‘STRIVE MASIYIWA IS A a thin skinned person who cant stomach criticism’ -‘Hmmn Data and Voice Queen B?’ -Professor Jonathan Moyo

‘STRIVE MASIYIWA IS A a thin skinned person who cant stomach criticism’ -‘Hmmn Data and Voice Queen B?’ -Professor Jonathan Moyo
Zimbabwe’s politics is becoming exciting, after Telecommunications Guru Strive Masiyiwa realised his stance in defence of the removal of sanctions is splitting Zimbabweans, basically infuriating millions living in forced exile because of Zanu pf. According to people’s observations, he is now living on wealth accrued from the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe, who suffered at the hands of Mugabe, Mnangagwa and their Zanu pf and cronies such as Queen Bees’ who have captured the state, court system and clearly the telecommunications system in Zimbabwe.
Professor Jonathan Moyo , who is in self exile, was infuriated by Telecommunications Guru Strive Masiyiwa’s emotional letter defending himself on his stance on sanctions, and was quick to call Masiyiwa a thin skinned person who cant stomach criticism.
www.newzimbabwevision.com urges the people of Zimbabwe to wake up and realise that , yes the people are suffering, because Zanu pf ability to access international finance, operate businesses and travel freely worldwide to hide their corruptly gained wealth, is the real reason why sanctions were put in place and enforced by the global village. The sanctions are meant to pressure illegitimate regimes into establishing democracy, equality, peace, justice, accountability, human rights, employment, housing, health care, service delivery in health care, water reticulation, electricity and transport amongst many other indicators of a better livelihood for all people, not just Zanu pf and its cronies, the militarised regime, Queen Bees of fuel, telecommunications, court system and other areas closed off to the public. We all seek equal opportunity through equal access and that comes from crushing the system in place.
What Strive Masiyiwa is now calling out for is to legitimise all that we have fought against for over two decades including the alleged theft of the people’s vote in the 2018 harmonised elections electoral. He is automatically declaring Zimbabwe to the international world as a republic led by a legitimate government, discarding all MDC/ Chamisa arguments about theft of the people’s vote, discarding the exiled Zimbabweans call for human rights, and by default declaring all asylum claim by exiled Zimbabweans as false because he now wants to spend the billions in the messed up economy, make more wealth out of it while controlling the closed off business space, by brown nosing Mnangagwa as he is doing now.
The discerning eye, says, yes , sanctions must be removed but on meeting set terms as laid out and accepted globally in their original format, no favours. We need to level the playing field or else once we have the corrupt system that Mugabe put in place, legitimised by billionaires like Masiyiwa and people like him and other Queen bee’s proping up the system then we will never be able to remove the corrupt system, while the Masiyiwa and company caucus make a killing from the people’s suffering and claim to care,..NONSENSE!
Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Wireless, who is now calling for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe, claiming that the punitive measures are beyond justification , in a Capital Connectivity Africa (CNBC) interview , “I think sanctions should be removed, there is no justification for them anymore, and I have always been on record to say the sanctions are not justified and now we are almost 20 years into the sanctions, you cannot have one country operating with its hands tied behind its back.”
“Concerning the change that has taken place I believe it is real, I believe President Mnangagwa is sincere in the things he wants to do. It is going to be extremely challenging and everybody who knows economics knows that it’s going to be tough going,” he said.
Resonating with President Mnangagwa’s mantra that it is time to set aside politics and focus on the economy, Masiyiwa said, “We got to stop on the politicking and focus on rebuilding this country and am right up there.”
www.newzimbabwevision.com points out that ‘DATA AND VOICE QUEEN BEE’-ZIMBABWE’S EX EDUCATION minister , an MDC Alliance key figure David Coltart says Strive Masiyiwa, ‘Data and Voice Queen B’ must return if he thinks all is well!
ZIMBABWE’S EX EDUCATION minister , an MDC Alliance key figure David Coltart says Strive Masiyiwa, ‘ Data and Voice Queen B’ must return if he thinks all is well!
The twitter outburst by David coltart, was over a CNBC interview, where Strive, is said to have stated that he believes Mnangagwa is genuine in his effort to turn Zimbabwe’s collapsed around.
Coltar’s swift response on Twitter, did not mince his disgust over Masiyiwa’s comments ;
David Coltart
I am looking forward to the day when @Strive Masiyiwa returns to #Zimbabwe and establishes his headquarters back home again. Then – in my mind at least – we will know that the change that has happened is real.
The Zimbabwe government was swift to post Strive Masiyiwa ‘ Data and Voice Queen B’s support. However i would like to warn Zimbabweans, that Strive seems to have selective memory about Zanu pf, forgetting that for him to establish Econet, it was not because of his business acumen, but rather the late former Vice President Joshua Nkomo, who stood up and fought for him against Mugabe and his regime, the same Mugabe and Zanu pf who had forced Nkomo to flee to the Uk for his life at the height of the muderous gukurahundi genocide which led to the death of over 20,000 unarmed ndebeles at the hands of the zanu pf tribalist fifth Brigade led by now Agriculture and land minister Shiri, who was previously the Airforce of Zimbabwe commander after leading the fifth Brigade.
It is shocking to now imagine that Masiyiwa , who has made billions from the very suffering Zimbabweans through his econect, dares to claim all is well. On this I agree with David coltart, let Masiyiwa, throw all his billions back into the Zimbabwean economy, give back to the suffering people who made him who he is by supporting his econet, buying his phones, lines and econet services and products. let him invest in the lives of the ordinary people, their health, education, housing, roads, infrastructure, and Service delivery across the board, rather than try and please the oppressors for his own selfish gains because he knows the same people will give him favourable business opportunities, and promote his cause, while the ordinary continue to suffer.
Zimbabweans back home and across the diaspora, along with the whole democratic nations, US, UK and Africa, all feel and know very well, things are not well, and so the millions of Zimbabweans who continue to live in exile to date. If you are a truly suffering Zimbabweans , this is the moment to show how negatively this is impacting upon your life and stop throwing your money into a bottomless pit.
We should always know that the most powerful weapon we have against injustice is the power of our words firstly, what we say about such issues at public places, schools, churches, shops, botttlestores, football matches and anywhere where we can speak out. If its damaging our livelihood, then we the people have the power to stand up to oppressive authority and its supporters by choking their business, stop buying their products , stop selling their products and tell the whole world, the truth, and above all offer no support, either go for alternatives or sacrifice to have nothing related to your suffering brought upon you by your own.
I wonder what Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance have to say about this callous statement by Strive Masyiwa, telling the whole world, all is well,..absolutely shocking, Already an MDC official Charles Hwende has insinuated that people should boycott Maisyiwa business.
To the discerning eye www.newzimbabwevision.com, round about now, Masiyiwa should just think twice, before blurting out anything. Masiyiwa as a business man , who should realise that he has made millions from the xiled Zimbabweans who have looked after their families, funded their TV, telecommunications and internet and purchased numerous products from Masiyiwa’s businesses. It is disheartening to now realise that he is throwing all their suffering and commitment to crushing the Mugabe , Mnangagwa Zanu pf corrupt, militarised regime and bring democracy to the people.
Masiyiwa’s billions are no more important than the ordinary Zimbabwean vendors hundred dollars. We want equal opportunities not the ‘Data and Voice Queen B’ mentality.-Wake up Zimbabwe!
Masiyiwa, should have known better than to involve himself in politics knowing very well how he suffered to break through. Until Strive Masiyiwa, ‘ Data and Voice Queen B’ retracts his utterance and offers a clarification and public apology to the people of Zimbabwe and the whole world across public media, this will certainly go down in history as Econet’s worst public stance and forever be remebered for the damaging impact,..you the people should make a statement, you know what to do, dont hesitate, show your power!
Lest you forget, we spent 37 years particularly the last 20 years, mourning about Mugabe inflicting suffering upon the people of Zimbabwe, yet we the people propped up the ruthlesss Mugabe and his Zanu pf by supporting their businesses, including buying from their supermarkets, farm fruit, vegetable, milk, meat, tobacco products and mines.
We are quick to forget that we the people propped up Mugabe with our own support by investing in the grace Mugabe, Gushungo and Zanu pf businesses, they enjoyed billions from the oppressed suffering ordinary people of Zimbabwe , we are still suffering and today here we are listening to a man who has got his billions invested in USA and living there, now declaring that all is well, defying USA attempts to help the ordinary Zimbabweans by pushing for democracy, good governance, accountability, equality and transparency. This is an apologist attempt to get afoot hold into government, clearly a ‘potential president in waiting’, get goo
d business deals for his telecom and broadcast businesses.
He will continue making billions off the people’s suffering. Enough is enough, now lets shut down all we have the power to change, speak out and stand up against such brainwashing by those who have grown their wealth off your suffering,..wake up Zimbabwe!
ZIMBABWE POLICE AND CIO . last night raided Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries founder Prophet Magaya’s officers over HIV and cancer cure claims
Last night, CIO and Police raided Prophet Walter Magaya’s Offices over his HIV and Cancer cure claims. This came about after the Zimbabwe government issued a warning that Walter Magaya that he risks arrest if he starts selling his controversial HIV/Aids herbal medicine without government regulatory approval.
Magaya, recently told his Waterfalls church on Sunday that he had discovered the cure for HIV/Aids and cancer , the Aguma herb which will go on sale as from next Saturday. These people are making millions out of the suffering gullible Zimbabweans, don’t care about your welfare and thats why Magaya wa pro Zanu pf and Grace Mugabe, making millions, and getting filthy rich from land and property deals opportunities through Zanu pf, to day we see the same Just like the from Strive Masiyiwa ‘Data and Voice Queen B’ . God never said people must suffer so that certain individuals become filthy rich. People must stop using God’s name to brainwash people and further their causes..SCANDOLOUS! ‘More news to follow…DISCUSS, and SHARE!
More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
Bulawayo 24 reports as follows ‘Zimbabwe’s Data and Voice Queen B named?’
Zimbabwean business tycoon Mutumwa Mawere has suggested that there is a Data and Voice Queen B in Zimbabwe. Mawere threw in the suggestion after Econet Wireless founder Strive Masiyiwa’s wife, Tsitsi, sparked internet speculations through posting a Tweet insinuating the Telecommunications mogul might be joining Mnangagwa’s government in some capacity.
Writing on Twitter, Tsitsi said: “I read about in Genesis the story of Joseph the young Israelite’s appointment as prime minister of Egypt by Pharaoh. Wow! Incredible. Found myself asking, ‘Can you be called upon by your pharaoh to serve in your Egypt to prevent calamity?'”
This prompted Mawere to respond “Perhaps Joseph is completely blindfolded by the dominance in electronic money&the profits generated by a disguised monopoly. If a Queen B of fuel exists, then who is the data&voice Queen B?.”
Perhaps Joseph is completely blindfolded by the dominance in electronic money&the profits generated by a disguised monopoly. If a Queen B of fuel exists, then who is the data&voice Queen B?
#Abbey Sibanda
Replying to @mmawere
This is a signal!
On Wednesday, Strive Masiyiwa’s name was trending on social Media after he uttered statements endearing himself to Mnangagwa in an interview with CNBC Africa.
Masiyiwa’s company Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is the largest telecoms firm in Zimbabwe with a diversified portfolio.
When bench marked against other countries, monthly mobile data costs in Zimbabwe remain one of the most expensive in Africa. Ecobank’s report found that Zimbabwe ranks number 2 across 47 African countries, in a study that examined the average monthly cost of one gigabyte of data.
The monthly average cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe is pegged at $25 per gigabyte, second to Equatorial Guinea’s most expensive mobile data which goes for $35.47 per gigabyte.
Econet’s mobile internet and data traffic market share stands at 67.1%, with the company having installed 11 000km of fibre optic cables across the country.
Econet, which has invested much more than its other two competitors, also gets the bulk of the sector’s mobile revenues with a share of 84.3%.
The company’s investment appetite has also seen it dominate the mobile money space, where it has a 96.8% market share and more than 8 million subscribers on its platform.
EcoCash processes about 90% of transactions in the entire mobile money field and, secondly, 98% of the country’s mobile money subscribers are on EcoCash as well.
Acie Lumumba, real name William Gerald Mutumanje, last week threw the cat among the pigeons when he suggested there is a so-called Queen Bee, so powerful that he single-handedly controlled the country’s fuel industry and was preferred ahead of other players in the allocation of foreign currency by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
He further said the character was so powerful that he even controlled some top government officials except Mnangagwa.
While Queen Bee continues to be a mysterious character in the eyes of many locals, Presidential advisor Chris Mutsvangwa weekend claimed that Sakunda Holdings owner, Kudakwashe Tagwirei was the Queen Bee.
Mutsvangwa endorsed Lumumba’s claim that Tagwirei was being given preferential treatment in terms of foreign currency allocation by the central bank.
Tagwirei is the owner of Sakunda Holdings, which is in a 50:50 partnership with Trafigura, an international company with interests in fuel across the globe. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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