ACCIDENT: ‘ZANU PF YOUTH LEADER Pupurai Togarepi is reported to have been involved in an accident near Hwahwa prison along Mvuma road’.

Image may contain: plant, car, outdoor and natureThe public are seriously concerned about damage and injuries to the flora and fauna at the scene of accident. To all those concerned over the environmental impact, we are also awaiting a environmental report on oil spills and we all hope the tree survives the accident and any wildlife like baboons or monkeys in the tree survived. Image may contain: plant, car, tree, outdoor and natureThe Zimbabwe nation is in a state of trauma because trees use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in the presence of sunlight, so they a source of life for the people. Zanu pf are traditionally a blood thirsty party of killers but killing trees , a source of oxygen in order to spite opposition is no different from chopping off your left leg to spite the right leg, everyone loses!. More news to follow Sibusiso Ngwenya

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