CIVIL SERVANTS REJECT 76% salary hike to (RTGS1 000 /US10 per month as meaningless against the inflation in Zimbabwe

The move will see the lowest paid civil servant getting around $1 000 per month, but civil servants’ representative body, the Apex Council, yesterday described the increase as a drop in the ocean, given the rate of inflation in the country.
The increase comes after most civil servants had notified their employer of their incapacity to continue reporting for duty, with others threatening industrial action over the high cost of living.
In a statement, the Apex Council said the salary adjustment fell far short of their expectations of $4 750 (US$475) for the least paid worker.
“Following the rejection of a 10% government offer by the Apex Council, the National Joint Negotiating Council meeting convened today (August 23, 2019) saw government move their offer to 76% of the total package with effective from August 1, 2019,” part of the statement co-signed by Apex Council chairperson Cecilia Alexander and vice-chairperson, Thomas Muzondo, read.
“The offer does not meet the stated position of the workers, which is pegged at $4 750 for the least paid civil servant. According to this development, the lowest paid worker is expected to take home $1 023 from
Apex Council leaders said they would soon consult their members again and update government of the outcome at their next meeting on Wednesday.
Earlier, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe president Takavafira Zhou had poured cold water on the government’s salary offer.
“Why has the government and Apex Council been quiet for all along? Government and Apex Council claim to be talking when civil servants threaten to go on strike. We certainly do not eat empty promises. newsday

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