US Airlines Ban Transporting , Hunters’ Big-Game’ Trophies’ After Uproar Over Cecil The Lion

Three U.S. airlines have announced they will no longer allow hunters to bring their big-game trophies on flights amid the recent uproar over an American who killed a well-known lion in Zimbabwe. American joined Delta and United Airlines Monday in refusing to permit certain animal trophies aboard. Effective immediately, American said it “will no longer transport buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion or rhino trophies,” in a tweet American Airline ✔@AmericanAir Effective immediately, we will no longer transport buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion or rhino trophies….

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls On Conor McGregor To Defend The Honour Of Cecil The Lion.

Schwarzenegger took to social media to make a proposal: ‘“If you think shooting the predator on the right makes you brave; Arnie suggests getting in the Octagon with McGrego.” Arnold Schwarzenegger has called on Conor McGregor to defend the honour of Cecil the lion. There has been worldwide outcry at the news the protected animal was shot with a crossbow for sport. Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed him after paying for a hunt to…

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