FIRST LADY GRACE MUGABE has destroyed two husbands in their professions, and destroyed their legacies, how scary!

FIRST LADY GRACE MUGABE HAS DESTROYED TWO HUSBANDS IN THEIR PROFESSIONS, and destroyed their legacies, how scary! Remember at 21 she was Mugabe’s secretary and then married to Captain Goreraza who was given a diplomatic post in the East by Mugabe and ordered to leave the woman whom Mugabe was shagging at the age of 67. She went on to have two kids with her boss on the cabinet office carpet while the real First Lady Sally was lying on her death bed.
Grace Mugabe is the source of the current house arrest after her thirst for power led to the dismissal of VP Mnangagwa last week which then triggered the military coup and left her husband with little options of either sign that he is stepping down by 12:00 on Monday 20 th November or he will be impeached. Its simply jump or be pushed,..not much of a choice thanks to his 51 year old wife Gucci Grace!
After ruining her ex who wisely opted to keep his life and go to the East on a diplomatic posting and let Mugabe have the woman, she has again done what she knows best, after looting wealth and resources such as land, diamonds, mines, businesses, monopolising wealth and power, destroying Zimbabwe and even going to beat up an innocent young model Gabriella Engells in South Africa then escaping prosecution by invoking diplomatic immunity, she has genuinely ruined Mugabe’s legacy through her unchecked hunger for wealth and power and evil nature. What an interesting life she has led, and I hope she is still employable with her resume which includes, typist, home wrecker, man eater, nation destroyer, wealth and power monopoliser because she is now jobless  and not the Gucci Grace we all have come to know but now down to earth like the ordinary Zimbabwean in a destroyed economy who is on the streets, as a vegetable vendor, air time vendor, cross border trader or night worker, just like the rest of us jobless Zimbabweans in this economy, who are spread across the globe doing menial jobs that are not what we went to school for……Im just saying! DISCUSS! By Sibusiso ngwenya

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