Moyo’s personal assistant, Ms Chipo Mukabeta, was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on charges relating to Moyo last night and detained at Mabelreign Police Station.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo’s personal assistant, Ms Chipo Mukabeta, has been arrested.
She was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and was still detained at Mabelreign Police Station last night.
Sources at ZACC said last night that Ms Mukabeta’s arrest was in connection with charges levelled against Minister Moyo.
“She has been arrested and is detained at Mabelreign Police Station. She is sleeping in custody today and is appearing in court,” said a ZACC source.
Asked on what charges Ms Mukabeta was facing, the source said they were related to what Prof Moyo was facing in the courts.
The source could not release further information.
Efforts to get a comment from ZAAC spokesperson Ms Phyllis Chikundura were fruitless.
Ms Mukabeta’s arrest by ZACC comes barely a week after Prof Moyo lost his constitutional challenge against arrest and is set to appear before a magistrate to answer to charges of misallocating over $400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef).
Prof Moyo was “arrested” by the ZACC on charges of abusing the funds. He then rushed to the Constitutional Court, arguing his rights had been violated as ZACC had no arresting powers.
He argued that a police officer, Sergeant Munyaradzi Chacha, who was on secondment to ZACC, had no powers to arrest him by virtue of the secondment.
The Constitutional Court ruled that the minister deserved no preferential treatment and that he should, like anyone else, follow the normal criminal procedure of arrest and appear before a magistrate.
It was found that he had jumped the gun by approaching the Apex Court instead of challenging his arrest at the lower court.
The Apex Court found that secondment of a police officer to the ZACC did not strip him or her of arresting powers.
Chief Justice Luke Malaba said a magistrate had the leeway to hear evidence from witnesses to clarify any dispute of facts, unlike a Constitutional Court that deals with papers filed before it.
He held that Prof Moyo’s case did not raise sound constitutional issues, hence it failed to meet the test for constitutional matters to be determined by the Apex Court.
Chief Justice Malaba found that the first respondent, Sergeant Chacha, remained a police officer despite the fact that he was seconded to ZACC.
In terms of Section 24 of the Police Act, one can only cease to be a police officer upon termination of his or her contract. The court also found that Prof Moyo wasted time by approaching the wrong court.
Prof Moyo’s charges include criminal abuse of office, fraud, corrupt concealment from principal of personal interests in a transaction and obstruction of the course of justice. The minister, his deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa and Zimdef finance director Nicholas Mapute, are accused of abusing nearly $500 000 belonging to Zimdef.
Dr Gandawa and Mapute have since been placed on remand at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts. Before the trio’s court appearance date, Minister Moyo instructed his lawyer Mr Terrence Hussein to file an urgent interdict at the Constitutional Court.
In his application, he questioned the constitutionality of his arrest by Zacc and the role played by the police.
He argued that Zacc did not have the power to arrest and detain suspects in terms of the Constitution.
He also argued that the Prosecutor-General did not, in terms of the Constitution, have the power to order the police to arrest an individual.
Prosecutor-General Advocate Ray Goba argued that a docket that reached his office showed that there was an “overwhelmingly reasonable suspicion” that the politician and his accomplices committed fraud, theft, money laundering and criminal abuse of office. Source – chronicle

MTHWAKAZI REPUBLIC PARTY march in Bulawayo against alleged Shona Hegemony


Mthwakazi Republic Party on Friday last week held a successful march in the city of Bulawayo in what is believed was to mark and register its presence and readness to participate in the 2018 elections as it has earlier on announced its position.

The demonstration started at Egodini terminusSibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said the march marked the turning point in the history of scores of Mthwakazi people, who have lived with Shona imposed dominance for the past 37 years. He said the people demonstrated enthusiasm to the leadership of Mthwakazi, which took the party to them.

“The sensitisation road show commenced at 1430 hours and about 16 768 party literature was distributed in the CBD. The National Executive Council gives credit to the Bulawayo provincial leadership, which crafted and organised such a historic event. The purpose of the march was to make the people of Mthwakazi aware of their home come 2018. This event was a launch of the series of road shows that would spread nation wide in Mthwakazi,” he said.Sibusiso Ngwenya's photo.

“The road show was led by the Party President Mqondisi Moyo and the National Executive Members comprising of the National Youth and Women’s League. The people of Bulawayo overwhelmingly and enthusiastically welcomed the Mthwakazi revolutionary movement and they agree that they need a change that would do away with Shona domination.”

All speakers comprising of the President Mqondisi Moyo, the Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube, Youth League National Chairperson Xolani Ncube and the Women’s League Secretary Corah Ndebele condemned the Shona imposed hegemony.

Other leaders who were in attendance are the Foreign Affairs Secretary Ackim Gasela Mhlanga, Sakhile Nkomo Deputy Secretary General, Colman Khanye National Organizer, Rebecca Mafu secretary for security in Women’s league, Samukeliso Ndlovu Matabeleland North women’s Provincial Chair, Clearance Ndlovu Matabeleland south Provincial Deputy Chairperson, Ngqabutho Mpofu Committee member in Matabeleland south Provincial stricture, Nkanyiso Ngulube Matabeleland North Provincial Secretary for security, Luba Gwebu Bulawayo Provincial Chair and Bulawayo Provincial organizer Lydia.

“We also thank all the provincial representatives who graced the event. The event as planned was a success. Our teams demonstrated courage in the midst of all security state agents who behave well so far for the first time. We urge them to continually enforce the constitution rather than enforcing ZANU PF corruption and brutality,” he said.

“As a party we have launched all our campaign strategies and we will soon spread the door to door campaigns around Mthwakazi. Siyabonga bakwethu ngokusamukela okukhulu.”
Source – Byo24News

FIRST victim of suspected ritual killer Rodney Tongai Jindu, Mboneli Keith Ncube was buried yesterday at West Park Cemetery in Bulawayo

THE first victim of suspected ritual killer Rodney Tongai Jindu, Mboneli Keith Ncube was buried yesterday at West Park Cemetery in Bulawayo, more than two months after his death.

The family was waiting for DNA results to determine whether the limbs that were found buried in four shallow graves belonged to Ncube. Ncube, was reported missing on 12 January 2017, only for his remains to be discovered a month later at Number 13 Westmount Road in Burnside in shallow graves.

Speaking at the sombre funeral service held at Jehova’s Witness Church in the city centre, Mr Never Sibanda who led mourners at the service said the family may have many unanswered questions.

“It hurts our feelings when we think of what befell us. You as his mother and family are trying to imagine the pain that Keith may have felt when the incident occurred. You are also thinking of what he went through when his body was being mutilated.

“Let not your hearts be broken because he felt nothing as he was gone already as the Bible says the departed know nothing,” said Mr Sibanda.
Ncube, who fellowshipped at Jehova’s Witness Mahatshula branch, was described as a devout Christian who was committed to church activities. A man only referred to as Sithole who attended the church with him said the church had been robbed of a dedicated member.

“We fellowshipped with him for 12 years and he was committed in church activities. He was always willing to help be it in cleaning or anything. He was a jovial person who had a distinct laugh that we all enjoyed. You could tell Mboneli was near just by hearing his laughter from a distance,” he said.

An uncle to Ncube, Mr Clifford Mhlophe told mourners that they should not bother Keith’s mother by asking her about events of the fateful day as she was also not aware of what transpired. He said the family only knows of what is in the public domain and nothing more.

A friend told the mourners that on the fateful day Ncube left with an unidentified friend together with Jindu and that was the last they heard from him only to read in the media that his body had been found. The Ncube family approached the police after learning that Jindu sent a text message to his second victim’s (Cyprian Kudzungura) mother saying he had rushed to South Africa. They told the police that the coincidence in the case of Kudzurunga, and their son “was too much”.

When Jindu allegedly killed Kudzungura he used his sim card to send his mother a message saying he was leaving the country as he had committed a serious crime, he did this to get her off track in search for her son. This prompted the Ncubes to report that they had also received a message in a similar fashion. Ncube lived four houses away from Jindu’s home in Glengarry suburb.

Jindu appeared in court on Tuesday last week for Ncube’s murder and was remanded in custody to 21 March. Source – sundaynews

27,000 died during liberation war 20,000 gukurahundi up to 1997 unity accord, hundreds of thousands died in 36 yr Mugabe rule.



Its interesting that the 27,000 who died 1972 to 1979, died during a war under the racist white Rhodesian regime led by Ian Smith but the hundreds of thousand after that, died under Mugabe all during a time of peace,…hmmmn!

As from independence on 18 April 1980, under Mugabe thousands more have lost life in road accidents caused by dangerous driving, poor road conditions and non road worthy vehicles.

Thousands of other people have died due to lack of medication, distance to hospitals, unaffordable medication, poor staffing due to lack of nurses and doctors while thousands more died due to avoidable diseases such as malaria, and cholera and at the same time numerous more have dissappeared or died due to Mugabe.

Mugabe, Zim1 family,Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats monopolise wealth and power through Mugabe attrocities such as Murambatsvina genocide, Chiadzwa genocide, murderous eviction of white farmers and other political chaos such as electoral campaigns.

Mugabe’s 93 years of life are a real source of misery to peace loving democratic Zimbabweans. Its time Zimbabweans woke up and fought for their motherland from these criminals masquerading ad a legitimate government.
DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

A BULILIMA MAN (37), wife and maid killed his mother (97) after a South African sangoma said she was bewitching him



A MAN connived with his wife and their maid to kill his 97-year-old mother after a South African sangoma said the elderly woman was bewitching him.

The wife and the maid were each sentenced to an effective 14 years in jail.

Nicholas Dube (37) of Dumani Village in Bulilima district is on remand and being charged separately.

Bathobile Moyo (37) and her maid, Nomalanga Moyo (23) killed Sibuko Ndebele by strangling her using a belt before they tried to conceal the offence by raising a false alarm that she had committed suicide in her bedroom.

Bathobile told the court that she committed the murder after a South African sangoma told her husband that the old woman was bewitching him.

Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi convicted Bathobile and Nomalanga of murder with actual intent.

Dube allegedly called his wife from Johannesburg where he used to work and instructed her to kill his mother who lived with them at their homestead.

Acting on her husband’s orders, Bathobile, a mother of four, engaged her domestic worker, Nomalanga and promised her a beast in return for helping her to kill her mother-in-law.

The two women strangled Ndebele using a belt while she was asleep.

Nomalanga and Bathobile killed the elderly woman on May 18, 2015 and reported to the police that she had committed suicide.

A postmortem however, revealed that she had been strangled.

After being questioned by the police, Bathobile implicated her domestic worker and also revealed that her husband masterminded the evil deed.

Dube was arrested while at his homestead in Bulilima when he returned home for his mother’s burial.

Prosecuting, Mr Whisper Mabaudhi said Dube called his wife and told her that his mother was the reason behind their misfortunes.

“Dube told his wife that he had visited a witch doctor in South Africa who informed him that the misfortunes that he and his family were experiencing were being caused by the old woman as she was bewitching him,” said Mr Mabaudhi.

He also told his wife that his mother was the reason why his motor vehicle had been mysteriously stolen in South Africa.

Mr Mabaudhi said on May 18, 2015 Bathobile and her maid waited until the old woman had gone to sleep in her bedroom hut.

Bathobile and Nomalanga found the old woman asleep in her bedroom hut. Nomalanga grabbed both her hands in order to stop her from moving while Bathobile used the black belt which she had brought with her to strangle her mother-in-law to death.

Bathobile then raised a false alarm and told their neighbours that her mother-in-law had committed suicide in her bedroom hut.

A report was made to the police for further investigations.

The body was taken for postmortem and a pathologist ascertained that Ndebele had died due to strangulation, asphyxia and restriction of the neck vessel, leading to the arrest of the trio.
Mashudu Netsianda, chronicle

BULAWAYO WOMAN (22) , sister and two friends assaulted woman she accused of having an affair with her boyfriend, stripped her naked and recorded the whole drama


A WOMAN from Bulawayo teamed up with her sister and two friends and allegedly assaulted a woman she accused of having an affair with her boyfriend before stripping her naked.

The quartet recorded themselves while assaulting and stripping the complainant in Iminyela suburb on Monday.

Lungile Chiwaya (22), her 17-year old sister, friends, Zinhle Mlilo (23) and Primrose Nyoni (18), appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube charged with assault and criminal insult.

They pleaded guilty to assault and not guilty to criminal insult charge.

The four were remanded out of custody to March 10.

During cross examination, Chiwaya said they assaulted Ms Thandeka Mabhena (23) over a man.

“We fought over our boyfriend. He is mine. She knows that I am in a relationship with him and I am pregnant. We did not even strip her, her dress just fell on its own,” she said.

Her alleged accomplices said they were just assisting her to deal with her rival.

Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza said the four women recorded footage of themselves assaulting and stripping Ms Mabhena in a street in Iminyela suburb.

“The accused and the complainant are not related but have the same boyfriend. On March 6 this year, the complainant went to visit her boyfriend in Iminyela suburb. The accused persons teamed up and hunted down the complainant. They met her at Mabutweni shopping centre and assaulted her with fists and open hands all over the body,” said Mr Mageza.

On the second count, Chiwaya and her sister, alongside their two friends, stripped Ms Mabhena of all her clothing, including underwear.

“The accused persons stripped the complainant while one of them was recording the assault. A resident intervened and took her into her house before police were called,” said Mr Mageza.

Ms Mabhena was rushed to hospital and a medical report was produced in court as evidence. Andile Tshuma, Cronicle
photo-Lungile Chiwaya

BULAWAYO Police Special Tactics (PSTT) unit based at Fairbridge in court for allegedly robbing a Total Service Station at gun point,

Amos Hlori (39) works under the Police Special Tactics (PSTT) unit and is stationed at Fairbridge Police Camp.

He allegedly robbed the service station of $158 and a cellphone belonging to a petrol attendant using an AK 47.

The robbery was captured on closed circuit television (CCTV) and the victim positively identified Hlori at a parade.

Bulawayo Magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya did not ask Hlori to plead to attempted murder and armed robbery charges and remanded him in custody to March 15.State allegations are that on February 8 at 3AM, Hlori arrived at the service station with his head covered with a jacket hood.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said Hlori found one Mr Munyaradzi Mujajati (35), a petrol attendant, alone on duty, drew an AK 47 from his jacket and demanded money.

“Complainant panicked when he saw the gun. He fled into an office and pressed a panic button. Accused followed complainant and fired one shot into the office. The bullet penetrated a glass door panel, slightly missing complainant,” said Mr Dlodlo.

“Fearing for his life, Mujajati handed Hlori $158 from a fuel safe and his cell phone. The robbery was captured on CCTV. Fawcett Security Rapid Response arrived 10 minutes after accused had left.

“A police report was made. Investigating officers tracked and recovered complainant’s cell phone from a person the accused allegedly sold the gadget to.

The person implicated the accused person. Complainant managed to identify accused person at a parade”.newsTanaka Mrewa, Chronicle

Elite Police Unit cop (39) arrested for an AK47 armed robbery that occurred at a Total Service Station in Bulawayo

A POLICE officer said to be part of an elite arm of the force has been arrested for an armed robbery that occurred at a Total Service Station in Bulawayo last month.


Detectives arrested Amos Hlori (39) a Sergeant in the crack Police Special Tactics (PST) unit stationed at Fairbridge Police Camp yesterday.

He has been implicated as the lone AK47-rifle wielding robber who hit the service station on February 8 and got away with $154 and a cellphone.

Sources close to the case said Hlori was tracked through the cellphone.

“He was based at Plumtree when he committed the robbery. A tracker on the cellphone sold him out. He had travelled from Plumtree specifically to commit the robbery at 3AM, using his service rifle. He returned to his post after accomplishing his mission,” said the source.

Hlori was allegedly captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) as he committed the robbery.

Detectives allegedly recovered the hooded jacket that he wore on the day, at his home.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, the source said, Hlori confessed.

“He admitted everything and is cooperating with detectives in investigations. He may appear in court tomorrow (today),” said the source.

Mr Munyaradzi Mujajati (35), a petrol attendant who was on duty when Hlori allegedly struck, told The Chronicle he came in leg irons for indications yesterday.

The service station’s manager Mr Amos Nhapi (29) said he was happy the armed robber had been arrested.

“Police were every efficient. I’m pleased the culprit has been arrested. They came for indications in the afternoon. Munyaradzi even identified the suspect in a parade,” said Mr Nhapi.

On February 8, Hlori allegedly demanded cash from Mr Mujajati at gun point.

On seeing the rifle, the attendant fled into the manager’s office and locked himself inside.

The suspect, who wore a sweater with a hood that covered his face, ordered him to open the door.

When Mr Mujajati failed to comply, the gunslinger fired a shot through a glass door and the bullet ricocheted off a wall.

Mr Mujajati is said to have pressed the panic button that alerted a Fawcett security team.

As the gunman pointed at the attendant with the rifle, seemingly about to take another shot, Mr Mujajati opened the glass door.

“The robber ordered the attendant to hand over his cellphone and cash. After receiving $154 and cell phone, the robber stepped out, removed his hood and disappeared into the dark. The robbery was captured on CCTV,” said Mr Nhapi then.

Minutes after the alert, the Fawcett team arrived at the station to find the gunman gone.

They called the police who allegedly recovered a spent cartridge and the bullet’s copper jacket at the scene.

National Police Spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment  as his mobile phones rang without being answered.

On February 22, police arrested a traffic cop who is suspected to be part of a gang of armed robbers that raided West Service Station in Lupane and was allegedly involved in a shootout with detectives in Bulawayo.

Sergeant Alfred Zvapera (31) of Senga 2 suburb in Gweru allegedly surrendered himself at Nkulumane Police Station a day after the heist.

He allegedly claimed three armed men kidnapped him and his girlfriend in Gokwe and forced them to drive around while the trio committed armed robberies.

Police have declared zero tolerance for corruption within the force.

In January, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri was quoted saying; “We’ve dismissed some officers for engaging in corruption and there are no sacred cows. Anyone caught will be dismissed from the service.” Temba Dube chronicle

LOWER GWERU MAN (34) killed his cousin with a hoe for refusing to lend him P10 for beer

A 34-YEAR-OLD man who allegedly fatally struck his cousin with a hoe for refusing to lend him P10 to buy beer has appeared in court facing murder charges.

Bongani Mhlanga of Lower Gweru allegedly killed Bright Sibanda (24) while they were drinking beer at a bottle store in Botswana on March 1.

The two worked illegally in the neighbouring country and following the attack their friends helped them to cross back into the country through an illegal entry point, but Sibanda died on his way to a clinic in Mangwe.

Mhlanga appeared before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Joshua Mawere and was remanded in custody to March 20.

Mr Mawere advised him to apply for bail at the High Court if he wished to make such an application.Prosecuting, Mr Elisha Mazorodze said Mhlanga and Sibanda were working illegally in the neighbouring country at the time when they had a misunderstanding.

Mhlanga allegedly asked his cousin to lend him P10 as he wanted to buy more beer at a bottle store.

Mr Mazorodze said the suspect allegedly promised to pay back the money within a week but Sibanda refused to give him triggering the fatal attack.

“Mhlanga and Sibanda were drinking at a bottle store when they had a misunderstanding over P10. Sibanda struck Mhlanga with a spirit level twice on the head.

“Mhlanga followed Sibanda as he turned to walk away and attacked him with a hoe on the head. Sibanda lost consciousness as a result of the attack,” he said.

Mr Mazorodze said Sibanda and Mhlanga were helped by their friends to cross back into Zimbabwe through an illegal entry point near Maitengwe Border Post.

He said Sibanda died while on his way to Hingwe Clinic resulting in Mhlanga’s arrest.

Mr Mazorodze said Mhlanga and Sibanda were illegally employed as field workers in the neighbouring country. He said upon Mhlanga’s arrest, he was found in possession of blood stained clothes and the hoe which he allegedly used to attack Sibanda was also recovered. Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Plumtree Chronicle

ZIMBABWE HIGH COURT JUDGE blames alcohol and drug abuse for fuelling murder crimes

A HIGH Court judge has slammed alcohol and drug abuse saying they were fuelling murders with some of the killings being committed brazen in full view of witnesses.

Officially opening the Hwange High Court session here yesterday, Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Maxwell Takuva bemoaned moral decay in society.

Seven out of 11 murder cases set down for trial at the Hwange Circuit were committed by people abusing alcohol.

“Eleven murder cases have been set down and seven of these were committed after alcohol abuse by accused persons. This is a worrying trend as people are butchered at business centres where they will have gone to make merry with friends and relatives,” he said.

“What is more worrying is that the murders are committed brazenly in full view of witnesses.

“Dangerous weapons like axes, knives, knobkerries and iron bars are used to inflict fatal injuries targeting the head and chest.”

Justice Takuva also bemoaned an upsurge in drug abuse saying it was leading to violent behaviour.

“According to psychiatrists, there has been an undeniable upsurge in illicit drug use in Zimbabwe and this has directly or indirectly led to an increase in mental health issues,” he said.

The judge said some of the substances being abused include Broncleer also known as bronco, cannabis, maragada, diazepam, musombodia, steroids, tegu-tegu, zed and tetankau.

“Drugs cause a lot of excitement in those who abuse them and leads to violent behaviour among other effects,” said Justice Takuva.

The judge said most young people who abuse drugs often have social, family, academic and violence-related challenges.

He called for strategies that address drug abuse among all age groups.

Justice Takuva slammed corruption saying it was a cancer the country can’t afford to fold its hands on while it prevails as it scares away investors.

“The judiciary plays a key role in the administration of justice. This role is thrust on it by the constitution which requires judges to exercise judicial power and functions impartially, promptly and in a manner that embraces public confidence.

“It appears that there is a perception that Zimbabwe is past the tipping point and heading to a point of no return with regards to corruption. In my view, it’s not so deep that we can’t do anything about it anymore and we as Zimbabweans mustn’t pay lip service to corruption but concentrate on ways of getting rid of it,” he said.

“We can’t afford to give up and let this evil win. If everyone plays their part we can win. Indeed humanity will judge us harshly if we were to surrender and allow the country to be devoured by this cancer.

“It’s been said that corruption is a cancer that erodes a citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation, creativity and scares away both foreign direct and domestic investment”.

Justice Takuva also called for stiffer measures against poachers saying the country was fast losing wildlife to illegal hunters.

The Hwange High Court Circuit opening ceremony started with a procession from the Magistrates’ Court to the social centre led by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Band.

Justice Takuva then inspected a quarter guard mounted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police before his address.

Present were Chiefs Shana, Whange, Nekatambe and Dingane-Nelukoba all from Hwange district, service chiefs, prosecutors, magistrates, lawyers and Judicial Services Commission staff as well as company executives, heads of government departments and officials from Hwange and Victoria Falls local authorities.Leonard Ncube chronicle


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