FREE FISTULA-corrective surgery for vaginal injuries-tel-08080 231

FREE FISTULA-corrective surgery for vaginal injuries-tel-08080 231
Over 600 women have successfuly undergone fistula surgery which is corrective surgery for vaginal injuries, medically referred to as obstetric fistula.
Obstetric has major social, economic and psychological effect on women’s health globally because of associated stigma, loss of dignity and identity and negative connotation impact on victims.
Fistula surgery repairs in Zimbabwe began in August 2015 at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital then in 2018 mini repair camps began at Mashoko Christian Hospital in Masvingo. So far a total of over 600 women have undergone the free obstetric fistula surgeries.
Obstetric Fistula is conducted by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe and implemented with financial and technical support from UNFPA and Women and Health Alliance International (WAHA).
Obstetric fistula is said to be a major problem with tragic injuries normally occuring during child birth. The result is a hole between the birth canal and the bladder or rectum due to prolonged or obstructed labour without timely access to emergency obstetric care, usually a Caesarian section operation, thereby leaving victims leaking urine, faeces or both and over time, it creates chronic medical problems for the affected women.
Sadly, victims or women with fistula are usually ostracized in the society and suffer depression along with poverty due to inability to work as a result of their medical condition. condition.Quite a significant number of women are dumped by their husbands and families leading to poverty and isolation, marginalization, lack of access to health services, education and denial of their human rights by the community. For advice please contact Bertha Shoko, Communications Analyst–UNFPA on Tel: 263 772 782 299 or email shoko@unfpa orwomen with obstetric fistula can access help on the toll free line 08080231.
The Ministry of Health and Child Care Dr plans to broaden the Fistula services to Bulawayo and Mbare, as at present Fistula clinics to cater for obstetric fistula are being built at United Bulawayo Hospital. Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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