Harare Dad (36) Pours Parrafin Into Daughter’s (7) Privates For Testifying In Court Against Him

A Harare man has been arrested on allegations of pouring paraffin on his seven-year-old daughter’s private parts as punishment for testifying against him in court.

According to the police, the mother of the child recently approached the Civil Court to seek a protection order against her 36-year-old husband, whom she accused of physical and verbal abuse in the presence of their two daughters.

She was granted the order after the daughter testified against the father.

Harare police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi said after the court process, the father went “home heavily drunk and demanded answers from the daughter over why she told the court about what was happening in the family”.

Police say the daughter remained silent prompting Mhlahla to pour paraffin on her privates, resulting in the girl sustaining some blisters.

The mother made a police report leading to the man’s arrest.

He is being held at Mabvuku Police Station and should appear in court this week. – Source-bulawayo24.

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