Ex ZANU-PF YOUTH LEADER Godfrey Tsenengamu, who was expelled , pleads for forgiveness from the people of Zimbabwe as he claims to have seen the light.

FORMER ZANU-PF YOUTH LEADERGodfrey Tsenengamu, pictured, who was expelled from the ruling party for defying protocol, pleads for forgiveness from the people of Zimbabwe as he claims to have seen the light.
Tsenengamu quit politics after he had been expelled from Zanu-PF for calling on the party to act on corrupt cartels that he alleged were behind the country economic woes.
In a statement, Tsenengamu said he wants to open a new chapter in his life.
“Looking back at my past, I strongly believe that it is a reality that cannot be wished away hence the decision to take personal responsibility and ask for your forgiveness and find peace with my past.
“Today, I humble and submit myself before you all my fellow countrymen, especially those Zimbabweans whose activities, views and opinions I would not appreciate, tolerate or accept and all the Zimbabweans in general, to say I am sorry for all the negative things I ever said, did or caused on you and your loved ones in any way that you may remember or have experienced.
“It pains me to look back at my past and realise that so many a times I overlooked your happiness in an attempt to make myself happy, only to realise that my happiness lies in yours.
“I stand here to admit that a majority of times, I was selfish and self-centred and now feel ashamed of every negative thing I ever did, said or caused in my past.

“I haven’t got any excuses for whatever that I did, said or caused in the past. I take full responsibility for myself and my actions. I will not pawn this off on anybody.
“I am sorry it happened as I did hurt you directly or indirectly and in so many ways that is physically, emotionally or otherwise.
“Having taken this decision, I would like to reiterate that it is possible to turn from our selfish ways and refocus our energies to collectively building a Zimbabwe where our children are guaranteed of a prosperous future,” said Tsenengamu.
The former Zanu-PF youth league secretary for the commissariat, who has now taken it upon himself to fight corruption, also indicated in his statement that he has decided to forgive his former party.
“I have realised that if I continue to hold on to hurt, pain, bitterness, resentment and anger, it harms me more than it harms those whom I feel offended me.
“I therefore decided to forgive those who offended me as this effectively brings healing and comfort to many of us as such a decision prevents and saves us from corrosive anger and negative emotions that may have a negative effect of polluting and defiling us in the present and future.
“I have learnt from my past and realised that any man who desires to revenge by killing another person should dig two graves as he will also die from his green wounds of bitterness and a stressful life.
“I therefore choose to live in the present where solutions will arise as I take lessons from my past experiences and commit to work and live in harmony with all progressive and peace-loving Zimbabweans,” he said. – dailynews

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