Using Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures), Mugabe has now amended the Electoral Act through Statutory Instrument 117 of 2017 ahead of the 2018 general elections.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is in the eye of a storm after he allegedly usurped Parliament’s powers and amended electoral laws ahead of the 2018 general elections.
Using the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures), Mugabe amended the Electoral Act through Statutory Instrument 117 of 2017, a move which has been frowned at by the opposition and independent electoral watchdogs.
MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday accused Mugabe of unilaterally tampering with the 2013 Constitution, which provides that laws like the Electoral Act should only be amended by primary legislation.
“This type of amendment is aimed at usurping the constitutional functions of Parliament. You normally find this state of affairs in fascist and Stalinist dictatorships, where Parliament is weakened and emasculated.
“The fact of the matter is that Mugabe stubbornly has never really respected the role of Parliament in Zimbabwe. To him, Parliament is simply a window-dressing and rubber-stamping forum,” he said.
People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said: “The President is a player in the elections and he should not be making the rules because he now becomes the referee, we have just seen the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairlady (Rita Makarau) kneeling before him, making a mockery of the whole process.”
The Elections Resource Centre (ERC) castigated Mugabe, saying he had acted unconstitutionally by using Presidential powers to amend the law.
“While the amended provisions of the Electoral Act have been an advocacy target for organisations working on elections in the past, it is regrettable that government has opted to take a potentially contestable route to address concerns around the legal framework for elections.
“If our elections are to be credible, they must be conducted within the confines of the law, meaning that even the rules for elections must be passed through constitutional and legal means,” ERC said. The proposed amendment seeks to bar use of voter registration certificates as proof that one is an eligible voter if that person’s name does not appear on the voters’ roll.
“This is a welcome amendment. The use of voter registration certificates in the July 2013 general election was a major bone of contention, as the registration slips were easily faked and the basis of many complaints of vote rigging and electoral fraud,” constitutional watchdog Veritas said.

“Dereck Lupemba who has a MSc in Chemistry Education is Appointed Vice President of Zimbabwe People First, (ZimFirst Party).

ZimFirst President Maxwell Shumba on Tuesday said Dereck Lupemba has been appointed as the vice President of his party.
“Dereck Lupemba who has a MSc in Chemistry Education is Appointed Vice President of Zimbabwe People First, ZimFirst Party Presidential Ticket. Our party continues to hold dear the uniqueness of our internal processes that continue to see us developing positively forward,” said Shumba in a statement.
“The Party, during Phase One of our operations that began in 2015, focused on recruiting genuine leaders that will rebuild Zimbabwe from the current ruins. Phase One is coming to a close with critical personnel for the campaign identified.”
Shumba said the next phase in building the party into the new voice of the masses will focus on the election of a National Executive Council, the Provincial leadership, official nomination of all candidates for the 2018 elections (the Campaign Presidential Ticket, Parliament and Senatorial candidates) at a Convention whose preparation have begun.
“In preparation for the official nomination of the Final Voice 2018 Presidential Ticket and in accordance with the principles of our party internal process, I set out a three persons VP Search Committee comprising of the Chief Political Strategist and Presidential Spokesperson Irene Mlambo, Human Resources Director Peter Kanyuchi and the Deputy Campaign Chief Executive Officer (now the new CEO) Pastor Patson Mukucha to conduct a VP search,” he said.
“I am pleased to announce that upon recommendation from the VP Search Committee I have chosen current CEO Mr. Dereck Lupemba, a man full of wisdom and of high integrity to be my running mate for the 2018 Presidential Elections. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Lupemba an Educationist and holder of a Masters Degree in Chemistry Education, on coming aboard the Shumba presidential ticket that will now be known as the Shumba-Lupemba Presidential Ticket. The ticket will seek the Party’s nomination at the Convention that has been mentioned above.”
He said in addition, please help me welcome Pastor Patson Mukucha to the new position of ZimFirst CEO.
“We wish the office bearers all the best on their new positions. Untainted, Clean and Fresh,” he said.
Source – Byo24News
photo-ZimFirst President Maxwell Shumba

A 35-year-old injiva from Tsholotsho allegedly fatally assaulted his stepmother with a knobkerrie after accusing her of bewitching him, police have confirmed.

A 35-year-old injiva from Tsholotsho allegedly fatally assaulted his stepmother with a knobkerrie after accusing her of bewitching him, police have confirmed.
Matabeleland North Province police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese said they arrested Smile Ncube of Chief Mathuphula’s area following the incident which occurred on Wednesday last week.
“I can confirm the arrest of a South Africa-based man who beat his step mother to death with a knobkerrie in Sipepa, Tsholotsho,” said Insp Makonese.
The woman, Antoneta Moyo (56) died on Thursday at Tsholotsho District Hospital where she had been admitted due to injuries sustained from the assault.
Her 16-year-old daughter escaped as Ncube assaulted her before turning to the elderly woman.
Moyo was a widow after her husband, Ncube’s father died.
“Smile Ncube returned home sometime in August from South Africa where he is based and started accusing his stepmother of bewitching him. A domestic dispute ensued and the now deceased fled from home with her daughter who is aged 16,” said Insp Makonese.
She said Moyo and her daughter sought refuge at a relative’s homestead in the neighbouring village.
An armed Ncube, who was convinced that his stepmother was responsible for his misfortunes in the neighbouring country, allegedly located the two on Wednesday last week.
“On Wednesday the suspect armed himself with a knobkerrie and hunted his stepmother. He found the now deceased and the girl sitting in a kitchen hut at his uncle’s homestead whereupon he accused his half sister of fleeing from home.
“Ncube started beating up the girl and the now deceased intervened in an attempt to stop him from assaulting her daughter. He then turned on her and the girl escaped,” said Insp Makonese.
She said Ncube assaulted his stepmother all over the body with the knobkerrie.
Neighbours rushed to the scene after hearing the woman screaming.
They found her lying helplessly in a pool of blood and rushed her to Sipepa Clinic where she was transferred to Tsholotsho District Hospital.
Her condition deteriorated and she died on the following day.
Ncube has since been arrested is expected to appear in court facing murder charges, police said.
Insp Makonese appealed to members of the public not to resort to violence when faced with domestic disputes.
Source – The Chronicle

A haulage truck overturned along the Bulawayo – Masvingo highway almost blocked traffic using the road this morning.

According to villagers who live along the highway, a huge sound was heard along the highway around 9am.
The villagers said when they rushed to investigate the cause of the sound they saw the overturned truck and had to break the windows to pull the driver out.
The overturned truck had a burst tyre which those who were at the scene suspect could have been the cause of the accident.
The South African registered truck’s driver who was visibly shocked could not talk to reporters.
Source – zbc

‘If my prophecy that Mugabe will die on October 17 is unfulfilled and people say that I lied,I will ask them for forgiveness’-Pastor Phillip Mugadza

pastor-mugadza (1)
It is exactly a month before a controversial prophet’s predicted President Robert Mugabe’s date of death.
Cleric Phillip Mugadza has a matter pending at the Constitutional Court after he was charged for undermining the authority of the president when he released the prophecy in December last year.
A month from now, the prophecy would be tested.
The Daily News caught up with him only to find that Mugadza is busy rallying Zimbabweans to pray for the prophecy to come to pass.
“I am very much expectant of his excellency’s death. It is going to be a bit surprising because when I first said this my tone was a bit different,” he said, oblivious of the fact that this is the same issue that took him behind bars for almost six weeks without being released on bail.
“What I was saying then was I don’t wish that he dies that is why when I was asked what the president could do I just said he had to pray to God to change His mind. I have prayed about it and sent a video asking people to pray from August 22 to 24 that he dies.”
Mugadza said Mugabe’s subsequent death would relieve Zimbabweans of their suffering and said the ballot would not remove the 93-year-old leader from power.
“The only thing left for us is to pray that God takes him. I know a lot of people who wish him dead who have been calling me saying ‘pastor we are counting down’.
“The so-called constitutional means of going through the electoral process has continuously given us the same results and suffering especially when we talk of 2008. From the way I see things, he is not ready to go.”
Quizzed if praying for someone else’s death did not compromise his Christian beliefs, Mugadza responded that there was nothing unusual about his conduct saying other great men of the Bible had done so before.
“If you read the book of Acts chapter five, it talks about the death of Ananias and Saphirra where Peter actually proclaimed that they would die because they had lied and it came to pass. A man had to be used to proclaim God’s judgment,” he said.
“…if people died because of telling lies what more can be said of a man who has caused so much suffering on the people of Zimbabwe? If we look at 2008 a lot of people died just for one to be in power and we cannot allow a repeat of that.”
Mugadza said he is going to be waiting patiently on the day and will not go in hiding, whatever the outcome.
“I am going to be around and if he doesn’t die and people may start saying that I lied all I can say is I will ask them for forgiveness because I understand that not many people appreciate how prophecy works.
“…I will continue praying, the nation of Zimbabwe should do the same.” Source – dailynews
Pastor Phillip Mugadza

The verbal spat between the two neighbouring countries’ political leaders puts many Zimbabweans residing in South Africa in fear of xenophobic attacks.

south-african-flag-610x280 (1)
The verbal spat between the two neighbouring countries’ political leaders puts many Zimbabweans residing in South Africa in fear of xenophobic attacks. There seems to be no end to the verbal war between the ANC and South Africa’s northern neighbour Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF.
The spat was sparked by utterances made by the 93-year-old Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, while addressing a rally in his country’s fourth largest city, Gweru.
In comments, spoken in Shona and translated on, Mugabe says, “What was the most important thing for (Mandela) was his release from prison and nothing else. He cherished that freedom more than anything else and forgot why he was put in jail.” He further states that even some cabinet ministers in the ANC government blame Mandela for leaving ‘everything with whites.’
The ANC responded through its Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe. Addressing; Mantashe says, he urged his Zanu PF counterparts to rein-in their president to refrain from denigrating the late former political leader. He says, “Your president is all over Madiba but the reality of the matter is that you have destroyed the economy in your country.”
However, the unrepentant Mugabe responded by saying Mantashe ‘stupidly reacted’ to criticism of Mandela. He says black South Africans are not as free as blacks in other SADC countries are. Quoted in Zimbabwean- state media, The Herald, Mugabe while addressing business leaders insists, “It is true, South Africa is not as free as other countries. There is greater freedom for the whites than there is for blacks. The whites have industries. They can pride themselves- this is my company that is my company, my farm. How far can the Africans go in doing the same in South Africa?”
In response to the salvo, Mantashe took to Twitter. “Zimbabwe should be very thankful to us. President Mugabe cannot insult us. We don’t research their crises; we meet it on the street.”
“What Mogabe has thought about Mandela being a sell-out might be true, but it does not concern them. The Secretary-General is doing the right thing by shielding the distinction of the late Tata Mandela over the Zanu PF leader.” Andile Zwane said. The MUT Financial Accounting student adds on saying Zanu PF has been silent the whole time until the prosecution of Grace Mugabe. We could say the Zimbabwean president is just bitter.
A South African citizen, Mzukisi Matinjwa believes that Mugabe is on point in this case. Matinjwa takes exception to the neighbouring president’s remarks. He believes that Mogabe is correct in saying ‘South Africa is not economically free’. Hence the is an economic gap between the poor and the elite who control the economy and the means of production. Even Mandela after his realise, just before he took office, once expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of the economy. The first black president placed blame on the rich, like Opreinheimers accusing them of monopolising the economy.
The tiff has however left some Zimbabweans living in South Africa worried. Clayton Simba, a teacher who works in Mthatha thinks the tension between the long time allies might lead to xenophobic attacks. The worst thing is Grace Mugabe attacked a South African model with an extension cord but was let off the hook.’
Will Zanu PF respond to Mantashe’s remarks? That is what some people are waiting to see. As it is, it seems the diplomatic gloves are off between the two liberation parties. Source – mynews24

A TEN-YEAR-OLD Rusape primary school pupil allegedly fatally assaulted his nine-year-old schoolmate over wild fruits last Thursday evening.


A TEN-YEAR-OLD Rusape primary school pupil allegedly fatally assaulted his nine-year-old schoolmate over wild fruits last Thursday evening.

The pupils were on their way home from St Luke’s Primary School in Makoni Central, in the company of other schoolmates, when they fought over wild fruits.

The 10-year-old was not arrested because of his age, which under the law, is incapable of committing an offence and is currently in the custody of his parents at home.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa, confirmed the incident, saying the 10-year-old pupil assaulted the nine-year-old when he ate some wild from the former’s branch.

“On September 14 around 5pm, the late Denis Semu was coming from St Luke’s Primary School with the 10-year-old pupil in the company of three other pupils. They began picking some fruits from Muparatsenza tree. While picking the fruits, the 10-year-old pupil picked a branch of Muparatsenza tree. Denis picked fruits from the 10-year-old’s branch without his consent.

“As a result a fight ensued. The 10-year-old pupil attacked Denis with fists. He also kicked him, resulting in Denis falling down and he lost consciousness.

“Vivian Marumbwa (54), a teacher at the school heard the noise and went to investigate. She saw Denis lying down unconscious. She attempted to apply first aid assistance, but Denis did not gain consciousness,” said Insp Kakohwa. “Denis was rushed to Rusape General Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The 10-year-old pupil is in the custody of his parents at home and assisting police with investigations. We also encourage parents, guardians and teachers to educate juveniles on the need to resolve disputes in a non-violent manner.”

Source – Zimpapers.

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has threatened that it will not sit and watch while Mugabe’s ruling party Zanu-PF implements the 1979 grand plan in Matabeleland.

mthwakazi_state (1)
Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has threatened that it will not sit and watch while Mugabe’s ruling party Zanu-PF implements the 1979 grand plan in Matabeleland.

MRP also said it is worried about the provocative behaviour of the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr. Lazarus Dokora’s policies with reference to the schools around Tsholotsho, which comes at a period where the party’s followers are very tired about Shona rule.

Mthwakazi Republic Party Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube said they are reliable informed that, recently a number of teachers from Mashonaland came with offer letters from the so called National Office, under the auspices of the Public Service Commission were heavily deployed to Tsholotsho schools.

“The most disheartening aspect is that, these Shona mercenaries were deployed in the presence of the local teachers with similar qualifications. For how long shall we watch our enemies fighting us both sides,” he said.

“This exclusion of Mthwakazi teachers and segregation is a pure reflection of the Shona people’s agenda in Mthwakazi. The agenda is purely to dilute our culture and to cripple the local education as cited in the 1979 ZANU PF grand plan. The plan which was devised to suppress the people of Mthwakazi.”

He said these Shona teacher are trained by ZANU PF to impregnant and instil all manner of child abuse to the local students before completing their education.

“The agenda is to ensure that the Mthwakazi students become second class citizens through unveiling sub standard education. The truth is Mugabe and ZANU PF have not stopped the genocide. They want to completely destroy all aspects of Mthwakazi development. These are serious violations of Mthwakazi people’s rights. Such tendencies have been witnessed at Mlamuli, Tsheli and Matebeleland South Schools,” he said.

“We warn ZANU PF government that we will not watch them implementing the 1979 grand plan. As MRP we will improve our strategy of totally getting rid of all Shona teachers and public servants of the devilish government who are deployed in Mthwakazi. The special MRP National Executive Meeting would be convened to specifically work on tackling these issues. Dokora and his Shona teachers are becoming demons in Mthwakazi that have to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. MRP would not watch Mugabe or any other minister deploying his or her devilish people to destroy and infringe our fundamentally entitled rights.”

“We urge the Tsholotsho community and the traditional leaders to partner with their party of choice deployed trained officials to stop this Dokora nonsense. Once again the implementation of the 1979 grand plan would not be implemented without opposition. We will challenge this decision with any manner at our disposal.”

He said to the Mthwakazi people these developments must be a good lesson to get rid of shonalisation come 2018 general elections.

“Mthwakazi let us all register to vote in 2018. All above the age of 18 are encouraged to join the struggle. 2018 general elections are part of the struggle for self determination,” he said.Source – Byo24News

Woman seeks lost Zimbabwean Passport -Please see detail below.

21752367_10213669053217471_6029475278922682070_n (1)

A Zimbabwean passport, number CN869944, belonging to Semukeliso Ncube and permit, were lost at OR Tambo airport in South Africa in the arrivals department on 19th June 2017. If anyone has found or knows the whereabouts of this document please contact 0277 39900868 or 0027 813590305. Thank you all for your assistance. Difa WaJapi Bango.

A Guruve woman assisted husband (70) to rape granddaughter (13) after forcing her to drink a concoction allegedly for weight gain.

A 65-year-old Guruve woman is alleged to have teamed up with her 70-year-old husband whom she assisted to rape their 13-year-old granddaughter after forcing the minor to drink a concoction claiming it would make her gain weight.
The abuse allegedly started in February 2015 when the minor, after the death of her paternal grandfather, was invited by her maternal grandmother to stay with her in Guruve.
Prosecutors said on a certain day the teenager was invited into a room by her grandfather who allegedly forced her to drink traditional medicine saying it would make her gain weight.
The teenager was also forced to remove her clothes as her uncle applied some medicine on her skin while her grandmother was holding her hands at the back.
During the same month, the man is said to have proceeded to the girl’s bedroom where he again removed her clothes, applied the traditional medicine to her skin and also ordered her to drink the concoction.
He allegedly raped the victim as her grandmother held her hands and gagged her mouth to stop her from shouting for help.
Later that month, the girl fell ill and was taken back to her late parents’ home by her grandmother to go and stay with her other aunt.
However, the abuse was exposed in April this year when the girl developed some blisters on her thighs and was taken to hospital where she spilled the beans.
The two grandparents appeared at the High Court on Wednesday seeking to be granted bail but their matter was postponed to next week. Source – the standard
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