johannesburg but insisted on dropping off at Mussina is the prime suspect. Apparently after getting to Mussina, the man told the driver that he was no-longer going to Johannesburg and demanded his luggage but there was a mini-argument with the driver. After the man insisted, he was given all his belongings. Suspicion is that this man might have overhead some female passengers who were enroute to England bragging about their belongings and he alerted his colleagues in south Africa. by Ndou Paul
Source: Byo24News

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