COP ROBBED OF AK-47 rifle at Chinhoyi Lion’s Den tollgate last week-robbers now steal guns from armed police,..are we safe?

Yet again in the province, another cop has been robbed of an AK-47 rifle with the first incident being the theft of an FN rifle, in Norton. The latest robbery happened at Chinhoyi Lion’s Den tollgate’ last week when robbers stole the rifle from a police woman on duty. More news to follow. Sibusiso NgwenyaINFORMATION IS POWER!-Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to , or whatsapp to Mr Sibusiso Ngwenya 0044 79 3 9100534 for publication on the constantly growing online groups, currently standing as follows1)Zimbabwe News 4 us Zimbabweans 197,340 Members2)ZIMBABWE NEWS, BUILDING A PROSPEROUS POST 2018 VISION 32,171 Members3) New Zimbabwe Vision group 18,664 members4) website 22,798 likes22,795 followers. Followed by 12,295 people

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